It's done! Finally I could also solve the fourth mechanical puzzle George Miller sent me as a gift. Its name is ZIGZAG and was Frans de Vreugd's competition entry at IPP 2002. George was the prototyper for this plastic burr puzzle and the idea of the presenation came from Jim Gooch.

Actually the goal is to take the puzzle apart and put it back together afterwards. The re-assembly process is usually the thougher challenge and ZIGZAG is no exception to this rule. It took me approximately 15 minutes to take the puzzle apart and on the half way I made a photo. When it was fully disassembled I saw that the ZIGZAG consists out of 3 x 2 identical pieces. Although the acrylic colour has a little bit a blue touch I had a hard time to identify what to do because I could not clearly see what is possible and not (could be my eyes as well of course). After another 45 minutes/1 hour the puzzle was back in place and I really felt excited about this achievement (yes for me it is!).

I have no clue (and I did not count) how much moves were required for the first, second, etc. piece but I believe there are MUCH more difficult burr puzzles out there. However, I would rate this one a 7 out of 10 and I also think that this could be used as an entry to the burr puzzles. Unfortunately it is lo longer widely available and you have to watch out for copy at various auctions or private puzzle meetings.