SDCE Emeritus Schedule Spring 2021

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Schedule of Emeritus Classes, Spring 2021

Below are two views of the schedule:

  • A schedule arranged into categories, identified by tabs (Art, Literature, Brain Fitness, etc.). Tabs are found below the schedule. The first tab, master list, has all classes. The rest are by category. Keep scrolling to the right. The last category is Rediscovering San Diego and the world.

  • A print version that lists all classes in order of instructor and information on the classes.

Registration for Spring 2021

Registration is online. You can access the registration site by going to your portal (, signing in with your 10 digit student number and password, and then enrolling. Need additional help? Visit our tutorials on this website. Also note that there is a Student Support page through SDCE that will provide more help with registration including scheduling a one-on-one to assist with special problems.

View schedule in order of categories

Emeritus schedule Spring 2021

Print/view/download copy of all classes for Emeritus Spring 2021

at a glance classes spring 2021.pdf