b. 8 November 1789 in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England.

d. 7 June 1862 in Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, England.

1.  Married SARAH JONES (parents WILLIAM JONES and SARAH) on 6 May 1819 in Newnham, Gloucestershire, England.  William Jones and Sophia Taylor were witnesses.

d.  2 November 1817

2.  Married NANCY LONGNEY (parents WILLIAM LONGNEY and MARY SMITH) on the 10 January 1828 Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, England.

b. christened 19 February 1806 in Longney, Gloucestershire, England

d. 8 May 1893 in Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, England. Buried Longney Churchyard, Gloucestershire.


1832 Land Tax Records:

Proprietor: Mrs Cumberland; Occupier: Saml. Brown & Fowler; Property:  House, Garden & Land; sum: 18s.5d.  Proprietor: Mrs Cumberland; Occupier: Thos. Fowler; Property; Land; Sum: £4.15s.5d.  Proprietor:  Wm. Holbrow; Occupiere: Thomas Fowler; Property: Land; Sum: £24.7s.9d.  Proprietor:  Thomas Fowler;  Occupier: Thomas Fowler; Property:  House, Garden & Land; Sum: £0.7s.0d.  Birth Certificate:  Thomas son of Nathael and Elizabeth Folwer baptised.

1.  Marriage Certificate:  Both THOMAS and SARAH were aged 21 years upwards.   THOMAS was a farmer from Leonard Stanley.

2.  Marriage Certificate: William Longney and Sarah Smith were the witnesses.

Death Certificate:  THOMAS was 73 when he died of apoplexy, one hour (3 attacks).  Thomas Fowler was in attendance as the informant.  His occupation had been a farmer.

Occupation:  Yeoman FArmer: Church FArm and Brockley Orchard.

Will:  Thomas Fowler of Leonard Stanley:  To his wife Nancy for her life or widowhood all that piece or parcel of land called Brockley Orchard in Leonard Stanley and currently being lived in by Thomas and it was given to him by his father.  Upon her death, or her marriage, the same was to be given to his eldest son Thomas Nathaniel Fowler.  To his nephew Anthony Weight, baker, and friend James Webster, Yeoman, three 'mefouages'(?) and gardens at Leonard Stanley that were in the occupation of George Gainex and John French and purchased by him from Sarah Partridge.  It reads that they are the trustees of this and during Nancy's life time were to pay her any incomes (assuming that she didn't remarry).  This was to help with the raising of any younger children.  Upon her death, or remarriage, the monies was to go to his ten younger children.  The trustees could continue to rent the farm they now occupied, and permit Nancy to 'occupy the same during her life or widowhood for the benefit of herself and my younger children during their respective minorities and have the use and enjoyment of my household goods and furniture, growing crops, agricultural produce, farming stock and implements of husbandry of all which I desire and inventory and valuation may be taken at my decease and signed by my wife who shall keep my said goods and furniture and implements of husbandry in good order and condition and keep the like amount or value of growing crops, agricultural produce and farming stock as at my decease and I give the sum of seventy pounds to my daughter Elizabeth if she shall be living at my decease and shall claim the same from my Executrix and Executors within two years next after my decease and give as receipts to them for the same which shall be the only sufficient discharge otherwise the same shall sink into and be regarded as part of my general personal estate and be subject to the dispositions herein before made concerning my personal estate.  And I give the sum of nineteen guineas to my daughter Eliza Ann and the sun of twenty pounds to my grand children Joseph Whittard and Thomas Whittard equally.  And I apoint my said wife during her widowhood and my said Trustees Executrix and Executors of this my will.  And I direct and declare that my said trustees shall not be answerable or accountable otherwise than each for his own acts receipts neglects and defaults and that they shall and may out of any monies which shall come to their hands by virtue of this my will defray and retain to and reinburse themselves and each other all such costs, charges and expenses as they shall incur pay or sustain in or about the execution of the trusts hereby reposed in them.  Note:  A copy of the will if available upon request.


Birth Certificate:  Nancey daughter of William and Mary Longney baptised.

Death Certificate:  Nancy was 87 years old when she died, and was the widow of Thomas Fowler, a farmer.  She died of senile decay, and Gilbert Fowler, son, was in attendance at Church Farm, Leonard Stanley when she died.



i   ELIZABETH FOWLER, b. 3 December 1819.

ii  SARAH JONES FOWLER, b. 14 January 1821; christened on 20 January 1821 in The Day Her Mother Died.


i     WILLIAM LONGNEY FOWLER, b. 5 December 1830 in Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, England; d.  7 November 1845 at Longney, Gloucestershire, England.  Married ELIZA THOMAS on the 8 July 1851 in The Parish of Saint Mary de Crypt in the County of Gloucester, England.

ii    THOMAS NATHANIEL FOWLER, b. 10 November 1829 in Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire; christened 6 December; d. 28 November 1895 in Brokley Ho8use; buried in St Swithins, Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, England.  Memorial Inscription for him in St. Swithin's Churchyard:   "Thomas Nathaniel Fowler of Brockley House, Leonard Stanley, 28 November 1895.  65 years of age."

iii   ELIZABETH ANN FOWLER, b. 27 September 1828 in Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, England; christened 26 October 1828; d. 1903.

iv    MARY FOWLER, b. 3 May 1832 in Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, England; christened 22 July 1832.

v    HARRIETT FOWLER, b. 2 September 1833 in Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, England; christened 29 September 1833.

vi   ELLEN FOWLER, b. 23 January 1835 at Church FArm, Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, England; christened on 10 May 1835; d. 20 August 1880.  Buried in Blk 01, plot 159, Whakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson.

vii  FANNY FOWLER, b. 28 July 1836 in Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, England; d. 22 November 1921.

viii EDWARD FOWLER, b. 7 September 1837 in Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, England; christened 25 December 1837; d. 10 April 1916 in Lancewood FArm, Spring Grove (NZ); buried in Spring Grove Cemetery (Moutere-Waimea Ward).


ix   EMILY (EMMA) FOWLER, b. 27 August 1839 in Leonard STtnley, Gloucestershire, England; christened 1 September 1839; d. 29 January 1893 in Borough Farm; buried in St Bartholomew, Coaley, Gloucestershire, England.

x    NATHANIEL FOWLER, b. 30 March 1842 in Church Farm, Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, England; christened 30 May 1842; d. 3 October 1895 in Manaia; b. 5 October 1895 in Manaia Cemetery.

xi   SARAH JONES FOWLER, b. 29 September 1844 in Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, England; christened 24 Novembewr 1844.  Married JOHN WILLIAM ATKINS.

xii  LUCY AMELIA FOWLER, b. 2 July 1846 in Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, England;  christened 30 August 1846; d. before 1890 in Coaley.


xiii FREDERICK GILBERT FOWLER, b. b. 22 May 1849 in Church Farm, Leonard STanley; christened on 22 July 1849; d. Canada. 

xiv  NANCY HANNAH FOWLER, b. 16 July 1852 in Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire, England; christened on 29 August 1852.



1841:  Link

Main Street, Stroud, Leonard Stanley.  Thomas Fowler, 45, Yeoman; Nancy Fowler, 30; Ann Fowler, 12; Thomas Fowler, 10; William Fowler, 9; Mary Fowler, 7; Harriett Fowler, 6; Ellen Fowler, 5; Fanny Fowler, 4; Edward Fowler, 3; Emmaley Fowler, 1; Betty Fowler, 75.

1851:  Link

Thomas Fowler, head, married, 51, Famer 120 acres, 3 labourers, born Stonehouse; Nancy Fowler wife, 44, born Longney (all children born in Leonard Stanley); William Fowler, son, unmarried, 20, Farmers Son; Thomas Fowler, son, unmarried, 21; Mary Fowler, daughter, unmarried, 8, farmers daughter; Emma Fowler, daughter, unmarried, 11, farmers daughter; Nathaniel Fowler, son, 10, farmers son; Sarah Fowler, daughter, 6, farmers daughter; Lucy Fowler, daughter, 5, farmers daughter; Gilbert Fowler, son, 2, farmers son; John Elliot, servant, 17, House servant; Ellen Fowler, daughter, 16, farrmers daughter; Fanny Fowler, daughter, 15, farmers daughter; Edward Fowler, son, 14, farmers son.

1861:  Link

Near the Church.  Thomas Fowler, head, 71, farmer, 200 acres employing 4 men; Nancy Fowler, wife, 56; Thomas Fowler, son, unmarried, 30, farmers son; Fanny Fowler, daughter, unmarried, 25, no occupation; Emily Fowler, unmarried, 22, no occupation; Nathaniel Fowler, son, unmarried, 18, no occupation.

Note:  Frederick Fowler was found at school with a William Longney for this census.  Link

1871:  Link

Church Farm.  Nancy Fowler, head, widow, 65, 120 acres, employing 3 men and 2 boys; Sarah Atkins, daughter, widow, 26; Lucy A Fowler, daughter, unmarried, 24; Frederick G Fowler, son, unmarried, 21; Harriet L Atkins, grandaughter, 4, scholar; Arthur E Atkins, grandson, 2.

1881:  Link

Frederick G Fowler, head, married, 32, farmer 140 acres employing 2 labourers and 1 boy; Emma Fowler, wife, married, 28; William G Fowler, son, 4 scholar; Thomas Fowler, son, 3 scholar; Kate Fowler, daugther, 2; Lucy E Fowler, daughter, 1; Gilbert G Fowler, son, 4 months; Nancy Fowler, mother, widow, 75, annuitant; Sarah Hackling, servant, unmarried, 18, general servant.

1891: Link

Frederick G Fowler, head, married, 41, farmer, employer; Emma Fowler, wife, married, 38; William G Fowler, son, unmarried, 15; Kate Fowler, daughter, 13; Lucy Emma Fowler, daughter, 11; Gilbert G Fowler, son, 10; Edward R Fowler, son, 9, Stanley Fowler, son, 5 months; Nancy Fowler, mother, widow, 85, living on her own means; Anna E Baka, servant, 17, domestic servant.

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