Othello was translated into Kiswahili in 2009 by Dr Patrick Iribe Mwangi, University of Nairobi, with Ayub Mukwhana: “Othelo: Tanzia ya Mtu Mweusi
Dr Iribe tells me: "I can see the justification in requesting the Duke's last couplet; it gave me quite some problems too!" 
The translation was published in 2012 by Oxford University Press East Africa. (TC)

Maliki: Na iwe hivyo. 
Alamsiki. [Kwa Brabantio] Na, Mheshimiwa
Endapo urembo utakosa maadili na furaha
Mkazamwanao ni bora kuliko weusi wake.    

Duke: So be it.
Goodnight [To Brabentio] And, your Excellency   
If beauty lacks virtue and joy (delight)
Your son in law is much better than his black complexion.