Versions in two Russian dialects created (ad hic) by Victor Shapoval

Romani (North Russian dialect)


Коли патыв сы куч, мэк калэ моса,                    Koli patyv sy kuč, mek kale mosa,

О джямутро тыро шукар сы дёса.                     O džamutro tyro šukar sy djosa.


When virtue (honour) is valued, though with a black face,

The son-in-law of yours is beautiful in his soul.


Romani (Russian Kelderarya dialect)


Сар э патив сы куч, ле кале моса,                      Sar e pativ sy kuč, le kale mosa,

Тё жямутро шукар сы ви одёса.                         Tjo žamutro šukar sy vi odjosa.


As virtue (honour) is valued, with a black face,

Your son-in-law is equally beautiful in his soul.