b. 19 February 1779 in Arlingham, Gloucestershire, England. christened 7 March 1779.

d.  2 November 1845 at Longney, Gloucestershire, England. 

1.  Married MARY SMITH (parents RICHARD SMITH and ANN SMITH) on the 19 December 1800 in Longney, Gloucestershire, England.

b. 1775 in Longney, Gloucestershire, England.

d.  30 October 1817 in Wheatenhurst, Haresfield, Gloucestershire, England.

2.  Married HARRIET CARNET on 21 June 1820 at Longney, Gloucestershire, England.


Bastardy Order:  (P244 ov 5/5/17), showed a reference to WILLIAM LONGNEY of Frampton on Severn.  The order from Painswick reads:  31 March 1815, Jane Davis, late Jane Gewberry, 22 October 1813 gave birth to a female bastard child and WILLIAM LONGNEY of Frampton, Yeoman, the Father.

1.  Marriage Certificate:  Married in the Parish of Hampton on Severn.  WILLIAM was a Yeoman and 21 years and upwards.  MARY was a spinster aged twenty four yeares and upwards.  A witness was Richard Smith and William Jones.

2.  Marriage Certificate:  HARRIET marked her name with an 'X'.  WILLIAM was a widower.  Harriet was aged thrity years and upwards.

Death Certificate:  WILLIAM was 66 when he died of diabetes.  His occupation had been a Yeoman.  The informant was Phoebe Woodman who was present at his death.

Will:  Currently trying to be translated (difficult to read!)


i   WILLIAM LONGNEY, b. 7 October 1802 at Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire; d. c. 1879.  Married 1) MARY JENNER on 30 May 1826 at Longney, Gloucestershire.  Married 2) ANN HAWKINS on 30 April 1837 at Saul, Gloucestershire.

ii  SARAH LONGNEY, b. 22 July 1804 at Longney, Gloucestershire, England.  Christened 22 July 1804, Longney.  Married NATHANIEL HAWKINS on 9 March 1824 in Longney, Gloucestershire, England.

iii NANCY LONGNEY, b. 19 February 1806 in Longney, Gloucestershire; d. 8 May 1893 in Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire.  Married THOMAS FOWLER on the 10 January 1828 Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire.

iv  ANN LONGNEY, b. christened 28 May 1809 at Longney, Gloucestershire; christened 28 May 1809; d. c. 1870.  Married WILLIAM HAWKINS in 22 April 1830 at Longney, Gloucestershire.

v   JOHN LONGNEY, b. christened 17 May 1812 at Longney, Gloucestershire; christened 17 May 1812 in Longney, Gloucestershire, England;  d. c. 1862.  Married ELIZABETH LODGE on 29 April 1834 in Longney, Gloucestershire, England.


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