Literature Survey

Literature Survey is a class which provides an introduction to writing and literature with an emphasis on creating original work and exploring a variety of literature types and themes.

Emily Nye

Emily Nye offers two different ways of exploring writing and literature: through books into movies and mystery fiction demysticized. Here is a little on each, along with the Spring 2022 course number:

Favorite Books as Movies: Class # 84728

We all have favorite novels that are adapted into movies…for better or for worse! We’ll read eight novels and watch/discuss their film version (alternating weeks, book/movie). Students will read books and watch movies online prior to the Wednesday 10-11 Zoom discussion. A weekly class website will provide background and readings about the authors, directors, and their work.

Mystery Fiction Demystified: Class # 84729

“Whodunnit?” Mystery lovers need to know! We read short mystery and detective fiction ranging from the classic Sherlock Holmes to modern writers of today. A weekly class website provides background about the time period, authors, and other interesting facts. Zoom session is Tuesday, 1-2.