Brain Fitness
Schedules, Registration, & Orientation Information 

Fall 2023

Brain Fitness

Brain Fitness has been taught at San Diego Continuing Education since 2007.  It is a culmination of a semester's sabbatical from Professor Emeritus Pat Mosteller. This class offers the Continuing Education student a chance to learn more about their own brain function, what types of activities are good for enhancing brain health, and what changes can be made to achieve a healthier brain for a better quality of life.  

FAQs about Spring Brain Fitness classes

After looking at the information below, if you still have questions, you might want to look at an FAQs handout, which may answer your questions.  Take a look.

Video:  Learn more about the brain fitness class and its long history in the Emeritus department.

Fall 2023 Zoom Schedule

Zoom sessions are included in your registration into Brain Fitness. You do not need to register separately to attend a Zoom session. Simply attend the session of your choice that fits your schedule. All Zoom sessions cover the same lesson for their level (Basics or Topics).  During Zoom sessions, you get an expanded lecture on the lesson plus assistance with the BrainHQ program.  For your convenience, Zoom sessions are offered on different days and times, with different instructors. 

Basics Students (Brand New Brain Fitness Students)

Basics Zoom Sessions (tentative)

Topics Students (Continuing Brain Fitness Students)

Topics Zoom Sessions (tentative)

Brain Fitness Lab

Brain Fitness Lab Zoom sessions are open to all Brain Fitness students. Brain Fitness Lab offers Brain Fitness students an opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills relative to BrainHQ exercises. This hands-on lab is intended to empower and build confidence in students who have access to BrainHQ and equip them to independently engage and leverage the impact of the exercises to optimize cognitive functioning. Students may drop-in during Lab hours to ask questions, share their success tips, learn about effective strategies, and discuss their experiences in a supportive learning community. Students may define personal goals, describe changes in their lives, articulate improvements in specific skills, and provide examples of the outcomes associated with practicing the BrainHQ exercises as they gather input from the instructor and their peers. Other topics may be entertained as students explore brain healthy lifestyle choices.

The Brain Fitness Lab Zoom sessions are Tuesdays from 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. They will be hosted in the Fall 2023 semester by Brain Fitness Instructor Yael Lorberfeld.  All are welcome!

Which Brain Fitness Class Do I Belong In?

If you are brand new to the Brain Fitness program and have never taken a Brain Fitness with us, you will start with the Brain Fitness Basics class. If you are a continuing student and have already taken Brain Fitness Basics, you belong in the Brain Fitness Topics class. 

Brain Fitness Basics Class

We recommend students begin with the Brain Fitness Basics class. This semester-long class will deliver lessons which support the basics of brain health and help you understand your brain better. Basics students receive a free license to use the BrainHQ brain training exercises and to participate in any of the Basics Zoom sessions as noted above. The Basics class includes a class website and unique Basics lesson each week. The Spring 2023 Basics instructor is Yael Lorberfeld (  Contact Yael if you are interested in joining the Brain Fitness Basics class. 

Brain Fitness Topics Class

After completing Basics, students will belong to the Brain Fitness Topics class. Our classes require a permission number to make sure that basics students end up in basics and topics students do not take multiple classes.  Students are asked to update their student portal accounts  prior to every semester so that they can be automatically enrolled.  For questions on participating in the program, contact instructor Mindy Sloan ( Topics students may attend any of the Topics Zoom sessions offered during the week, as noted above.  

Meet the Brain Fitness Instructors

Mindy Jo Sloan, Ph.D.

Mindy joined the Brain Fitness faculty team in Spring 2021.  She has many years of experience at other institutions of higher education.  Her graduate degrees are in School Psychology, and she has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  Mindy believes that education can transform lives, not just the life of the learner but also the lives of those who may be influenced by the learner.  She enjoys discussing how to live a healthier life and to serve others.   

Mary Burns, MS, MA

Mary has been teaching Brain Fitness since 2008.   She has a MS degree in Exercise Science and an MA in Educational Technology.   She is responsible for most of the lessons and the website.  She usually does the Wednesday evening Zoom and enjoys the challenge of whittling the lesson to a short 30 minutes.   She is a good contact for technology related questions. 

Yael Lorberfeld, MS

Yael has been teaching different age groups under all capacities for the past 30 years. She has been an instructor for Brain Fitness for the past four years. She holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, which allows her to  use this training to link the  Brain Fitness lessons to  understanding the emotional wellbeing of her students along with the development of the Brain. 

Bridget Wright, MPH

Bridget has a master’s degree of Public Health and a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Nutrition Sciences. She has many years of experience working in the fields of health promotion, disease prevention, healthy aging and nutrition. Bridget has been an Instructor with SDCCE for 5 years, teaching Nutrition and Healthy Living courses. 

Anjali Patel, RD

Anjali Patel is a Registered Dietitian (RD) specializing in public health, research and community nutrition.  Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, and after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences, Anjali moved to a small town in Kumamoto, Japan where she taught English and spent her free time on grassroots internationalization projects centered on food and culture. It was during this work her passion for community nutrition was born. She returned to school to pursue her RD and Master of Public Health, and on the side worked in nutrition research, nutrition communications and public health programs and strategy. In 2011, Anjali moved to the United States and worked with the restaurant industry on environmental change and consumer behavior change research funded by the Center for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health.

Anjali is a food and nutrition educator who hopes to inspire and support individuals and communities with knowledge, tips and tools in healthy cooking and eating behaviors for their overall wellbeing.  She believes that food holds much more power than nourishment to the body — it’s identity, belonging and what connects us.

Anjali enjoys skiing, swimming and traveling. When she is not working, you can find her with her family somewhere around the world trying different foods or in her kitchen playing with food.

Minoo Pakgohar, Ph.D.

Minoo joined the brain fitness team in Spring of 2023.  She has a PhD in Gerontology with over 15 years of higher education teaching and developing curriculum. She also holds a master’s degree in midwifery.  She has a strong passion to work with older adults, and loves teaching. 

She volunteered as a case manager in long term care setting for three years while assistant professor at university. As a part of civic engagement activity, she volunteers to present in retirement communities.

She and her husband have a daughter(29).  She enjoys baking, gardening, and volunteering in the community.

Sharon Gregory

Sharon Gregory has a bachelors in Food and Nutrition from San Diego State University and is CPR certified. She has 15 years of experience working for SDCCD Emeritus Program teaching Body Dynamics, Health Education and nutrition cooking classes at a variety of off campus locations.

At an early age, Sharon became a caregiver for her grandparents,  keeping them active with physical exercise and brain stimulation. Now Sharon shares that information with her current students discussing fall prevention, healthy bones, better balance, and overall nutrition for optimal health!

She is a volunteer for CERT (Certified Emergency Response Team) in Poway and is actively helping with emergency preparedness, drive-thru-food distribution events, vaccination efforts, and assisting with picking up groceries and medication for those who can't go out.

Sharon and her husband have 3 grown children that are also into exercising and staying fit. Her hobbies include traveling, gardening, hiking, biking, working out at the gym, and spending time with her family, friends and her dog Cabo.

Contact the Instructors

If you have any questions, please contact one of the instructors:

Debbie Flores Basics or Topics

Mindy Sloan Brain Fitness at The Glen

Yael Lorberfeld Basics

Bridget Wright Topics

Mary Burns Topics

Student Services

You may contact Student Services at the Mid-City Campus at 619-388-4500 for assistance with your student records or registration.  If you prefer in-person assistance, the Mid-City Campus (3792 Fairmount Ave., San Diego, CA 92105) is open Monday through Friday during the following hours:

M-Th  8:30 a.m.--7:00 p.m.

F         8:30 a.m.--4:00 p.m.

The Virtual Support Center is also available on Mondays and Fridays at: