JOSEPH WOOD and LUCY WITNEY 3 February 1906

Ted, Harold, Fred (from Joseph's first marriage), Alice, Ernest

Mabel, Joseph, Lucy, Amy



b. 23 October 1837 Sevenoaks, Kent, England;

d. 24 September 1924, Nelson (Halifax Street);

1.  Married ELIZABETH JENNENS (parents CHARLES JENNENS and SARAH ANN BLOOMER) on the 26 August 1865 in the Residence of Charles Jennens, Grove Street, Nelson.

b. 21 May 1845 in Nelson;

d. 20 August 1873 in Nelson (Halifax Street), Ref - 1873/674.

2.  JOSEPH then married LUCY WITNEY (parents GEORGE WITNEY and LUCY ELLIS) on the 14 April 1874, in the Residence of George Witney, Vanguard Street North, Nelson.

b. 1 April 1845, Marylebone, London; 

d. 30 December 1924 in Nelson (Halifax Street),


He arrived in New Zealand on the ship Mariner, 683, Frazer (please find newspaper article below) on April 23 1859 from London.

Birth Certificate:  JOSEPH was baptised 3 December 1837 in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Marriage Certificate (1):  Ref - 1865/901.  ELIZABETH's father was listed as a 'Labourer'.  JOESPH was of full age, a warehouseman, whilst ELIZABETH was 20.  The marriage was witnessed by Lucy Witney, Emma Jennens and Thomas Wood, shoe-maker (all of Nelson).

Marriage Certificate (2):  Ref - 1874/673.  They were both of 'full' age, and JOSEPH was a Warehouseman.  JOSEPH was a widow, LUCY was a Spinster.  The marriage was witnessed by Mary Witney and George Witney (both of Vanguard Street, George was a labourer).

Death Certificate:  Ref - 1924/2481.  Occupation: Master Grocer (J Wood & Sons).  Cause of Death:  Senile Decay and chronic nephritis.  Childrens ages when died:  1st Marriage:  M - 55, 51, F - 53;  2nd Marriage: M - 48, 46, 44, F - 42, 40.    THOMAS WOODs' occupation was listed as 'Bootmaker'.  He was 87 when he died.

He is buried in Wakapuaka Cemetery (Nelson).  Cemetery Block: 02, Plot #1 009.  Date of Interment: 26 September 1924.  Reference: WKBP02009_D.  Same plot as: Charles (Ref: WKBP02009), Leonard Norman (Ref: WKBP02009_C), Lucy Amy (Ref: WKBP02009_B), Mabel (Ref: WKBP02009_F). 

Obituary 25 September 1924:  "A much respected resident of over 68 years' standing, Mr Joseph Wood, of Halifax Street passed away yesterday in his 87th year.  Deceased arrived in Nelson with his parents in the ship Mariner in 1856, having been born at Seven Oaks, Kent, and with the exception of a short period on the West Coast during the gold rush, has resided in the Nelson district ever since.  For 18 years the late Mr Wood was in the employ of N. Edwards and Co, continuing for another 20 years with the present firm of J. H. Cook and Co.  On April 16th last the late Mr and Mrs Wood celebrated their golden wedding having been married in 1874 by Rev. W. M. Biss.  Deceased was one of the first members of the Nelson Institute, continuing to be a member up to the time of his death.  A widow and a grown up family of two daughters and five sons survive.  The daughters are Mrs T. Vercoe, of Nelson, and Mrs E H Greager of Wanganui; and the sons are Messrs A J Wood (Blenheim), F Wood (Westport), and R G, E A and H Wood, of Nelson.  There are also 28 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren."

"WOOD: On September 24th, 1924, at his residence, Halifax Street, Joseph Wood; in his 87th year."

Funeral Notice 25 September 1924:  "The Funeral of the late Joseph Wood will leave his late residence, Halifax street East, TO-MORROW (Friday) at 2 pm for the Nelson Cemetery.  Alfred Shon, Undertaker and Embalmer."


She buried in the same plot as her husband.  Date of Interment: 24 August 1873.  Undertaker given as Wood.  Reference:  WKBP02009_A. 

23 August 1823 Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle


Birth Certificate:  Address was given as 9 James Street for the birth.  GEORGEs' ocupation was given as a porter.

Death Certificate: Ref - 1925/582.  Cause of Death:  Paralysis agitaus, exhaustion.  Childrens ages when died: M - 48, 46, 44, F - 42, 40.  She was 28 when she married Joseph.  She was 79 when she died.  Her fathers occupation was listed as a gardner.  She was born in England, and had lived in New Zealand for 74 years.

Obituary 30 December 1924:  WOOD:  On December 30th, 1924, at her residence, Halifax street, Lucy relict of the late Joseph Wood, in her 80th year.

Funeral Notice 30 December 1924:  The friends of the late Lucy Wood are informed that her funeral will leave her late residence, Halifax street, The Wood, on THURSDAY Morning at 9 o'clock for the Nelson Cemetery.  Alfred Shon, Undertaker and Embalmer.

Headstone Transcription: "In loving memory of JOSEPH WOOD passed away 24th Sept. 1924 aged 87 years. Also of his wife LUCY, passed away 30th Dec. 1924, aged 80 years."  Note:  Buried with Thomas & Sarah Wood (Joseph's parents), and Mabel Wood, their daughter.

She is buried in the same plot as her husband.  Date of Interment:  1 January 1925.  Reference: WKBP02009_E.


i   CHARLES THOMAS WOOD, b. August 1866, Nelson (Ref - 1866/417); d. 13 February 1870, Nelson (Ref - 1870/100).  Died at 3 years, 5 months, Nelson Evening Mail.


ii  ALBERT JOSEPH WOOD, b. 23 April 1869, Nelson (Ref - 1869/626); d. 2 December 1937, Nelson (Ref - 1937/4046).

iii SARAH ALICE WOOD, b. 6 January 1871, Nelson (Ref - 1871/651); d. 29 August 1959, Nelson (Ref - 1959/3750).  Married ARTHUR THOMAS PHILIP VERCOE on the 25 February 1889 (Ref - 1889/442) at the Residence of J. Wood, Nelson).

iv  FREDERICK WOOD, b. 3 January 1873, Nelson (Ref - 1873/184); d. 5 January 1946, Westport (Ref - 1946/723 Buller).  Occupation:  Tailor/Drycleaner.  Married FRANCES ELIZABETH BOYCE on 27 October 1892 in Nelson (Ref - 1892/3465).

iii ALICE WOOD  (?)

iv JOE WOOD (?)



i     LUCY AMY WOOD, b. 19 April 1875, (Ref - 1875/713); d. 9 December 1877 (Ref: 1877/1291), Nelson, New Zealand.    Died 2 years 8 months old of croup.  (Ref: Nelson Evening Mail)

ii    EDWARD GEORGE (TED) WOOD, b. 2 April 1876, (Ref - 1876/1309), d. 9 April 1956 (Ref - 1956/2001), Nelson, New Zealand.   Married MARY JESSIE IRENE MAY HILL, 17 October 1906 (Ref - 1906/6654).   Occupation:  Grocer.

Marriage Portrait of Edward and Mary

iii   ERNEST ALFRED WOOD, b. 19 April 1878, Nelson, New Zealand (Ref - 1878/1401); d. 17 November 1955 (Ref - 1955/5362), Nelson (Public Hospital), New Zealand.  Married BEATRICE BLACK on 06 February 1907 in Nelson (Ref - 1907/1893).  Occupation: Grocer.

iv   HAROLD WOOD, b. 13 March 1880, Nelson (Ref - 1880/1526); d. 29 January 1935, Nelson (Ref - 1935/626).  Married OLIVE ALBERTA CHILD on 27 May 1903 in Nelson, Ref - 1903/2484.  Occupation: Painter/Paperhanger.

v   MABEL WOOD, b. 28 March 1882, Nelson (Ref - 1882/1504); d. 2 December 1951 (Ref - 1951/4877), Nelson, New Zealand.

Headstone Transcription: "Also their daughter MABEL WOOD passed away 2nd Dec. 1951 aged 69 years".

vi  AMY WOOD, b. 3 November 1883, Nelson (Ref - 1883/3872); d. 6 June 1950, Wanganui (Ref - 1950/1873).  Married EDMUND HAROLD GREAGER on 28 April 1909 in Nelson.

vii LEONARD NORMAN WOOD, b. 12 January 1887, Nelson (Ref - 1887/559); d. 15 June 1888, Nelson (Ref - 1888/773).

Her great neice remembers: "Mabel never married.  Continued to live on at the Wood home in Halifax Street.  As she aged furniture was moved downstairs from upstairs and she took in a companion.

It was said she was a bit of an 'alkie' - chemists were warned not to sell her 'Baxters Lung Preserver' (high alcholic content).  As her eysight decreased her clothes became very spotty.  We would visit her with Mum.  Front gate covered with vine.  Front door had coloured glass which gave multi-hued views - the piano had sconces for candles and a twirly stool.  An old, dark scullery with a curtain below the bench.  A mossy, dank back garden with rambling 'Kiwi fruit' vine."

Joseph Wood & Son's Store

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 Undated Photo of Joseph and Lucy Wood

The family home 82 Halifax Street, Nelson, New Zealand



 Immigration announcement (Nelson Examiner, 27 April 1859)


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