Painting of the WILLIAM BRYAN, New Plymouth, Taranaki


d.  before 1840. 

Married ANN COCK in St Teath, Cornwall on the 19 April 1819,

b. 1805 in England; Christening:

d.  New Zealand.


Marriage Certificate: Both JOHN and ANN signed with an 'x'.  James Higgans was a witness.


ANN married to ARTHUR DAWE on the 6 July 1841.  He also came to New Zealand on the William Bryan.  His age on the crossing has been given as 45, occupation:  Agricultural Labourer. 

Marriage Certificate with ARTHUR DAWE: Ref: 1841/2.

Children of JOHN PHILLIPS and ANN COCK are:

i    ANN PHILLIPS,  b. 1823, Saint Kew, Cornwall, England; d. 02 May 1867, Inglewood.  Married JOHN JAMES CLIMO on the 14 January 1841 aboard the William Bryan.

ii   MARY PHILLIPS,  baptised 3 January 1831.

iii  JOHN PHILLIPS, b. 1832

iv  RICHARD PHILLIPS, baptised 6 May 1825


vi  JANE PHILLIPS, baptised 6 May 1825, Saint Kew, Cornwall, England; d. 01 Jul 1884, Inglewood.  Married JAMES CLIMO on the 30 October 1840 in Stoke, Damerel, Devon, England.

vii ANN PHILLIPS, b. 1824; d. 1867; m. JOHN JAMES, 14 Jan 1841, Aboard 'William Bryan' on route to New Zealand;

viii EMMA PHILLIPS, b. 1826, baptised 3 January 1831, Saint Kew, Cornwall, England (Christened:  3 January 1831, Saint Kew, Cornwall); d. 14 Dec 1908, Havelock North.

ARTHUR DAWE, in the '31 January 1846 Po(lice) Mag(istrate) New Plymouth - A list of Houses, Cottages and Warres in Settlement of New Plymouth with the names of Proprietors and Owners', is named as owning and occupying one cottage.  No other occupiers are named.

ANN PHILLIPS came out on the "William Bryan".  The passenger list indicates that there were 4 individuals in the family that came out:  Ann (36, widow),  John (8), Mary (7), Emma (6).  Another 2 'Phillips': Ann (Junior, 17), Richard (15).

Ship – 312 tons
Captain – Alexander McLean
Surgeon – Henry Weeks

Sailed from Plymouth, England on the 19th November 1840 and arrived at New Plymouth, New Zealand on the 30th March 1841.

The William Bryan was the first of the New Zealand (Plymouth) Companys ships to arrive at the settlement of New Plymouth. This Pioneer vessel left Plymouth Sound, England on the 19th of November 1840 and anchored in Cloudy Bay, Cooks Strait on the 19th March 1841. From there Mr Cutfield, who was in charge of the expedition, hired a cutter to take him to Wellington where he visited Colonel Wakefield. At his request, Mr Cutter was given a pilot to guide them to the Taranaki settlement. After receiving orders to make ready to proceed to Taranaki on the 25th March the William Bryan set sail three days later on the 28th March and arrived on the 30th March. Mr Barret had arranged for the building of houses to accommodate the new arrivals and they commenced, almost immediately, to move their belongings to the site of the new town of New Plymouth, New Zealand. 

 Please go here for a diary of JANE and JOHN CLIMOs' adventures in New Zealand.

 "There is no indication why the children were baptised together, your dates of birth would indicate that they were not twins but on occasions families would have children baptised together for a variety of reasons, one being that it was simply less expensive, another perhaps they were not regular Church folk or sometimes they simply forgot or had no inclination to have them baptised as infants as was the normal practice.  On both entries, John's occupation is given as Labourer ad the place of abode as Treworthern.  Looking at a modern map of this area there is a small collection of houses known as Trewethern, about a mile west of St Kew village which is probably one and the same location."

"Unfortunately there are no clues of this certificate (JOHN PHILLIPS and ANN COCK) to their own family.  Neither of the marriage witnesses appeaeres to be a direct family member and as a result of this and a lack of detail on their age, finding their baptisms has run into immediate problems of duplicated names.  It is also believed that John died before the family left for New Zealand in 1841 but here again a search of the local parish registers has failed to find a burial entry which can be attributed to him"

Cornwall Family Finders, March 2007

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