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b.  christened 27 December 1750 in Kilkhampton Circuit, Cornwall

d.  27 June 1828 in Holsworthy, Devon, England.

Married ELIZABETH TREBLE (parents CHARLES TREBLE and MARY AVERY) on 3 October 1775 in Holsworthy, Devon, England.  Witnesses were Richard Hoskin (Church warden) and a Thomas Taylor.

b. c. 1757 in Holsworthy.

d.  17 May 1830


From his will:  Wife to have £15 a year from revenue of Hogs Park, plus furniture.  Daughter Mariah, wife of  Samuel Cole, to have the house she now lives in and Higher Shute Park.  Mary is to have Furze Parks and Little Brimacombe Parks.   Daughter Ann, wife of Edmund Shepherd, to have Square Close and North Park and the house and garden occupied by Timothy Petherick.   Daughter Catherine, wife of John Parr, to have the house where she now lives and (5 pounds) a year, to be paid by Grace out of the revenues of Matthew's Meadow.  Rebecca wife of John Tayler, to have the house she now lives in and Bartlett's Park.  Jane was to have 30 shillings a year. Her children William Tayler Shepherd and Mary Ann Shepherd were also named in the will and inherited.  Daughter Grace, wife of William Cole, to have the house she now lives in plus Matthew's Meadow.  Daughter Charlotte, wife of Thomas Headon,  to have the house she now lives in and Grass Gardens per her Father's will.  Daughter Elizabeth, wife of Nathanial Jones, to have the house she now lives in and Bartlett's Park.  William, son of William was to have the house he now lives in and the two Coles Parks,  plus receive  £5 per year per his Father's will. 

Cemetery Information:  Hols Chuch Yard, Holsworthy, Devon England - Elizabeth Taylor 17th May1830 aged 73 wife of william grave 177. William 28th June 1828 aged 78 husband of elizabeth grave 177


i     MARY TAYLOR,  b. c. 1775 in Holsworthy.  Baptised 12 December 1775 in Holsworthy.  Married JOHN OURDON on 11 May 1796 in Holsworthy, Devon, England.

ii    ELIZABETH TAYLOR, b. c. 1781 in Holsworthy.  Baptised on 26 June 1781 in Holsworthy.  Married NATHANIEL JONES on 25 May 1800 in Holsworthy, Devon, Engalnd.

iii   SUSANNA TAYLOR, b. 1784 in Holsworthy.  Baptised on 9 February 1784 in Holsworthy.  Married MATTHEW TREBLE on 30 October 1805 in Holsworthy.

iv   ANN TAYLOR, b. c. 1786 in Holsworthy.  Baptised on 28 February 1786 in Holsworthy.  Married EDMUND SHEPHERD on 14 March 1811 in Holsworthy, Devon, England.

v    CATHERINE TAYLOR, b. c. 1787 in Holsworthy.  Baptised on 15 January 1788 in Holsworthy.  Married JOHN PARR on 20 February 1810 in Holsworthy, Devon, England.

vi    REBECCA TAYLOR, b. c. 1789 in Holsworthy.  Baptised 9 August 1789 in Holsworthy.  Married JOHN TAYLOR on 12 February 1809 in Holwsworthy.  Emigrated to Prince Edward Island, Canada.

vii   JOHN TAYLOR, b. c. 1791 in Holsworthy.  Baptised on 26 June 1791 in Holsworthy.  d. 7 November 1849.  Married (1) ANN COURTICE on 10 May 1814 in Holsworthy.  Married (2) ELIZABETH BRIMACOMBE in 1842 in Holsworthy, Devon, England.

viii  JANE TAYLOR, b. c. 1793 in Holsworthy.  Baptised on 7 January 1794 in Holsworthy.  Married DANIEL SHEPARD on 28 October 1811 in Holsworthy.

ix   GRACE TAYLOR, b. 1795 in Holsworthy.  Baptised on 27 January 1796 in Holsworthy.  Married WILLIAM COLE.

x    CHARLOTTE TAYLOR, b. c. 1798 in Holsworthy.  Baptised 4 July 1798 in Holsworthy.  Married THOMAS HEADON on 15 May 1821 in Holsworthy.  d. 19 April 1880 in Yarmouth, Elgin Co., Ontario, aged 82.

xi   MARIAH TAYLOR, b. c. 1800 in Holsworthy.  Baptised on 30 January 1801 in Holsworthy.  d. 13 May 1899 in Elgin East Ontario, aged 99.  Buried in St Thomas Cemetery, St Thomas, Ontario.  Married SAMMUEL COLE on 24 January 1822 in Holsworthy, Devon, England.  Samuel and Maria lived in England until 1843, when they emigrated to Canada.  Samuel was a shoemaker with a business of considerable size.  The 1881 Canadian Census (ST Thomas, Elgin East, Onario) lists him as 87 years old.  Occupation:  Gentleman, arried and of English Origin.  Religion Baptist.  Head of Household Alex Henderson (son in law).

xii   WILLIAM TAYLOR, christened on 13 April 1779 in Holsworthy.  Married JANE COLE on 13 April 1803 in Holsworthy, Devon, England.

xiii   JOHN TAYLOR, born pre 1783; d. 1783 in Holsworthy.


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