Ball of Whacks

Ball of Whacks was designed by Roger von Oech. It consists of a set of 30 magnetic pyramid-shaped pieces,

which can be played with alone, as well as in combination with the X-ball, Y-ball or Star-ball.

Roger von Oech had the idea for this puzzle when he examined a rhombic triacontahedron, which looks like a ball.

What is a whack? A whack is a creativity term for something that stimulates you to think differently.

The puzzle consists of 30 (whacks) rhombic pyramids. Inside of the whack are strong earth magnets,

which enable you to construct different figures and shapes.

The puzzle can be played with in different ways. The accompanying booklet contains many examples.

I especially like the following ways of playing:

Similarly to tangram, given figures can be built. This is not very difficult

and therefore also well suited for children.

My favorite way of playing was to build new figures and shapes. The possibilities are unlimited

and the shapes can be already realized with few pieces. Almost every fantasy figure can be constructed

with the figures having an angular touch.

The puzzle is accompanied by a 96-page booklet. The booklet is divided into three parts:

-Play With It

-Creativity Workshop

-The Inspiration for the Ball of Whacks and Other Golden Information

The part about the Creativity Workshop is especially interesting. The Creativity Workshop consists of 12 exercises.

Each exercise deals with a special topic and is performed with the help of the Ball of Whacks.

In addition to the exercise itself, there is background information and a questionnaire. The questionnaire aims to

apply the lessons to everyday life.

Creativity is an imaginative activity which cannot be learned overnight. Nevertheless, it is possible to foster the creativity.

In my point of view the book and the puzzle provide good stimulation, especially as the exercises are not difficult.

The puzzle is well suited for everybody who likes to construct figures and patterns and who likes to use his imagination.

In my point of view it is the successful continuation of tangram in 3-D.

The puzzle can be recommended for adults as well as for children over 10. If you are considering

whether to buy a X-Ball, a Y-Ball or a Ball of Whacks, then I would recommend the Ball of Whacks,

as this puzzle offers much more combinations than the others.

You can buy Ball of Whacks on the website.