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  • Cheesman, Tom, "Diversity in Cultural Representations: Comedy and Othello", Working Papers of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity: Working Papers WP 09-13 (August 2009).

  • Cheesman, Tom, "Shakespeare and Othello in Filthy Hell: Zaimoglu and Senkel's Politico-Religious Tradaptation", Forum for Modern Language Studies (2010) 46/2: 207-220.

  • Cheesman, Tom, "Visualizing Variation in a Re-Translation Corpus: Case Study: William Shakespeare's Othello, The Moor of Venice" (presentation to Robert S. Laramee's Visible Lunch forum, February 2011).

  • Cheesman, Tom, " '… nicht dunkel, sondern Gold!' On Un/Re/Translatability". Presentation at Un/Translatables: Across Germanic Languages and Cultures: conference at the University of Pennsylvania (USA), April 7 - 9, 2011. PPT attached below.

  • Cheesman, Tom, and the VVV team: 'Visualizing Variation in a Shakespeare Re-Translation Corpus', paper presented at Shakespeare's Shipwrecks (DSG/ESRA, Weimar, April-May 2011). PDF attached below.

  • Cheesman, Tom, "Thirty Times More Fair Than Black: Shakespeare Retranslation as Political Restatement", Angermion 4, 2011. Pdf attached below

  • Cheesman, Tom, "‘Far More Fair Than Black’: Mutations of a Difficult Moment", forthcoming in Cambridge World Shakespeare Encyclopedia / Cambridge World Shakespeare Online (2012)

  • Cheesman, Tom, and the VVV team (2011): DRAFT OF 'Translation Sorting: Eddy and Viv in Translation Arrays'. PDF attached below: 'Eddy_and_Viv'. Chapter under consideration for Un/Translatables (edited by Bethany Wiggin).

  • Cheesman, Tom, "Towards a Translation Array: Digitally Exploring [Clouds] Crowds of Translations" - seminar paper, delivered on 6 March 2012 to Swansea University's Languages, Translation and Media Research Seminar. Sound file online and Powerpoint slides online.

  • Geng, Zhao, Robert S.Laramee, Tom Cheesman, Andrew Rothwell, David M. Berry, and Alison Ehrmann, "Visualizing Translation Variation of Othello: A Survey of Text Visualization and Analysis Tools", Refereed Abstract at the 3rd International Symposium for Humanities and Technology, InterFace 2011, University College London, UK, 27-29 July 2011, forthcoming.

  • Geng, Zhao, Robert S.Laramee, Tom Cheesman, Alison Ehrmann, David M. Berry, "Visualizing Translation Variation: Shakespeare’s Othello", paper and associated video at ISVC11 (7th International Symposium on Visual Computing), Las Vegas, Sept 26-28 2011.

  • Pursglove, Glyn, "Some Observations on the Uses of Rhetoric in a Couplet from Othello", www.delightedbeauty.org / Outputs / Pursglove on Rhetoric (posted August 2011).

  • Wilson, Max L., Zhao Geng, Robert S. Laramee, Tom Cheesman, Andrew Rothwell, David M. Berry, Alison Ehrmann, "Studying Variations in Culture and Literature: Visualizing Translation Variations in Shakespeare's Othello", Poster paper at the ACM Web Science 2011 Conference (ACM WebSci '11), Koblenz, Germany, 14-17 June 2011 : Poster and Paper attached below.