b. c. 1799 in Poundstock, Cornwall, England;

d. 23 October 1885 in Pigsdon, Week St. Mary. 

Married ELIZABETH PETHICK 27 April 1825 in Marhamchurch, Cornwall, England.

b. c. 1797

d. 4 April 1878


Death Certificate:  RICHARD was 83 years old when he died of Old Age and Natural Decay.  He had been a farmer.  His daughter Fanny Orchard (nee Pethick) was present at his death.


Death Certificate: ELIZABETH was 82 years old when she died.  She was the wife of RICHARD PETHICK who was a Farmer at Harlake.  She died of Disease of the Heart and Dropsy.  Kate Pethick had been present at the death.  The death certificate indicates that Kate was the daughter of ELIZABETH.  This may be grand-daughter as Kate was the daughter of CHRISTIANA and EDWARD PETHICk.


i   ELIZABETH PETHICK, b. 25 July 1831 in Maramchurch, Cornwall, England; d. 5 June 1880 in Hawera.  Married JOHN COLE 20 June 1861 in Marhamchurch, Cornwall.

ii  MARY PETHICK, b. c. 1833

iii CHRISTIANA PETHICK, christened 15 March 1835; d. 1903 in Lifton, Devon, England.  Married EDWARD PETHICK.

iv FANNY PETHICK, b. c. 1839

v  STEPHEN PETHICK, b. c. 1825

vi EDWARD PETHICK, b. c. 1828

1841 Census: (Link)

Marhamchurch, Stratton: Richard Pethick, 30, Ag Lab; Elizabeth Pethick, 40; Elizabeth Pethick, 10, Mary Pethick, 8; Christiana Pethick, 5; Fanny Pethick, 2.

1851 Census: (Link)

Marhamchurch: Richard Pethick, Head, 52, Farmer of 27 Acres and Labourer, Cornwall, Poundstock; Elizabeth Pethick, 54, Farmers Wife, Cornwall; Elizabeth Pethick, daughter, 20, farmers daughter, employed at home, Marhamchurch, Cornwall; Fanny Pethick, daughter, 11, scholar.

1861 Census: (Link)

Marhamchurch, Haslack: Richard Pethick, Head, 61, Farmer of 60 Acres and Labourer, Cornwall, Poundstock; Elizabeth Pethick, wife, 64, Marhamchurch; Edward Pethick, son, 33, farmers son, Marhamcurch; Elizabeth Pethick, daughter, 30, farmers daughter, Fanny Pethick, daughter, 21, famers daughter.

1871 Census: (Link)

Marhamchurch, Haslake: Richard Pethick, Head, 71, Farmer of 40 Acres, Poundstock; Elizabeth Pethick, wife, 75, Marhamchurch; Christianna, daughter, 35, William Dingle, 12, servant, farm servant, indoor; Elizabeth Smale, 12, general, servant.

1881 Census: (Link)

Fanny Orchard, head, widow, 40, Farmer of 70 acres; Elizabeth Orchard, daughter, 13, scholar; William Orchard, son, 8, scholar; Richard Pethick, father, widow, 80, farmers father, Poundstock.

Note:  Edward Pethick, son, only appears in the census with the family in 1861.  In the 1851 census there is an Edward Pethick that is married, and was born in the area, but in the 1861 census when he is back, his marriage status is unmarried, as opposed to a widow.  The assumption must be that he is dead by the time of the 1881 census as Fanny has taken over the family farm.

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