b. c. 1837 in Chilsworthy, Devon.

d. 1 April 1893 in Hawera.

1.  Married ELIZABETH YEO (parents PHILIP YEO and GRACE) on 16 June 1853 in the Parish Church in Wellcombe, Devon, England.

d. 3 May 1858 in Bideford, Devon.

2.  Married ELIZABETH PETHICK (RICHARD PETHICK and ELIZABETH PETHICK) 20 June 1861 in Marhamchurch, Cornwall.

b. 25 July 1831 in Maramchurch, Cornwall, England.

d. 5 June 1880 in Hawera.

 3.  Married ALICE ANN PARRY on 1 August 1887 in Wellington. 



Marriage Certificate: (1) JOHN was 28 and ELIZABETH 26 when they marrried.  JOHN had been born in Poundstokc, and ELIZABETH in Wellcombe.  JOHN's father was WILLIAM COLE, a farmer, and ELIZABETH's father was PHILIP YEO, a farmer.  Philip Warmington and Grace Yeo signed the register.

Marriage Certificate:  (2) JOHN and ELIZABETH were both of full age when they were married.  JOHN was a widower, and a farmer living in Poundstock, ELIZABETH was a spinster living in Marhamchurch.  Both of the fathers were Farmers.

Marriage Certificate:  (3) Ref - 1887/2020.  JOHN was 50 and a settler, and ALICE was 34 when they married.  JOHN was a widower born in Devon, whose wife had died 5 June 1880.  His father was WILLIAM COLE (a farmer) and his mother was GRACE COLE (nee TAYLOR).  ALICE's parents were JOSEPH PARRY (a Comission Agent), and his mother was ANN PARRY.    There is obvioiusly an error on the marriage certificate as he was 66 when he married ALICE.

Death Certificate:  JOHN's occupation was a settler and he was 72 when he died of asthemia hemiphlazia.  He had been in New Zealand for 16 years when he died.  His father's occupation was also a settler.    He was married to ELIZABETH PETHICK in Chilsworthy, Devonshire, England when he was 30,  and then again to Alice Ann Parry in Wellington when he was 66.  He left 4 children, M - 26, 25 and F - 28, 21.  This conflicts with his second marriage certificate which has him as 50 years of age?  Both of these ages conflict with his age for Immigration - 50 in 1876.

Cemetery Transcript:  "Row 20, left to right, number 64.  Sacred to the memory of John COLE who departed this life 1 April 1893, a. 72 yrs.  Also Elizabeth his dearly beloved wife who departed this life June 1880."


Death Certificate:  She was 30 when she died of chronic inflamation of the brain.  Philip Yeo was the signature on the death certificate.  She died in Bideford, Hartland, Devon.


Death Certificate: Cause of death was an affection of the brain.  She was 50 years old when she died, and had been in New Zealand for 5 years.  She was married in Maramchurch to JOHN COLE when she was 32 and had 3 girls and 2 boys living when she died.  The occupation of her father was a farmer.  Her parents last name as 'Pethic', and RICHARD's profession was a farmer.

Children of JOHN COLE and ELIZABETH YEO are:

i  WILLIAM COLE, b. c. 1856 in Poundstock, Cornwall, England.

ii JOHN COLE, b. c. 1857 in Poundstock, Cornwall, England.



i   ELIZABETH GRACE COLE, b. 23 January 1862 in Poundstock, Cornwall, England; d. 25 May 1958, Public Hospital, Nelson.  Married ARTHUR RUTLAND on the 4 September 1900 in Wanganui. 

ii  MARY COLE, b. c. 1864 in Poundstock, Cornwall, England.

iii RICHARD COLE, b. c. 1867 in Poundstock, Cornwall, England; d. 5 October 1940, Ref - 1940/3955.  There appears to be an error on his death certificate as it lists his mothers maiden name as 'Wise' the same as his wifes maiden name.  He was 73 when he died of senile myocarditis.  He was born in North Heards, Poundstock, England and had been in New Zealand for 64 years.  He married Jessie Wise when he was 29 in Fielding.

iv THOMAS COLE, b. c. 1867 in Poundstock, Cornwall, England.

v  SARAH J COLE, b. c. 1871 in Poundstock, Cornwall, England.


The 1871 Census: (Link)

Poundstock; John Cole, Head, 45, Agricultural Labourer, born in Devon/Holsworthing; Elizabeth Cole, wife, 40, born in Cornwall; Elizabeth, daughter, 9, born in Poundstock; Richard, son, 4, born in Poundstock; Thomas, son, 2, born in Poundstock.  (Note:  Mary was living with her grandparents next door at the time).


The Cole family came out to New Zealand with on the Waimea.  It left London on the 2nd July 1876, and arrived in Wellington on the 4th of October 1876.

Cole John    50    Cornwall, Farmer; Elizabeth     45; Elizabeth     15     Trans to s/w; Mary           12     Trans to s/w; Richard       10; Thomas        9; Sarah J         5.

Some of the passengers on this ship were destined for the Manchester Block, Manawatu.  These are the immigrants of the Colonist Aid Corporation.


The Evening Post 4th October 1876

The New Zealand Shipping Company's ship waimea arrived in harbor shortly after noon to-day, 93 days from London. She is one of the cleanest immigrant ships that ever come into Wellington. Dr W. W. Dunkley is surgeon-superintendent. Her report is as follows:


Left London 2nd July, cleared the Channel on the 8th, and had moderate winds until the N. E. trades were taken. In 10 deg.north the N. E. trades were lost, then moderate variable winds until crossing the Equator, in 27.20 west. The S. e. trades were moderate and lost them in 26.50 south and 30 west, and from thence to the Cape of Good Hope moderate winds. the casting was run down in 46.47 south, where she encountered two heavy gales, and thence to sighting Cape Farewell on last Saturday moderate winds were experienced, and with S. W. winds came through the Strait arriving off the heads yesterday evening. Three deaths of children under two years of age, and one birth, occurred during the voyage. No accident or sickness is reported. Spoke to the ship Mataura, bound for Port Chalmers, in 8 N., all well, in company with the Agnes Rose for Sydney. The captain's wife was sick; sent surgeon on board, and hung by her for five days. On leaving she was progressing favourably.


The Waimea has on board 290 immigrants, equal to 240 statute adults, of these 70 1/2 are nominated and 57 1/2 selected by the Immigrant and Colonist Aid Corporation and intended for the Fielding settlement."


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