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The World-wide Authority on matters related to

ORIGINATING (2001:2021+)



BLOCKCHAIN™; CRYPTO & CONFORMING (Authentic) Originating BITCOIN™ (OBTC™) and NON-CONFORMING (Counterfeit, Generic) BITCOIN™

Transformation Systems-Networks

MQCC™ International Standards Federation (ISF™), your world's Authoritative body, Sanctioning body and Licensing body for your world's first, (Originating™) commercialized (subject to International Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) recognition and protection), litigation-tested, regulatory-scrutinized, regulatory-integrated, defense-standard, military-grade, National and International Standardized, Continually Improving knowledge concept system and applied concept system of non-novel (exact) conformity science ( coined the subordinate concept system: Bungay Unification of Quantum Processes Algorithm and commercially represented by the trademark source identifier: "Principles of 'BlockChain'™"; first observed, discovered and commercialized between at least as early as August 14, 2001 and at least as early as April 9, 2005 by Mr. A. K. (Anoop) Bungay, for a globally accessible, "PEER TO PEER ELECTRONIC FINANCE SYSTEM" (; with integration to a subordinate  system, namely a quality management infrastructure system registered to ISO 9001:2000 at least as early as May 9, 2005 and subsequent infrastructure upgrades to ISO 9001:2008 and the current risk-based ISO 9001:2015.

21+ Leadership Years: 2001:2021:Onward

Commercialized, Regulatory Integrated, Tested, Proven: TRUSTED BY BILLIONS™

Commerce: / Science & Academia: / Governance:

Creating MASTER TRUST™ Since at least as early as April 09, 2005 at®: Private Lending Network™; the World's First Application of Non-Novel (Exact) Conformity Science principles, concepts and core processes ( including utility tokens (OFFICIAL AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL™ OAO™ BITCOIN™, securities tokens (BITMORTGAGE®); fungible and non-fungible services and tokens (FNFSaT™); smart contracts (ENCAPS; FUNSCONTRACT™) and more. 

Are you licensed by a regulatory body or member of the ICLR (International Conference of Legal Regulators) as a legal professional (Attorney, Barrister or Solicitor) or a member of the judiciary (Judge)?  Then also visit please.

Disambiguation of Generic Science, Terminology & Non-Generic (proprietary) Intellectual Property

Is It A BlockChain?™™

Learn the correct and proper: nature, quality, character, characteristics, function, feature, purpose, form or extent of the distinction that distinguishes the generic (general) scientific principles borne of non-novel (exact) conformity science from the distinctive trademark source identifier: BLOCKCHAIN™ owned by MQCC Bungay International LLC


BLOCKCHAINPEDIA™ Trademark Brand of Learning and Education Resource / /

A Leadership Initiative of MQCC™: 

BLOCKCHAIN AUTHORITY™ trademark brand of World-wide, Globally Accessible Learning and Education

Trusted by Billions™ also serves as the Intellectual Property Portal (marketed by its distinctive trademark source identifier: BLOCKCHIPP™) on Matters Related to the Concept Systems related to Conformity Science and its commercial applications including the MQCC™ Trademark "Principles of 'BlockChain'™" brand applications for business, learning, education and training and regulatory-integrated commercial applications of standards, technology, goods (products) and services (methods); marketed world-wide. See to learn more of the global reach.

BLOCKCHAINPEDIA™: Learn to Harness

The Power of BlockChain™

Correctly, Properly, Efficiently and Safely within an INSURABLE, corporate risk liability identification, prevention and correction SYSTEM

Correctly, Properly, Safely and Efficiently in a Manner that Conforms to the Originating QUANTUM UNIFIED™ STANDARD

The Global, Government, Industry (Commerce-Finance), Academia and Consumer Safety and Protection Website, and Original Standard Source Information (Online Resource) for:

In matters related to goods (products) and services (methods) marketed by source identifying trademarks including:





Beyond Reproach, Commercially Proven, Litigation-Tested, Regulator-Scrutinized Standards Trusted by Consumers, Legislators, Regulators, Policy-Makers, Chief Executive Officers CEOS, Investors and Commercial Insurers in up to 118

Educate the world on the proven, trusted, insurable, litigation-tested, regulatory-scrutinized International Standards Of BlockChain™ 

The source identifier website for the global standard of


Public, General and Open Standards; and Source Identifier Trademark "Principles of 'BlockChain'™"-based Standards


Programs, Goods and Services

Crypto (Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Secret/Crypto/  Shadow) Standards


Programs, Goods and Services

Consumer Safety Program for the Safe, Reliable and Good; NON VOLATILE, World's First, Original BITCOIN™ trademark source identifier brand of Organization and Materials Transformation 

Utility Token Service; namely, the Bungay International Technology BIT™ Conformity of Organization and Individual (COIN™) Service


Programs, Goods and Services


An initiative of MQCC™ International Standards Federation ISF™ (

Purpose of MQCC™ International Standards Federation ISF™ (

A division of MQCC™, an ISO 9001:2015 registered company (continuously since at least as early as May 9, 2008 to present day;; ISF.International is the website for the International  Standards Federation, a voluntary meta-organization (federated) of international standards development organizations (SDO), Standard Setting Organizations (SSO) and standard setting bodies (SSB); for both public and private standards. Open for membership to government and non-government membership organizations.


Read the Authoritative Standards Text Books

Be The Bank™/®; FATHER OF BLOCKCHAIN®; FATHER OF CRYPTO® Trademark Source Identifier Series & All MQCC Omnibus Series™

What is a "BlockChain"; How was it Discovered?

Borne of the world's first peer-to-peer electronic finance system, ( - created with a little help from elder brother (Santosh!) by A. K. (Anoop) Bungay)); read the text book for CEO's and School Children; the two groups of people who neither have time nor interest to read new concepts in a complicated matter; they demand "easy-to-read" and "easy-to-understand" concepts in a pictorial representation in order to convey the largest amount of conceptual information as fast as comprehensively and simply  as possible.

Level 01 and Level 02 textbooks are written in an easy to understand format for two groups of people who want to absorb information and gain understanding quickly, pictorially and easily, because of an actual or apparent lack of time or focus energy, namely, Schoolchildren and CEO's.

Origin of a Specie™

Origin of a Specie™; Origins of the trademark "Principles of 'BlockChain'"™ and the Bungay International Technology (BIT™) Conformity of Organization and Individuals (COIN™) System-Network

Level 01 (Zero One™) Level 02 Textbook

Learn "The Global Standard for BlockChain®" Level 01: for School Children, Chief Executive Officers (CEO) & Chief Fiduciary Officers (C-FIDO™); (BlockChain ... (World BlockChain Day™ Text Series Book 2)

Level 02 Textbook

Learn "The Global Standard for BlockChain®" Level 02 : for School Children, Chief Executive Officers (CEO) & Chief Fiduciary Officers (C-FIDO™); (BlockChain ... (World BlockChain Day™ Text Series Book 3)

21st Century Scientific Method™ Textbook

The 21st Century Scientific Method: Triangle to Triangle Pyramid to Solid Square Pyramid: A Stronger Scientific Method using Trademark "Principles of 'BlockChain'™": ... Series (School Children & CEOs)

International Connections from the Start™ Textbook

MQCC™ & the UN, OECD, WIPO and WTO

Legislator, Regulator, CEO Textbook (Finance Sector Edition)

 Legislator, Regulator & CEO Conformity Handbook: British Columbia (BC), Canada; Finance Sector Edition: Spring 2020

What does applied "BlockChain" do?

Read MQCC™ company website at or see below for textbooks.

Teaching Billionaire™ Textbook

Teaching Billionaire, Founder & CEO: Anoop Bungay { Warren Buffet, Jack Dorsey, Larry Ellison, Jimmy Pattison, Robert F. Smith; MQCC™ { Berkshire Hathaway, Twitter, Oracle, Jim Pattison Group, Vista Equity

Commonwealth Textbook

Anoop Bungay, Global Standard, BlockChain, bitcoin, The UK Royal Family, The Commonwealth, Current & Future World Leaders: Government, Commerce, Finance & Academia; British Subjects, Citizen, Resident

International Journal of Conformity Science IJCS™

International Journal of Conformity Science IJCS™

SAFER™ Private Lending Textbook

MQCC SAFER™ Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/ Crypto/Secret/Shadow Finance: Be The Bank® Series "Private Lending" Program

BE THE BANK® Level 01 (Zero One™)

BE THE BANK™/® Level 01 ZERO ONE™-Series for School Children & CEOs™: Decision Makers, Investors-Investees, Parents: THE GLOBAL STANDARD FOR BLOCKCHAIN®™ & Free Trading Private Equity FTPE™

BE THE BANK® Level 08

Be The Bank™/® Level 08-Lazy Proof, Crazy Proof & Divorce Proof your Children & Beneficiaries: 21st Century Estate & Wealth Stewardship: Create, Manage, Transfer in an Increasingly BlockChained World

Where do you obtain THE KNOWLEDGE™; Authoritative, Sanctioned, ACCREDITED CLASS® Learning, Education and Training (LET) Material in matters of "BlockChain"? 

Read MQCC™ company website at or see below for textbooks.

Teaching Billionaire™ Textbook

Teaching Harvard: & All Higher-Level, Accredited/Accredited Class®, Regulated, Vocational, Academic, Research, Development (HARVARD) Class Organizations

Scholarship at MQCC™ Corporate University™ (MQUCC™)

Welcome to MQCC™ Quality Accredited™, Accredited Class® Corporate University

The world’s FIRST Quality Accredited and Accredited Class®, Federated (Distributed, Decentralized) Institution and Programmatic educational services

MQCC-IOC-ICBC™ 13 Successful Years of Globally Trusted International Standards for Competency, Proficiency & Experience for Students, Academics, Scholars and Commercial Practitioners in the "Principles of 'BlockChain'" and Regulated and Free-Trading, Binary Digit and Non-Binary Digit Financial Instruments

MQCC-IOC-ICBC™ 13 (2008 - 2020) Successful Years of Globally Trusted International Standards for Competency, Proficiency & Experience for Students, Academics, Scholars and Commercial Practitioners in the "Principles of 'BlockChain'™" and Regulated and Free-Trading, Binary Digit and Non-Binary Digit Financial Instruments 

MQCC BLOCKCHAIN Standards™ Your 21st Century Solution™ to meet corporation, organization and individual (COIN™) statutory, regulatory, fiduciary, legal and process conformity requirements.

Empirical (Non-Novel; Exact) Science-based, Concepts, Principles & Core Processes 

Educate you and your world on the proven, trusted, insurable, litigation-tested, regulatory-scrutinized International Standards Of BlockChain™

 To make your world, better, safer, more efficient, safe, reliable and good in the 3 primary areas of formal human interaction:



Industry (Commerce and Finance)




Correct and Proper BlockChain Implementation Makes People become Better, Safer and Happier.

MQCC Bungay International: 2001:2021: Celebrating 21+ years as Creator-Governor and World-Wide Leader in BlockChain Governance, Governance, Commerce (Industry- Finance), Academia; is a Leader in Matters of BlockChain at the United Nations Innovation Network (UNIN)

MQCC™ Global Federated System-Network GFSN™

Built First (2001-2005) - Proven to 118+ Governments Be Trusted (2008) - Built on a Scientific Method designed to Reshape how Humans Trust and Rely Upon One Another, Forever (2001:2021+)

MQCC™ has created resources from 2005 that are proven to make you successful.

With MQCC™: You're in Safe Company™

MQCC™ has created a Central Bank-Standard (see, global federated (decentralized/distributed) Systems-Network of consensus-based "truth" and "trust" for you; in collaboration with a consortium of "Original Six (6)" organizations; created on the trademark 21st Century Scientific Method™ also known as the trademark "Principles of 'BlockChain'™".

MQCC™ Money Quality Conformity Control Organization

BII™ Bungay International Inc.

IOC™ International Organization for Conformity

ICBC™ International Commissions on BlockChain

MortgageQuote Canada Corp.

CQMFA™ Certified Quality Management-in-Finance Association

IBCCBI™ International BlockChain and Crypto Board & Institute

 Everything you need to know to teach, learn, create, regulatory-integrate, commercialize, National and International Standardize, maintain, use and improve, trademark "Principles of 'BlockChain'™" and Crypto (Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Secret/Crypto/  Shadow) goods and services effectively.

MQCC™-Artificial Intelligent (AI) Meta (M) Global ROOT™ (GROOT™) BlockChains™ System-Network Assignment, Addressing & Coordination Authority (SNAACA™) 

for military-grade, defense-standard, National and International Standards-registered:

A Global, System-Network of Creating Consensus Truth and Transmitting Trust™

Trademark Source Identifier, "Principles of 'BlockChain'™":










Data Immutability

Fact or Data Non-Repudiation




Competency Proficiency




The Global, BlockChain Systems-Network (BCSNET™) built from the ground-up through 'correct and proper' application of the seminal, trademark "Principles of 'BlockChain'™"; in order to create and maintain National and International, consensus-standards, guidelines and best-practice-based: Systems, Technology, Services (methods) and Products (goods)

United Nations UN

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development  OECD™

World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO™

World Trade Organization WTO™

Read about MQCC™ and relationship with UN, OECD™, WIPO™ and WTO™

MQCC™: The Global Standard for BlockChain®

Solutions for

  Consumer, Investors, Business, Industry, Regulators, Government & Academia

In up to 118+ Countries (

Government, Regulators, Standards-Setting Bodies, Professional, Scientific & Technical Services

Unified, Enterprise Level, MQCC Litigation-Tested, Regulatory-Recognized™ Certified Quality Managed Financial Products, Services and Solutions for the public capital markets and regulated financial services sector participants; or, private equity investors,  families, foundations, or trusts who demand certifiable levels of management stewardship, in order to effect multi-generational organizational resilience.

(MQCC Conformity Systems and Technology: Recognition, Advocacy, Support and International Technology Transfer and Advancement; U.S., Canadian & Global Departments of Defense, U.S., Canadian & Global Intelligence Community, other U.S., Canadian & Global Government departments and the industrial community that support peer Government organizations. )

(contact us for details)

(Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, Engineers, IT & General Business Consultants)


Finance and Insurance Sector, Sub-Sector, Industry Group & Industry

(Public Capital Markets & Private Capital Markets)

MQCC Litigation-Tested, Regulatory-Recognized™ Quality Management and Related Systems to: 

(Banks, Credit Unions, Lenders, Mortgage & Non-mortgage Brokers, Clearing houses)

(Brokers, Dealers, Stock Exchanges - recognized or designated)

(Direct and Reinsurance, Agencies and Brokers (risk management))

(Pension Funds, other funds)

Click here to enter Finance Sector, Sub-Sector & Industry Segments

Public & Private Capital Market:

Investors and Operating Firms


Financial Products & Services

MQCC™Litigation-Tested, Regulatory-Recognized™Certified Quality Managed Real Estate- and Non-Real Estate-Secured Financial Products and Services for retail, wholesale and institutional customers; and market participants who directly interact and serve the needs of finance-sector consumers.  Delivered in Canada via MortgageQuote Canada Corp. 


Partial list of MQCC™ Goods (products, wares) or Services (methods):

Not a complete list.

Learn Combination of All of the Above? Yes, You Can!

Starting Steps­™

 Step 1 - Learn the Principles; Learn to Lead

Learn Correctly and Properly; to the National and International Standard for Safety, Quality, Trust.

 Step 2 - Learn to Earn

Earn from your knowledge.

 Step 3 - Lead and Change the World for the Better

Manage correctly and properly; in a beyond reproach manner that conforms to statutory, regulatory, process (SRP™) and customer (Investor-Lender; Investee-Borrower) requirements.

Register for Learning Education, Courses; Training (LET)

Step A

All Individuals must complete the Trusted Persons™ intake process.

Step C

Step C - GROW™/®

Once you are prepared; Start Learning, Earning and Managing within the MQCC BLOCKCHAIN. Enter the MQCC™ BLOCKCHAIN LEM™ State; You're Not Dreaming, You Are Realizing!™; In Accordance to the Principles of Conformity Science (

Learn Quantum Unification Programming and become a quantum-unification programmer and train to become a MQCC® BLOCKCHAIN DEVEL™.

The Quantum-Unification Development Standard TRUSTED BY BILLIONS®

National-International (NIN™) Standards for the Deployment of BLOCKCHAIN™ Brand of Operating System-Network™ (OSN™); BLOCKCHAIN OSN™™







Applies to all organizations (government and non-government; private and public) working to develop commercial, insurable, safe, quality managed BLOCKCHAIN™ brand systems and networks.




For these and other possible scenarios, a rigorous review process is required to manage exceptions and subsequent variances to the MQCC® Standards.




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