1-3 October 2015

Presentation at Prismatic Translation conference, Oxford. Slides attached below

3-8 August 2104

Presentation at Shakespeare Institute biennial international conference, Stratford on Avon: 'Shakespeare, Origins and Originality'. Publication in Shakespeare Survey 68 (2015)

11 September 2012 - public event

We present the prototype Translation Array (Othello, 1.3, x 32 German versions) at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (Education), 14.00-17.30

Open to all. No charge. Demonstration, hands-on sessions, Q&A, discussion.

19 July 2012 - conference presentation

DH2012 - Hamburg - a 'long paper' at 15.00-15.30

16 May 2011 -

Workshop in Swansea

28 April - 1 May 2011 Seminar at Shakespeare's Shipwrecks: Spring conference of the Deutsche Shakespeare-Gesellschaft with the European Shakespeare Research Association, Weimar (Germany).

Seminar on 'The Aesthetics and Politics of Shakespeare (Re)Translation', convened by Tom Cheesman and Matthias Zach.

For abstracts, see the attachment below.

  • Reinhard Babel (Munich): Trauma und Translation. Die Aufgabe des Übersetzers als historisch-literarischer Imperativ in Heiner Müllers Hamletmaschine

  • Anna Cetera (Warsaw):Pollax on the Ice: On Translating Hamlet in Post-war Poland and the Birth of Kottian Criticism

  • Tom Cheesman (Swansea) (with David Berry, Alison Ehrmann, Zhao Geng, Robert S. Laramee, and Andrew Rothwell): Visualizing Variation in a Shakespeare Re-Translation Corpus (file attached below - 'tc shipwrecks paper.pdf')

  • Jane Dunnett (Swansea):Translating Tyranny in Mussolini’s Italy: Ten Takes on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

  • Sameh F. Hanna (Salford): The Struggle over ‘Symbolic Time’: Shakespeare Retranslation in Arabic

  • Madalina Nicolaescu (Bucharest): Retranslating Hamlet for 21st-century Romanian audiences

  • Maria Elisa Montironi (Urbino): Brecht’s (Re)Translation of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus: Aesthetic Strategies and Political Implications.

  • Jesús Tronch (València):Vindicating Pablo Avecilla’s Spanish ‘Imitation’ of Hamlet (1856)

  • Matthias Zach (Nantes): ‘A Poetic Act of Resistance’? – Remarks on Celan’s Shakespeare Translations

2011: April 7-9. Un/Translatables: Across Germanic Languages and Cultures: conference at the University of Pennsylvania (USA).

Presentation by Tom Cheesman:" '… nicht dunkel, sondern Gold!' On Un/Re/Translatability". Slides are attached below.