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MQCC® provides Accredited Class® Goods and Services for Corporations, Organizations and Individuals (COIN™) in Space or planning to go into Space for Exploratory, Expansion or Operational Purposes.

Turnkey solutions, tested, audited and conforming to National and International Standards (based upon consensus) for worthy-of-trust quality.

Services at MQCC® Space Services™ include:

Overarching Governance, Operation and Management (GMO™) Systems of Meta Quality, Conformity and Control™ (MQCC®), built on standards for higher-level contract quality requirements (where critical and complex problems are present and need to be managed effectively) recognized and approved by the United States Government (as noted in the Code of Federal Regulations); and United States departments and agencies including:

  • United States Depart of Defense (DOD)

  • United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

  • United States General Services Administration (GSA)

MQCC® Systems Goods and Services include:

  • Governance Systems

  • Management Systems

  • Operational Systems

  • Conformity Systems

  • MQCC® SPACE WORKSTATION™ brand of interconnectivity device.

(not a complete list)

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