b. 5 December 1830 in Leonard Stanley, Gloucester.

d. 25 July 1919 in Courtenay, Aylesbury, Christchurch.

1.  Married ELIZA THOMAS (parent JACOB THOMAS and ELIZA BROWNE) on the 8 July 1851 in The Parish of Saint Mary de Crypt in the County of Gloucester.

b. c. 1830

d. 24 November 1862 in Nelson.

2.  Married LOUISA MARIA PARSONS on 4 October 1866 in Waiwero Valley, Motueka, Nelson.

b. c. 1842

d.  17 November 1918 in Aylesbury, Christchurch.


Baptism:  Fathers occupation was 'farmer'.

1.  Marriage Certificate:  WILLIAM was a Farmer and both him and ELIZA were from Littleworth.  Both of their fathers were Farmers.  The wedding was witnessed by James Thomas and Mary Fowler.

2.  Marriage Certificate:  Ref - 1866/937.  William was a widower and a 'Run Holder'.  The marriage was witnesses by William Henry Parsons (a Farmer in the Waiwero Valley) and Elizabeth Parsons.

Death Certificate:  Ref - 1919/2501.  William was 88 when he died of senile decay.  He had been in New Zealand for 61 years.  He had 4 children living from his first marriage, and 10 living from his second.  He was a widow when he died.  William was buried in Courtenay on 28 July 1919.


Death Certificate:  Ref - 1862/140.  ELIZA was 32 years old when she died.  WILLIAM's occupation was 'Waimea East Farmer'.  She died of disease of the womb and consumption.  Buried in Whakapuaka Cemetery, Ref: WKCE04049.  Block 04, Plot 049.

Obituary: "On 24th November 1862 at Nelson of consumption, ELIZA the beloved wife of W L Fowler, yeoman, Richmond, and late of Summerwell Farm, Woodchester, fourth daughter of Jacob THOMAS Esq., Gaunts Earthcott Almondsbury, Bristol, Gloucestershire, deeply lamented by her family and friends aged 32yrs."

Headstone Transcription:  "In loving remembrance of our mother ELIZA FOWLER. Wife of W L Fowler, who died Nov. 25th 1862.  Aged 32 years Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."


Louisa was the housekeeper for WILLIAM.


i   ELIZA MARIA FOWLER, b. 16 March 1852 in Woodchester, Rodborough, Gloucester, England, d. 11 August 1934 in Nelson, 'Burnside'.  Married John Black on 10 November 1879 in Nelson.

ii  WILLIAM THOMAS FOWLER, b. 16 April 1854 in Woodchester, Gloucestershire, England; baptised 9 July 1854 in Woodchester, Gloucestershire, England; d. 26 May 1936.  He was known as 'Tom'.  He was educated at the Richmond school, then went to Stanley Vale with his father.  At the age of 21 was knows as Canterbury's best horseman.  Tom worked on the Molesworth run, and was the manager from 1878.  He then took over the Hopefield run (from his Uncle Nathaniel Fowler) in 1884.  He also ran the Blenheim-Molesworth mail service.  In 1899 he drew in a ballot the homestead block at Northbank, now known as Te Rou (Maori for the fowler).  On retirement he moved to Blenheim.  Married JEAN ANN SHARP.

iii  CLARA EUGENIE FOWLER, b. 16 November 1856 in Woodchester, Gloucestershire, England.  Married WILLIAM BETTANY Jnr 13 December 1899.  Their engagement lasted 17 years.  WILLIAM was an accountant who worked for Cock and Company in Nelson.

iv  LEONARD STANLEY FOWLER, b. 28 September 1859 in Richmond.  Known as 'Stan'.  Married HELEN POLLOCK 19 May 1884.  In later years Stan ran a coach line in Motueka.



i    LUCY ANN FOWLER, b. 21 June 1871; d. 2 February 1910 in South Belt Rangiora.  Married LUCIEN GAUTIER GLEN in Christchurch.

ii   EMMA MARIA LONGNEY FOWLER, b. 7 January 1889.

iii   LETTITIA LONGNEY FOWLER, b. 25 November 1877.

iv   UNA ELLEN FOWLER, b. 11 July 1879; buried in Courtney Cemetery.

v    NORMAN FRANK FOWLER, b. 18 January 1886; d. 13 September 1970 in Christchurch.

vi   LAURA ELLEN FOWLER, b. 19 September 1869.

vii  MARY CLOSE FOWLER, b. 23 December 1881.

viii EMILY FOWLER, b. 7 December 1864, b. Richmond.  Married WILLIAM FREDERICK ...

ix   BERTHA LOUISE FOWLER, b. 8 June 1875, d. 5 May 1924 in Melbourne Hospital, Australia (Gipps Ward, of Ovarian Cancer).  Married THOMAS DANIEL(S) in New Zealand in 1900.  By 1906 she was in Victoria, Australia, with THOMAS and their son ALFRED HENRY. c. 1908 BERTHA and THOMAS had a daughter GEORGINA.  BERTHA then left THOMAS and is said to have married CALEB GARDNER on 21 April 1912 (after she went to the Forest/Barramunga area as a servant). No record of this marriage has been found. On 31 Aug 1912 BERTHA gave birth to their son NORMAN FOUNTAIN GARDNER  at Barramunga, Victoria, Australia. THOMAS then come back into her life.  On her death certificate there is only ALFRED and GEORGINA. NORM was not mentioned, nor was CALEB. Her death certificate shows her as BERTHA LOUISA DANIELS but she is buried under BERTHA LOUISA DANIEL. She is buried with THOMAS who died 4th August 1942 aged 64. She clearly never got to divorce THOMAS, so she never married CALEB.  (Information courtesy of R.Weller.)


                   CALEB GARDNER        BERTHA LOUISE FOWLER               

x    GILBERT HAWKINS FOWLER, b. 1 September 1883; d. 25 October 1953 in Halkett.

xi   WILLIAM LONGNEY FOWLER, b. 20 September 1872 in Stanely Vale; d. 1944 and was buried in Hamner Cemetery.

xii  FLORENCE UNA FOWLER, b. 30 March 1874; d. 8 February 1915 in Christchurch.

xiii ERNEST CLARENCE FOWLER, b. 1875; d. 21 December 1928.


William, Eliza, Eliza and Clara sailed to New Zealand on 3rd of Augsut 1858 from Cork on the Spirit of Trade, and arrived at Auckland on 4 December 1858.

Note:  All of WILLIAM and LOUISAs' children were born in Aylesbury, Canterbury.


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