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Fundamentals of Business Administration

The course of "Fundamentals of Business Administration" is part of the Bachelor Degrees of Business Administration


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 Course description 

The main objective of this course (the WHY) is to introduce the students into the field of business giving an easy and complete framework on the life condition and the existence manifestations of all types of economic entities (for profit and non-for-profit), even if the main focus will be on the so called for-profit economic entities (i.e. business entities). Moreover this course wants to put theory into practice and stimulate the cooperation among students and among students and professor. At the end of this course students should be able to establish a successful business, contributing to the common good of the society.

In particular, the main sub-objectives of the course are as follows: 
  1. Familiarize with the language of business; 
  2. Know and understand the concepts of the administration of a business, the characteristics of management processes (strategy and planning, organizational structure, human resource management, decision making, monitoring and reporting, etc..) and management functions (Marketing, Operations, Human Resource function, Finance and Accounting Function). 
  3. Understand the organizations' existence, what is their role in society, what are their responsibilities and how and for whom they create value; 
  4. Know the differences between a small business (e.g. a small family firm) and a big business conducted by multinational corporations all around the world (e.g. Apple, Coca Cola, Facebook, Google); 
  5. Be able to apply knowledge and to draw original conclusions (critical thinking), by using management tools and techniques and by making judgments about the cost-effectiveness of management; 
  6. Improve their communication skills, using an appropriate language during the presentation of management issues; 
  7. Enhance their learning ability as well as time management capacity, with the analysis of real situations and case studies. 
  8. Give a complete framework for the other courses on business (e.g. management and organization; business strategies; financial accounting; business law; marketing) 

To do the exam (or only to register your final mark) you must register on both: 1) Delphy; 2) the following form 
The time for the registration will expire 1st February at 5 pm

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The project work must be sent within ten days of the exam (e.g. for those who will register on 12th of January, within 2nd of January)