Arthur Rutland   

     Elizabeth Cole   



b: 30 October 1864 in Fendleton, Christchurch;

d. 2 December 1931 in Public Hospital, Nelson;

Married ELIZABETH GRACE COLE (parents JOHN COLE and ELIZABETH PETHICK) on the 4 September 1900 in Wanganui. 

b. 23 January 1862, Poundstock, Cornwall, England;

d. 25 May 1958, Public Hospital, Nelson.


Birth Certificate:  Ref - 1864/459.  Fathers Occupation: Builder. 

Marriage Certificate:  Ref - 1900/3256. Married at the residence of Mr Moore, Bushy Park, Kai Iwi.  Age of ARTHUR: 36.  Age of ELIZABETH: 38.  Occupation of ARTHUR: Gardener.  Both were residants at Kai Iwi.  ARTHUR's fathers occupation:  Builder.  ELIZABETH's fathers occuption:  Mixed Farmer.  ELIZABETH did not 'sign' the marriage certificate, but put an 'X'.  The marriage was witnessed by the Station Holder (Mr Moore) and the House Keeper (M J Connolly).

Death Certificate:  Ref - 1931/3784.  Occupation:  Gardner/Retired Bus Driver. From Tahuanui. Cause of Death:  Cerebral haemorage.  Children alive when he died: M - 28.  ELIZABETH was alive and 70 when he died.

He is buried in the Wakapuaka Cemetery (Nelson) , Block 12, Plot #1 015 (reference WKNP12015). Interred: 4 December 1931.

Will:  Elizabeth died intestate leaving part of the estate unadministered.  His son (Arthur) was granted the rights to administer both of their estates in 1859.  Arthur was bonded for £1,200 to ensure that he executed the will correctly.  Arthur left his esate to Elizabeth (but maanged by trustees) so long as she remained his widow.  From her death or remarriage, his estate the went to any children of his.  William Vernon Rout and Elizabeth were the executors and trustees.    £410 was payable on probate.  Note:  A copy of this will is available upon request.

Headstone Transcription:  "In loving memory of (Across top) ARTHUR RUTLAND died Dec 2 1931, aged 67 years (Left Side).  There shall be no night there."



Birth Certificate: John Cole was a farmer and they lived in North East Heards, Poundstock.

Death Certificate: Ref - 1958/2111.  Cause of Death: Cerebral Thrombosis.  Age of children when she died: M - 54. She was 96 when she died.  She was about 16 years of age when she arrived in New Zealand. 

She is buried in the Wakapuaka Cemetery (Nelson) , Block 12, Plot #1 014 (reference WKNP12014). Interred: 28 May 1958.



i   ARTHUR GOULD RUTLAND b. 5 September 1903, Fendleton, Christchurch, New Zealand; d. 8 November 1988, Nelson, New Zealand.

ii  ARTHUR HENRY RUTLAND, b. 30 January 1901; d. 01 February 1901

iii CHARLES EDWIN RUTLAND, b. 26 July 1902; d. 31 July 1902.

Memories from his Grand Daughter: "He worked as head gardner at 'Kai Iwi' Wanganui where he met Elizabeth Cole who'd come out from Cornwall (it was said she was illiterate?).  Married when she was 38.  She lived in a little cottage way up a hill (foot access only up a pine needle strewn track) into her 90's."

Memories from her Grand Daughter: "For some reason we called her 'Old DD4' and giggled behind our hands.. our grannie.

She was a tiny old lady who lived way up the hill by herself.  Sometimes she'd laugh 'he hehe he' showing off her 1 green tooth.  One side of her face grew a wart - like the end of a pencil.

We'd drive down to Tahuna on Sunday afternoon.  Dad would turn the car engine off at 'Cosy Corner' and we'd all push on the seats and shout in delight and encouragement as the car glided toward the 'bridge' (or the ditch!) Up the hill we'd 'scamper' - just on earth track covered in pine needles.  Up the stops to the front door - Dad would jiggle the handle while we'd peer down into the rain water tank - thick rust growing from the sides.  Shuffle, shuffle.  Door opened.. we 'trooped' in to the sunporch ('Dad used to sleep down there..') She was ready to go for a drive.  Long tweedy shirt with crepe soled sandles and wrinkly thick stockings, blouse and a cardy.  Flat hat pinned on her tiny, thin bun.  'Where's y'stick?'  Off we'd go down - stop.tap.step.tap - Dad holding her arm firmly.  'Plump!' She'd collapse onto the front seat. 

In her final year or so she lived in a home and died in her 97th year."

Arthur Rutlands Signature


"City of Nelson No. 3. Licensed to carry 10 Adult Passengers'

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