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Meagan Albrant

Rediscovering SD and Rediscovering U.S.  History

Esteban Alvarado

Writer's Workshop

Julie Bale

Health OA

Mary Burns

Communicating w Technology & Brain Fitness

Nick Costa

Music (Guitar)

Ron Franklin

Music (Guitar/Ukelele)

Sharon Gregory

Health OA and Brain Fitness

Sharon Hinckley

Drawing & Painting

Yael Lorberfeld

Brain Fitness

Emily Nye

Literature Survey

Minoo Pakgohar

Brain Fitness

Anjali Patel

Nutrition & Brain Fitness

Erika Peralta

Brain Fitness

Mari Rios-O'Brien

Brain Fitness

Niki Salmon

Health OA

Jean Scott

History of Rock & Roll

Mindy Sloan

Brain Fitness, Creativity & Self-expression

Claudia Tornsaufer

Music Appreciation

Helena Wei

Piano 1,2

Bridget Wright

Nutrition & Brain Fitness

Harvey Zeytuntsyan 

Law and the Retiree

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Lorea Herald -

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Michiyo Kirkpatrick -

Pamela Kozminska -

Yael Lorberfeld -

Iris Lowe -

Patrick Mason -

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Ardith Melzer -

Emily Nye -

Minoo Pakgohar -    

Carol Philips -

Momilani Ramstrum -

Mari Rios O'Brien - 

Holly Ritter -

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Jean Scott -

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Claudia Tornsaufer -

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Barbara Ward -

Helena Wei -

Bridget Wright -

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