Odd Puzzle


Today's review is about a work from the Japanese craftsman Hirokazu Iwasawa and is called ODD Puzzle. It was his entry puzzle in the IPP contest 2008 and won the "Puzzle of the Year-Award", the "Puzzler's Award" and the "Jury Grand Prize". In Addition this puzzle produced by Philos is not very expensive (I bought mine on Ebay for Euro 11,95)

When the puzzle arrived the 3 pieces (with which you could write the word "ODD") were already packed in a box which has a small rectangular opening. Your task is to get the 3 pieces out of the box and afterwards put it back. The puzzle itself is awesome and really deserved its awards. At first sight it looks impossible to get the 2 "D-shapped" pieces out of the box but after a short while you get an understanding how to achieve it. It took me 30 minutes to get all pieces out of the box and another 10 to put it back again, however, since I shared the puzzle with friends it seems everyone get the pieces out very fast (under 5 minutes) but have huge issues getting them back again (I had to give a hint). Philos rated the puzzle as 2/4 which I agree to. Nevertheless you could easily make it a 3/4 if you have to start putting the pieces into the box with no idea how they came out.

This puzzle can be recommended to everyone. It has everything one is looking for. A great idea, attractive design and a lot fo fun and "a-ha" moments.