b. 20 January 1807 in Edinburgh, Scotland (Ref - Nelson Evening Mail cutting 12 February 1951);

d. 27 October 1889 in Nelson (Kawai Street),


1.  Married JOAN (LIVINGSTON) ADAMS (parents JOHN ADAMS and JOANNA LIVINGSTON) 11 January 1833 in St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

b. 05 February 1810 in St Cuthbert, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland;

d. 26 July 1861 in Nelson.


2.  Married ELIZA HILL SCADDON on 7 May 1878, in his home, Hawia Street, Nelson, New Zealand. 

b.  5 November 1851

d.  6 February 1914


In the Hawkes Bay Herald from Friday 8 October 1880 it was written that 'James Palmer BLACK of Nelson has applied for the patent for an escape door fastening'.

Marriage Certificate (1):  "James Black, merchant residing in No. 2 Canning Place, Causewayside and Joan Adams residing in No. 4 Nicolson Square, both in this Parish, daughter of the late John Adams, Paper Manufacturer at Denny in this parish of Denny, have been three times proclaimed in order to marriage in the Parish Church of St Cuthberts and no objections have been offered.  Married at Gifford on the Eleventhy day of January thereafter by the Reverand David Horne, Minister of the Parish of Yester".

Marriage Certificate (2):  Ref - 1878/1170.  Whilst JAMES was a widow, ELIZA was a spinster.  The marriage was witnessed by Anne Black (Nelson, Spinster), and Sarah Scaddon (Nelson, Spinster).

Death Certificate: Ref - 1889/1794.  Cause of Death: Old Age, Softening of the brain.  Occupation:  Gentleman.  Fathers Occupation:  Stationer.  Number of children when he died: M - 4, F - 3.   Robert Black was the undertaker.  He died when he was 83.

He is buried in the Fairfield Cemetary (Trafalgar Street, Nelson) (Ref - FAIR0027).  Notes: Draper.  Husband of Joan Black. JP'.  Interred on the 29 October 1889.  He had lived in New Zealand for 38 years.

Will:  A Probate and Will are available from the Website Owner upon request.    The affidavit of executors was given by John Black (Draper) and Edward Moore (Solicitor).  The affidavit of death was given by Robert Black (carpenter).  He bequeathed all moneys and shares to his wife.  His daugther Isabella Campbell inherited one half part of the Trafalgar Street Property currently lived in by John Black.  If she was to die with no children, the property would then go to his daughter Annie Black.  The other half of Trafalger Street was to go to his daughter Annie Black.  If she were to die with no children (and Isabella also to die with none) the whole property would go to Jessie (the wife of Robert Black).  The other half part (? how can there be 3 half parts?) was to be shared equally by children of his wife Eliza Black.  The freehold property in Kawai street goether with the dwelling house, all the household furniture and household effects, his patented inventions and all other real and personal estate to his wife as long as she remained his widow.  A trust fund was to be set up and any income from this was to be given to Eliza.  After her death or remarriage, the moneys were to go to trust for his children in equal shares.  In a codicile of his will, John Black was named as executor (instead of William Bethwaite).  A second codicile of his will says that all moneys belonging to him which are in the Nelson Savings Bank or in the hands of John Black, or which shall be owing by his son John Black to his father, shall be given to Eliza Black.


Evidence for Birth Date:  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, internation Genealogical Index (R), Copyright (c) 1980, 2002, data as of June 13 2004, Film #453866, Page 0013, Ref # 55047.

Death Certificate: Ref - 1861/138.   Cause of Death: Disease of the Lungs.  She was 50 when she died.

She is also buried in the Fairfield Cemetary (Trafalgar Street, Nelson) (Ref -  FAIR0027_A).  Notes:  'Nee' Adams.  Wife of James Palmer Black. J'.

31 July 1861 Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle


i     JESSIE BLACK, b. 5 July 1834, ST Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland; d. 25 August 1917, Nelson (Ref - 1917/2354).  Buried in the Wakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson, Block 02, Plot #1 036, reference WKBP02036.  Date of Interment 28 August 1917.  Transferred from Fairfield Cemetery.  Married ROBERT BLACK in 1860, Nelson (Ref - 1860/355).

ii    ISABELLA BLACK, b. 19 March 1836 St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland; d. 28 December 1923, Nelson (Ref - 1923/3581).  Married Rev. JOHN CAMPBELL in 1867, Nelson (Ref - 1867/770).  1900 Auckland Electoral Roll has Isabella Campbell, Home Duties, Wallace Street.

iii   WILLIAM BLACK,b. 31 December 1837 St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland; d. 1882 in Auckland (Ref - 1882/962).  Married EVERILDA HENDERSON BUXTEN in 1862, Nelson (Ref - 1862/518).

iv   HELEN BLACK,  b. 23 September 1839 St Cuthberts Blotter, Edinburgh, Midlothian, d. Between 1840 - 1843 in Edinburgh.

v    JAMES BLACK,  b. 16 March 1841 St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland d. 28 April 1845, Edinburgh (buried in Warriston Cemetery).  Died from the effects of measles.

vi    CHRISTIAN BAYNE BLACK,  b. 25 December 1843 St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, d. 23 May 1848 in Edinburgh (buried in Warriston Cemetery).  Died from diarrhoea.

vii   JOHN P BLACK,  b. 09 August 1845 St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland; d. 14 November 1944, Atawhai Nelson (Ref - 1944/4408).  Married ELIZA MARIA FOWLER 10 November 1879 in Nelson (Ref - 1879/3057).

viii  ANNIE BLACK,  b. 1847 St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland; d. 8 August 1928, Nelson (Ref - 1928/2655).  Buried 8 August 1928 in Wakapuaka Cemetery, Cemetery Block 10, Plot #1 036 (WKNP10036).  Married HENRY MACMAHON in 1887, Nelson (Ref - 1887/2962).

 Children of JAMES BLACK and ELIZA SCADDON are:

i     CORA ELIZA BLACK,  b. 6 February 2878, Nelson; d. 7 February 1951, Nelson (Ref - 1951/759).  Buried in the Wakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson.  Married JAMES BAXTER in 1915, Nelson (Ref - 1915/1260).

ii    JAMES PALMER BLACK, b. 1883; d. 3 September 1949; (Ref - 1949/3812).  Married CONSTANCE OLIVE NEWPORT in 1912, Nelson (Ref - 1912/3427).


From the Nelson City Council Early Settlers Database, JAMES and JOAN arrived in New Zealand on the 9th of November 1850 on the EDEN.  James was aged 42 while Joan was 38.  5 children came with them:  Jessie (aged 15), Isabella (aged 13), William (aged 10), John Black (aged 4) and Ann (aged 3).  JAMES' profession was noted as 'agriculturist and settler'.

The Eden sailed from the Downs 8 June 1850.

 "Eden Barque, 522 tons, built at Limehouse, < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" prefix="st1" namespace="">London in 1826 for Mr Joseph Somes, and arrive, and was under the command of Captain Murdoch for the voyage to Nelson in John Henry Luscombe, ship owners, she was the last New Zealand Company ship to 1850. This ship was coppered on no less than three occasions, in 1836, 1847 and 1850 when it also had major repairs done. It was also used to take convicts to Australia in 1842 and 1856 and was the last convict ship to Sydney in 1840. The ship was abandoned at sea on 19th March 1861, and the crew perished. < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace="">


Arrival Date              9/11/1850

Tonnage                  680

Departure Port         London

Destination Port        Nelson

NZC Ref                   34/3, pp.191-97a; 36/8; Register, pp.343-48

Voyage Information   Captain Alexander Murdock master, Mark Kebbel surgeon, sailed from London 6 June 1850 with 140 passengers for Wellington, Nelson, New Plymouth and Otago. Arrived Nelson 9 November 1850."


 8th March 1866 Nelson Mail

 27th March 1889 Nelson Mail

6 August 1868                        1 May 1869                             17 September 1870

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle

13 April 1886, Hawera & Normanby Star 
1841 Scotland Census:  Link