marusenko Sphere

marusenko Spheres

The first time when I saw the Marusenko Spheres was on the Dutch Cube Day 2008 in Eindhoven.

The designers Aleksandr Marusenko and Felix Perez gave a presentation of their puzzle.

In addition they had some prototypes with them so that you could get a first impression of this magnificious puzzle.

Only since the beginning of this year, it is possible to purchase a Marusenko Sphere.

So how does the Marusenko Sphere look like?

As the name already indicates, the marusenko Sphere is a sphere puzzle.

It can be moved like a 2 x 2 x 2 Rubik’s Cube / K-Ball.

On each face is additionally a disc which is composed out of four parts of the same size

and which can be rotated. Thus the puzzle is similar to the ShengShou Cubes or the Circle Ball Cube.

ShengShou Cube

I was very positively surprised when my puzzles arrived:

The puzzles are packed in a stable plastic case

similar to the package of the former twisty puzzles from the 80s.

The puzzles have also a very nice appeal.

They remembered me a bit of the water balls with which children like to play.

The puzzles are available in different colours so that you can choose your favorite colours.

You notice immediately the high-quality of the puzzles:

The colours are neither printed nor did they use any stickers.

Instead they used different coloured plastic parts for the different colours.

The puzzles have approximately a diameter of 8 cm.

Due to their size and their small weight, it feels very comfortable to hold them in the hand

and you will not like to put them away that soon.

The puzzle turns very smoothly, much smoother than I was used from many other twisty puzzles

and it makes a nice click when a turn is completed.

In my point of view, it is a very high-quality puzzle which is even a little bit better

than the puzzles from Meffert. They are also in the same price category as the Meffert puzzles.

But if you compare the quality-price relation,

then you have to say that the puzzles are sold for a knocked-down price.

marusenko Sphere is one of the easier twisty puzzles.

The puzzle is available in five levels.

The first three levels are easy to solve.

According to my experience they are well suited for people with little puzzle experience

who are happy to be able to solve a puzzle without too much thinking.

If nevertheless some help is required,

then you can find it in the detailed tutorial explaining how to solve the puzzle.

I would recommend level 4 or level 5 to a puzzle collector or a twisty puzzle fan.

Last, but not least it should be mentioned that this puzzle is very environmental friendly,

as it is made out of 100 % recycled plastic.

You can buy the Marusenko Spheres on the official website.