b. 14 May 1824, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, England, baptised 6 June 1824 in Taplow, Buckinghamshire, England.

d. 7 April 1897 in Christchurch (New Brighton), New Zealand.

Married MARY GOULD (parents JOHN GOULD and LUCY LANE) in Langley, England on 6 November 1848.

b. baptised 21 December 1823 in Langley Marish, Buckinghamshire, England;

d. 17 December 1901, Christchurch.


Marriage Certificate:  JOHN was 25, MARY was 24.  JOHN's profession was a carpenter, and they were both residents of Langley.    THOMAS RUTLANDs' profession was a papermaker, while JOHNs' was a gardner.  The wedding was witnessed by Mary Rutland, James Rutland and Thomas Baldwin.

Death Certificate: Ref 1897/942.  Cause of Death:  Heart Disease.  Age of children when he died: M 47, 42, 40, 38, 32, F - 34.  He was 72 years old when he died.  His fathers occupation was listed as a Papermaker.  He had been in New Zealand for c. 46 years.  He was 22 when he had married MARY.

He is buried in Addington Cemetary (Christchurch), Plot number 45A.  Date of burial Friday 9 April 1897.

Will:  John Bishop Rutland (of Timaru, Grain Broker) and Frederick William Rutland (of Christchurch, Accountant) were his executors.  John Rutland was resident at Merivale, and died at New Brighton near Christchruch.  They believed that the value of Probate was under £2,000.  John was a Builder.  His wife Mary was left 'all the household furniture, consumable sotes an other effects which at the time of my deaht shall be about or belong to my then dwellinghoue, and also all my apparel and other artilces of personal use or ornament'.   The summary of the rest of the will is that John and Frederick are the trustees for all other effects (ie property, monies) and are to manage it during the rest of Mary's life (they needed her approval before selling anything) with the income going to Mary.  Upon Mary's death, the residule of the estate was to be split between all the children equally.  Note:  A copy of the will is available upon request.


Death Certificate: Ref 1902/423.  Cause of Death:  Old Age, Asthemia.   Age of children when she died: M 51, 47, 45, 42, 37, F - 39.   She was 77 when she died.  Her fathers occupation was listed as a Gardner.  She had been in New Zealand for 50 years when she died.

She is buried in Addington Cemetary (Christchurch), Plot number 45A.  Date of burial 19 December 1901.

Children of JOHN RUTLAND and MARY GOULD are:

Arthur, Walter, Bishop Rutland

i    JOHN BISHOP RUTLAND, b. 1850; 2 July 1929 (on holiday in England).  Married ELEANOR ELLIOT 14 May 1874.

Clarence, Eleanor, Everard, Bishop, Emmuline, Aoeline

(from alternate source: John Bishop, Amelia Louisa, Alfred, Thomas James Gould, Ethel, Clarice Violet Rutland)

John Bishop Rutland from the Cyclopedia of New Zealand, page 994.

ii   WALTER GEORGE RUTLAND, b. 6 August 1856 Lyttleton, Canterbury; d. 9 February 1934 in Wanganui, New Zealand.  Married MAY WOLLEY 15 May 1886 (d. 14 Dec. 1917).  Then FLORENCE HARRIETT SUTTON in 1929.

iii  MARY LOUISA RUTLAND, b. 10 November 1852 in New Zealand; d. 27 September 1854

iv  THOMAS JAMES GOULD RUTLAND, b. 1855; d. 18 July 1914 in Melbourne, Australia.  Married AMELIA LOUISE MARTIN 28 September 1889.   His son:  "Lieutenant John Bishop RUTLAND, 14th Battalion, AIF. Born Camberwell, Melbourne, Victoria. Single; Salesman at Sutton's Music Warehouse, Melbourne, Victoria, of 27 Bryson Street, Canterbury, Melbourne, Victoria. Next of kin: Father; Thomas James Gould Rutland. Mother; Amelia Louise Rutland (nee Martin), of same address. Killed in action at Courtney's Post, central Anzac, on 1 May 1915, aged 21. Grave: Courtney's & Steele's cemetery. "

v   ARTHUR RUTLAND, b. 30 October 1864 in Fendelton, Christchurch; d. 2 December 1931, Nelson.  Married ELIZABETH GRACE COLE on the 4 September 1900 in Wanganui. 

vi  FREDERICK WILLIAM RUTLAND, b. 5 February 1859 in New Zealand; d. 10 March 1935 in Christchurch.  Buried in Bromley Cemetery (Christchurch) Block number 13, Plot number 334.  Date of burial Monday 11 March 1935.  Married EMMA CAROLINE TAYLOR.

vii  CHARLES EDWIN RUTLAND, b. 1868 in Christchurch; d. 11 December 1888 in Christchurch.  Died of menangitis.  Buried in Addington Cemetery (Christchurch) Plot number 45C.  Date of burial Thursday 13 December 1888.

viii  EMMA MARION (MINNIE) RUTLAND, b. 01 September 1862.  Married ALFRED WILLIAM FIELDER on 13 January 1891.

Immigration records from the Isabella-Hercus which sailed from Plymouth 24 October 1850, and arrived at the Port of Lyttleton, Canterbury, New Zealand,  on the 1st of March 1851 with 148 passengers under the command of Captain Halstone.

Rutland     John           1  yr old     M       England, Rutland     John           26 yrs old  M      England  Carpenter & Gardener, Rutland     Mary           26  yrs old  F      England

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20 April 1897, West Coast Times

Hambledon House, Christchurch

Built by John Rutland

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