baptised 18 November 1711

Married ANN BROWN in Kelly, in the Parish of Cleish, Scotland on the 14 August 1741.


i     ISABEL RENTOUL, b. 8 November 1765 in Kelly, in the Parish of Cleish, Scotland.  Baptised 14 November 1765.  Married WILLIAM BLACK in the Parish of Coldstream, County of Berwick, Scotland on the 31 May 1788.

ii    ANNA RINTOUL, b. 18 January 1760, in Cleish, Scotland.  Baptised 29 January 1760.

iii   JEAN RINTOUL, b. 27 January 1750, baptised 7 February 1750.  Witnesses Robert Rintoul and Andrew Henderson.

iv   JOHN RINTOUL, b. 18 December 1747, baptised 29 December 1747.  Witnesses Peter Rolland and Andrew Henderson.

v    ROBERT RINTOUL, b. 23 November 1747, baptised 29 November 1747.

vi   SARAH RINTOUL, b. 18 May 1753, baptised 29 May 1753.

vii  CHARLES RINTOUL, b. 3 April 1751, baptised 12 April 1751.  Witnesses Peter Rolland and Robert Rankine.

viii CHIRSTAN RINTOUL, baptised 28 December 1742.

ix   DAVID RINTOUL, b. 8 April 1757, baptised 26 April 1757; d. 24 October 1762, aged 5 years of a fever.

x    HELEN RINTOUL, b. 7 August 1755, baptised 12 August 1755.

xi   MARGARET RINTOUL, baptised 28 February 1744.  Witnesses Robert Rentoul and Peter Roland.

Note:  It is important to recognise that during this time the name appears to change from Rintoul to Rentoul.  It is likely that this change occured for Isabel only given the supporting documentation.  The certificates below, although likely, are yet to be confirmed.

Baptism Notice for William Rintoul 18 November 1711 (Rott Rintoul):  Here (extract below):

Marriage Certificate for William Rentoul and Ann Brown:  Here (extract below):

 The Proclamation for marriage of William Rentoul and Ann Brown was found to have been recorded in the old parochial registeres of Cleish:

'Proclamation William Rintoull (sic) in this and Anna Brown in the Parish of Beath gave up their names 12th July 1741'.

The marriage was then found to have been recorded in the old parochial registers of Beath:

'11th July 1741.  William Rintoul (sic) in the Parish of Cleish (sufficiently attested) gave up his name in order to be matrimoniallie proclaimed with Anne Brown in this Parish.  Andrew Henderson in Kelty cautioner for the man and Charles Brown her brother for the woman.  Gave to the Box one pound ten shillings and were married August 14th'.

The following entry was recorded in the old parochial registers of Cleish:

'18th November 1711 William Rintoull (sic) to Robert of Keltybrigg'.


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