Two contributions (to our form) by author-translator Niels Brunse:

1. trans. Edvard Lembcke (1815-97) (1860s?, edition of 1910):

Ædle Herre,

saasandt som Manddom i sig selv er skøn,

er mere skøn end sort Jer Svigersøn.

Noble Lord,

since manhood in itself is beautiful,

is more beautiful than black your son-in-law.

2. trans. Valdemar Østerberg (1865-1945) (1927, modernised edition 1958):

Véd I hvad, signor:

Hvis manddom i sig selv kan sjælen hue,

da er Jer måg mer favr end sort at skue.

Do you know what, signor:

If manhood in itself can delight the soul,

then is your son-in-law more fair than black to look upon.

Niels adds, in an email: 'as for Østerberg's "favr", it's an archaic way of writing "fager" (in itself a very dated word in Danish, meaning "beautiful" or "handsome") - as the spelling suggests, it is ultimately related to English "fair".'