Worth Less BitCoin™

Public Safety Notice: Your BITCOIN™ May be Worth Less than You Think. Is your BITCOIN WORTH LESS?

First Rule of Control in matters of the Nature, Quality, Characteristic and Extent of the BITCOIN™ Organization Transformation and Material Transformation Goods and Services:



How can you tell what is a non-counterfeit or non-pirated BITCOIN™?

For Organization transformation and material transformation goods and services, including Class 40 NICE Agreement Service Class; marketed on a first-party basis by MQCC™ Bungay International LLC or its member organizations: MortgageQuote Canada Corp. or Bungay International Inc. in up to 118 countries; see country.mqcc.org .

Look for the MQCC Bungay International LLC trademark source identifiers like: word marks or design marks; or make sure the Channel of Delivery is from a SNAACA™.org (www.snaaca.org) authorized root-BlockChain Node Website.

Class 40 Explanatory Note


  • Class 40 includes mainly services rendered by the mechanical or chemical processing, transformation or production of objects or inorganic or organic substances, including custom manufacturing services. For the purposes of classification, the production or manufacturing of goods is considered a service only in cases where it is effected for the account of another person to their order and specification. If the production or manufacturing is not being performed to fulfil an order for goods which meet the customer’s particular needs, requirements, or specifications, then it is generally ancillary to the maker’s primary commercial activity or goods in trade. If the substance or object is marketed to third parties by the person who processed, transformed or produced it, then this would generally not be considered a service.

Word Mark:

  • Bungay International Technology (BIT™)

  • Conformity of Organization and Individuals (COIN™) Network-System Service

or simply:


Design Mark:

The world's first regulatory-integrated "utility token & smart contract" financial instrument; utility token combined with securities token and regulatory token.

Bungay International Technology (BIT™) Conformity of Organizations and Individuals Network (COIN™) global Systems-Network

What is the difference between counterfeit and pirated? Let's ask the World Trade Organization WTO (via the European Union)

Hint: Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights TRIPS Agreement