Arthur Rutland           Phyllis Myra Wood           

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b.  5 September 1903 in Christchurch;

d. 8 November 1988 in Wakatu Lodge, Public Hospital, Nelson;

Married PHYLLIS MYRA WOOD (parents ERNEST WOOD and BEATRICE BLACK), on 16 September 1936, Nelson Baptist Church,

b. 07 June 1908 in Nelson (Grove Street); 

d. 27 January 1963 in Wakatu Lodge, Public Hospital, Nelson. 

ARTHUR GOULD RUTLAND married JOYCE RUTH WILLIAMS in 1971 in New Plymouth.  She was born 20 July 1921.  He was 66 when he remarried.


Birth Certificate: Ref - 1903/4780.  Fathers Occupation:  Land agent.  Father born in Christchurch, and 39 when ARTHUR was born (resident in Fendleton).  Mother was 42 and from Cornwall.

Marriage Certificate (when marrying PHYLLIS MYRA WOOD):  Ref - 1936/9518.  ARTHUR RUTLAND's Occupation: Motor Engineer.  Witnesses were Kenneth D Wood (Salesman) and Beatrice Wood.    ARTHUR was 33 and PHYLLIS was 28.  ARTHURS' residence was Tahunanui, while PHYLLIS' was Nelson.  ARTHURS' fathers' occupation was listed as a gardener.

Death Certificate:  Ref - 1988/24780.  Age when he died:  85.  Occupation:  Company Director.  Place of residence:  21 Iwa Road, Nelson.  Cause of Death:  Myocardial Infaction.  Aortic Steriosis.

He was buried in the same Plot as Phyllis (reference WKNG31013_A).  Buried 10 November 1988.

ARTHUR RUTLAND had his own company called 'A G Rutland &  Co Limited' on 187 Bridge Street, Nelson.  It was first incorporated on 28 July 1947, and was removed from the registers on the 29 March 1995.  Certificate of IncorporationExtract of Company Details.

His Diploma of Motorcar Running and Maintenence from the International Correspondance School HERE.

Will:  A Will is available from the Website Owner upon request.


Birth Certificate: Ref - 1908/3972.  Fathers age:  30.   Mothers age: 23.   Her fathers occupation was listed as Grocer who lived in Grove Street, Nelson.

Death Certificate:  Ref - 1963/844.  Place of residence:  Iwa Road, Nelson.  Cause of Death:  Secondary carcanoma of chest and abdomen.  Primary carcanoma of left breat (radical mastectomy 9 years prior).  Children living when she died:  M - 25, F - 24, 20, 13.  She was 54 when she died.

She was buried in the Wakapuaka cemetary, Block 31, Plot #1 013 (reference WKNG31013).  Buried 29 January 1963.

Headstone Transcriptions: "In loving memory of PHYL M RUTLAND died Jan 27th 1963.  And her husband ARTHUR G RUTLAND died Nov 8th 1988."

Will:  A Will is available from the Website Owner upon request.


i   SON (Deceased)

ii  DAUGHTER (Deceased)

iii DAUGHTER (Living)

iv DAUGHTER (Living) 

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For 3 October 1988 AGR One Stop Motorshop Newsletter, please go AGROneStopMotorshop.jpg.

Memories of Arthur written by his eldest and youngest daughters.

Go here to PHYLLIS' pen and ink drawing below in more detail.  Done when she was about 15. 

 Notes on Arthur by his eldest daughter:

"Moved to Cobden on the West Coast, then to Tahunanui in Nelson. Resided at Rui Street then to a house situated on the hill above Tahuanui school. It was accessed by a steep clay track that was covered in pine needles so was almost impossible for his mother in her latter years to walk down without his assistance.

He was educated to primary level at the Tahunanui school. He confessed to wanting to be a doctor but as he had to support his widowed mother he did an apprenticeship at Montgomery’s garage I think, and studied at the Nelson Technical school night classes and by correspondence (I.C.S.) for motor engineering.  He had to walk or ride into the city by bicycle from Tahuna. Later he went into partnership with Ned and Dick Everett, presumably in the motor trade. In 1930 he started his own business, as he thought, why should the boss get the profit of the men working for him so he started out in upper Bridge street next to the dairy where we used to get ice creams when permitted!  After marrying Phyl Wood they lived at Mt. Street, later to Tasman Street before building the house at Iwa Road where he lived for the rest of his life.

The garage had a wooden oil soaked floor with a big pit in the middle for cars to have their innards looked at. It also had a petrol bowser that had to have the petrol pumped up from the storage tank by a handle before it was released in a whoosh into the car. In the corner of the garage was the office with a high stool and a sloping desk for the book work. We were allowed to use the stamps (not negotiable, account overdue and paid,) using the purple stamp pad. Sometimes we had lunch at the garage or went with him to the Civic Lounge, always served with thin bread an butter. Jocelyn dropped her crusts from her lunch behind the desk. Why were there rats around? Esme was a office girl at some stage. He then moved across the road to 165 Bridge Street where he developed A, G. Rutland Engine Reconditioners - the One Stop Motor Shop. This was extended when he bought a small cottage in Harley Street and made a back entrance to the work shop therefore using the Bridge street frontage as a showroom for new cars and a office area. He sold the famous Lada, Suzuki, Alfa Romeos, Audi to name a few. He was progressive in business and bought a huge crankshaft grinder from the UK which created a stir when it was delivered to the garage. It was capable of doing industrial crankshafts that had to be reconditioned. It was manned for years by Cyril Wells and when he retired by his son. I was fascinated with the curls of metal on the floor left over from a cylinder regrind. For winter warmth there was a pot belly stove in the work shop but it was still pretty bleak to visit.

 We used to visit Dad and he would be dressed in a white dust coat, as befitted the manager, and would emerge from behind a machine with a welcome smile and say hello sweetie pie.  Dad was fastidious with cleanliness and would smell of soap and a whiff of garage, a combination of oil and machinery.  In the top drawer of his desk he would keep treats - pineapple lumps and 'Smokers' as he was scathing of foul breath!   He was always cheerful and had a merry whistle. In later years he would walk to work and home up the track from Milton Road to Iwa Road after shutting up the shop.

Motor Bikes Owned:  Douglas, Indian Scout, Indian Chief, Matchless, Royal Enfield, ,Norton, Aerial, Sunbeam, Harley Davidson.

Cars Owned: 1914 model T Ford, Chevrolet 4 (tourer), Chevrolet 6 cylinder (tourer), Model A Ford, Hupmobile, Chevrolet 6 (later model), Essex 4 and 6 cylinder, Austin 4 (baby), Morris Maxwell, Mercury, Triumph T.R.4, Fiat, Alpha Romeo.

Organisations he belonged to: Rowing club in his youth; Harmonic Society; Baptist Church Choir - was conductor for many years. Produced the Christmas cantatas; The Nelson Luncheon Club;  Engine Reconditioners Association; The Motor Trade Association; The Home Guard during the war years. 

They met in the drill hall in Harley Street."

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