Cup Case


This time I have a packing puzzle for review - the CUP CASE designed by Dai "Edi" Nagata. This specific puzzle was his IPP competition puzzle in 2004. I bought mine via Ebay/Connexion24 for only Euro 9,95 which is a superb price for this great puzzle. The producer of this puzzle is Philos and they rated it of "medium" difficulty (2/4).

There are two challenges with this puzzle as there are two different frames to place all 4 pieces (designed as coffee cups) in. Usually there is one easier and one harder task to achieve. Personally it took me 20 minutes for one and about 30 minutes for the other and both solutions are specific or let's say give you an a-ha effect.

Finally I have to say it was great fun to solve and I would recommend it to puzzle starters as it is not that extremely hard nut to crack but still a challenging one. There are definitely more to come in this series of packing puzzles from Dai Nagata.