Gaunt's Earthcott, Manor House in Almondsbury, Gloucestershire


JACOB THOMAS (parents JOHN THOMAS and MARY RODWAY, born in Almondsbury, G.oucestershire)

b. c. 1791 in Horton, Gloucestershire.

d. 20 August 1871 in Almondsbury, Gloucester, England.


b. c. 1795 in Alveston, Gloucestershire.

d. 21 September 1859, Almondsbury, Gloucestershire, England.



From the 1863 Post Office Directory of Gloucestershire:  Almondsbury (page 195):  JACOB THOMAS, Farmer, Gaunt's Earthcott; JAMES THOMAS at Gaunt's Earthcott; JOHN THOMAS at Woodhouse Farm.

His obituary appeared in the local Gloucestershire newspapre:  ALMONDSBURY, Sudden Death - on Sunday morning last week Mr Jacob Thomas aged 81 a highly respectale agriculturist of Earthcott attended as was his custom, Almondsbury Church, a distance from his home of about two and a half miles.  Service over, he was proceeding along the turnpike road to his son's residence, when, suddenly the old gentleman fell down a corpse.

In 1868 Royal Commissioners visited Alondsbury and were met by representatives from the villages including JACOB THOMAS, farmer of 300 acres.  Although there was a local population of nearly 2000, labourers were often in short supply and JACOB THOMAS of Gaunts Eartcott had to import works from Frampton Cotterell and Winterbourne.

In 1861 the Tithing of Gaunt's Earthcott contained 41 inhabitants.

Death Certificate:  JACOB was 81 years old when he died of Heart Disease.  George Thomas was present at his death.

ELIZA and JACOB are buried in the Zion Chapel in Frampton Cotterell.  Headstone number 141 along the west call, counted walking away from the Church Hall.


Death Certificate:  Eliza was 64 when she died of paralysis.

Children of JACOB THOMAS and ELIZA:

i    ROBERT THOMAS, b. c. 1821

ii   CAROLINE THOMAS, b. c. 1822.  Married JOHN ANSTLEY on 15 April 1847 in Stoke Gifford, Gloucestershire.

iii   JOHN THOMAS, b. c. 1822

iv   JAMES THOMAS, b. c. 1824

v    ELLEN THOMAS, b. c. 1828

vi   ELIZA THOMAS, b. c. 1830 in Almondsbury, Gloucestershire, England; d. 24 November 1862, Nelson.  Married WILLIAM FOWLER.

vii  MARY ANN THOMAS, b. c. 1832

viii  EMMA THOMAS, b. c. 1837

ix    LOUISA THOMAMS, b. c. 1838

x    MATILDA THOMAS, b. c. 1840

Note:  All children were born in Almondsbury, Gloucestershire, England.

1841 Census:  (Link

Almondsbury, Gloucestershire:  Jacob Thomas, 50, Famer; Eliza Thomas, 40; Robert Thomas, 20; Caroline Thomas, 20, John Thomas, 19; James Thomas, 17; Ellen Thomas, 13, Eliza Thomas 11, Mary Thomas, 9; Emma Thomas, 7; Louisa Thomas, 3; Lcoye Taylor, 15, Servant; Leoya Anddews, 11, Servant.

1851 Census: (Link: James Thomas)

Almondsbury, Gloucestershire:  James Thomas, Head, unmarried, 25, Farmer (of 160 acres, employing 6 labourers), born in Almonsbury, Gloucestershire; Ellen Thomas, Sister, unmarried, 23, housekeeper; Matilda Thomas, Sister, unmarried, 11; Eliza Ann Spencer, Niece, 10, scholar; Mary Thomas, Grandmother, widow, 82; Ellen Ovens, Visitor; Married, 48; Meshack Ovens, Visitor, 8, Sunday School Scholar; Emma Higgs, 15, House Servant; Thomas Harris, 21, Farm Servant; John Houlter, 16, Farm Servant; George Garret, 12, Farm Servant.

1851 Census: (Link)

Nymphsfield, Gloucestershire, Woodchester Park Farm: Jacob Thomas, Head, Married, 60, Farmer of 220 acres, employing 9 labourers, born in Horton, Gloucestershire; Eliza Thomas, Wife, 56, Farmers Wife, born in Alveston, Gloucestershire; Eliza Thomas, daughter, unmarried, 21, Farmers Daughter; Mary Thomas, unmarried, daughter, 19, Farmers daughter; Ellen Amsty, Grandaughter, 4; Richard Barbett, 13, servant; Thomas Witchell, 26, shepard.

1861 Census: (Link)

Almondsbury, Gloucestershire:  Jacob Thomas, Head, Widow, 70, Farmer of 200 acres, born in Horton, Gloucestershire; Mary Ann Thomas, daugther, unmarried, 28, farmers daughter; Emma Thomas, Daughter, unmarried, 25; Elizabeth Stinchcomb, Servant, unmarried, 19, dairy maid; Charles Knight, unmarried, 13, Farm Servant; Thomas  Smith, 24; unmarried, Farm Servant.

1871 Census:  (Link)

Almondsbury, Gaunts Earthcott; Jacob Thomas, Head, Widow, 80, Farmer of 190 acres employing 11 men, born in Horton, Gloucestershire; Mary Ann Thomas, daughter, 39, Farmers Daughter, ailment: Fits from Birth; Ellen A Spencer, Grandaughter, 22, housekeeper; Matilda Graham, daughter, married, 32, visitor; John Graham, son-in-law, captain of a ship, visitor; Henry Ansty, Grandson, 5; Elizabeth Goodfield, 15, servant; Elizabeth Howell, 14, servant.


Note:  Two death certificates for MARY THOMAS have been located, but neither appear to be correct.  The first from January1858 in Ashley, died 87 years old, widow of Henry Smyth Thomas.  The second  from July 1851 in Almondsbury, died 79 yeares old.  Widow of Samual Thomas, labourer.

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