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Fall 2021

Our Fall 2021 schedule:

View all courses offered by Emeritus

Looking for courses outside of Emeritus? View the Print Schedule here.

Details on selected Fall classes

Special notes on some of the classes.

Meet the Instructors

Learn more about the instructors and their classes

Registration tutorials for Fall 2021

Provides guides to registering, whether it is for the very first time with SDCCE or if you are just enrolling for a new semester.

Student Guides

Guide to understanding online instruction:

Are you new to online? This section will provide the tools and information you need to succeed in your online class.

Guide to using Zoom :

We use a special program called Zoom to project our classes online. Learn more on this page.

Find your class on the website

Although this site provides a schedule for Emeritus (and the class numbers with Zoom days and times), provides a list of all classes for SDCCE. Some find the site to be confusing. This might help clarify.

Student Resources

Job opportunities for older adults

Interested in a part time job? Here are some ideas sent to us by our partners. Have a look!

Student Resource: Rising to Success

A list of resources available to students. Take a look!

Find your classes from past semesters

You can find the schedules for past classes here.

About us and Contacts

Learn more about San Diego College of Continuing Education and locate contacts for more information.

Important for students:

Are you planning on going to face to face classes in the future? Refer to this page to make sure you are ready: