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MALL symposium at the EuroCALL 2017 conference

MALL SIG symposium (24 August, 9:00-10:30)

M-Learning in a climate of change: Successes, failures, possibilities and hazards! 

Order of presentations:

1: Kazumichi Enokida. Can ePortfolio Promote Active Use of Original ESL Podcasts?

2: Linda Bradley. MALL for Arabic Migrants Learning Swedish.

3: Elena Martín & Elena Bárcena. Toward a framework for mobile open social language learning within the SWITCHED- ON project.

4: Tim Knight. Mobile Devices for student-to-student Presentation Feedback.

5: Julie Van de Vyver. Erasmus + Project : User evaluation of the TELL-OP language learning app.

6: Ana Rosa-Sanchez Muñoz. WhatsApp: The Use of an Instant Messaging System for Pronunciation Training.

7: Joe Lauer. English Language Podcasts: How much do they help students?

8: Jonás Fouz-González. A Podcast-Based Approach for Mobile Pronunciation Training.

9: Tim Read & Marilo Castrillo. MOONLITE (Massive Open Online Courses Enhancing Linguistic and Transversal Skills for Social Inclusions and Employability)

10: Bruce Lander. Five iPad Apps to Encourage Active Learning.

MALL symposium at the EuroCALL 2017 conference (23 to 26 August) at the University of Southampton. 

The board members of the MALL SIG are organising a symposium for the 25th EuroCALL conference. The idea is to offer members of the MALL SIG an opportunity to share their latest findings in a meeting with a more focused theme: MALL.

Presentations for the symposium will follow the Pecha Kucha format (i.e. concise, 8 minute presentations with a maximum of 6-8 slides). Submissions must be original (not previously presented/published research) contributions, although they can be a summarised version of a paper you wish to present at the EuroCALL conference (perhaps focusing on MALL).

Submissions should address one of these topics: 
new skills, new society, new needs in education
trends in MALL: where are we headed?
learner autonomy in MALL
creativity in MALL pedagogy
student motivation and engagement in MALL
sustainability for teachers, online learners and online learning

If you are interested, please email your presentation title and a brief abstract between 150-200 words to the Chair Jaime Selwood ( by 7 February 2017.

Jonás Fouz González,
Aug 18, 2017, 2:49 AM