MQCC-W™ IPO BITCOIN™ - MQCC™ World Intellectual Property Oversight BITCOIN™

How MQCC prevents trademarks from becoming non-distinctive (descriptive or generic) using the MQCC™ AUTHENTIC BITCOIN™ Fiduciary System Service

MQCC Universal Concept™: The owner of the Intellectual Property is the Trustee and the User of the Intellectual Property or Licensee, is the Beneficiary

Prevent your trademark from becoming generic

  • Send, and keep copies of, emails or notes to authors who wrongfully use your trademark;

  • use the ® symbol to denote a registered trademark;

  • distinguish the trademark from surrounding text by using capitals, bold or italic fonts, or by placing it within quotation marks;

  • use your trademark consistently. If your trademark is registered with a specific spelling, design, color or font, make sure that the trademark is used exactly as it is registered. Don’t modify the trademark, for example, through hyphenation, combination or abbreviation (e.g., “MONTBLANC® fountain pen” should not appear as “Mont Blanc”);

  • don’t use the trademark as a noun. Use the trademark only as an adjective (e.g., say “LEGO® toy blocks”, not “Legos”);

  • don’t use the trademark as a verb (e.g., say “modified by ADOBE® PHOTOSHOP® software”, not “photoshopped”);

  • don’t use the trademark as a plural (e.g., say “TIC TAC® candies”, not “tic tacs”);

  • establish clear and cogent trademark best practices and guidelines. Guide employees, suppliers, distributors and consumers on how they should use your trademark and ensure your policies and guidelines are consistently followed.