Dmytro Drozdovskyi (T. Shevchenko's Institute of Literature, Kyiv) contributes a version which is identical in two sources, with comments below:

Iryna Steshenko's version (1986) is at and in В. Шекспір (W. Shakespeare). Твори в шести томах (Works in Six Volumes): Том 5 (Vol. 5). - К. (Kyiv): Дніпро (Dnipro Publishing), 1986. - 696 p. - P.: 119-234.

Мій синьйоре,

Якщо чеснота світла і прекрасна --

Не чорний ваш відважний зять, а красень.

Dear Seniour,

If virtue is light and beautiful* --

Then not black is your courageous son-in-law but a handsome [with light skin] man**

* The couplet has a rhyme 'прекрасна / красень' which is not absolutely identical (similar word endings sound alike but not the same).

** The word 'красень' means a handsome man but in the second negative part of the sentence it also means 'a handsome man with a light skin' because we have a contradiction in the pair 'black courageous son-in-law' and 'красень.' So the son-in-law is a beautiful guy with light skin.