b.  christened 16 December 1717 at St Mary's, Arlingham, Gloucestershire, England.

d.  27 May 1774 at Arlingham, Gloucestershire, England.  Buried 29 May 1773 in St Mary's.

Married ELIZABETH NORBURY on 17 June 1742 at Arlingham, Gloucestershire, England.

b.  c. 1716

d.  3 November 1789 in Arlingham, Gloucestershire, England.


Probate:  Gloucester 20 August 1774.  Will dated 28 August 1773, witnessed by John Merret, the mark X of William hall, and Thomas Davis. The Testator made his mark X.  Executors:  Elizabeth Longney, relict.  Legatees:  To daughter Mary, Cottage, Orchard, and part of the Garden at Pridend in Arlingham now in the occupation of John Sims; to wife Elizabeth two Cottages at Pridend; to sons John and Samuel cottages at Pridend after the death of his mother; to son Thomas house and garden at Arlingham after the death of his mother; to son Walter house and garden at Overton in Arlingham; to wife Elizabeth all household goods, chattels and personal estate, this to be shared equally between their children after her death.

Transcription from the cemetery:  "In memory of Walter Longney of this parish.  He died May 27th 1774, aged 56 yeres.  Elizabeth, his wife, who died.. 1789, aged 73 years.  [4 lines of verse] Also .. Longney, who died yrs. Sarah his wife, died May 7th 1817, aged 55 years".  St Mary, Arlingham.

(Courtesy of Chris Newall) 


i    MARY LONGNEY, b. christened 29 September 1742 at St Mary's, Arlingham, Gloucestershire, England; d.  c. 1819.  Married JOHN SIMS.

ii   THOMAS LONGNEY, b. christened 31 October 1744 at St Mary's, Arlingham, Gloucestershire, England; d. buried 8 December 1744 at St Mary's, Arlingham, Gloucstershire, England.

iii   JOHN LONGNEY, b. christened 30 November 1746 at St Mary's, Arlingham, Gloucestershire, England; d. 12 February 1797 at Arlingham, Gloucestershire.  Buried 19 February 1797 in St Mary's.  Married SARAH TEAKLE on 14 April 1772 at Eastington, Gloucestershire (?). d. 10 September 1782.

iv   WALTER LONGNEY, b.  christened 17 September 1748 at Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, England; d.  30 October 1825 at Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire, England.  Married SUSANNAH HALL on 26 November 1778 at Arlingham, Gloucestershire, England.

v    ANN LONGNEY, b. christened 16 September 1750 at Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, England.

vi   ANNE LONGNEY, b. christened 18 February 1753 at Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, England; b. 5 March 1754 at Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, England.

vii  THOMAS LONGNEY, b. christened 2 February 1754 in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, England.  Married SARAH HALL on 8 August 1782 at Arlingham, Gloucestershire, England. d. buried 12 May 1824 in St Mary's.

viii  SAMUEL LONGNEY, b. May 1757 at Arlingham, Gloucestershire; d. 22 May 1786 at Arlingham, Gloucestershire, England.  Cemetery Transcription:  "Sacred to the memory of Samuel, the son of Walter and Elizabeth Longney, of the Wick in this parish, who was unfortunately drowned [in the] River Severn Ma.. 26th 17.. Year of his age [several lines of verse'.  Frederick W, son of Daniel and Mary Ann Longey, died June 5th 1849, aged 15 years." [Listed as a monument of special architectural or historic interst].  St Mary Arlingham.  (Courtesy of Chris Newall) 


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