BlockChain Networking / Channel Distribution

In order for a trademark source identifier, "Principles of 'BlockChain'™" based Company or Organization (COIN™); or Individual to interact and enjoy the full, correct and proper benefits of "BlockChain" in a matter that conforms to statutory, regulatory, legal, fiduciary or process requirements on a personal services or peer-to-peer basis, then the Company or Organization (COIN™) must be registered to the Global BlockChain Network GBCN™ Root Domain and Commercial Channel system.

This provides all stakeholders with the highest levels of truth manufacturing and trust creation, through:

  • transparency

  • traceability

  • verifiability

  • consensus standards-based competence

  • consensus standards-based proficiency level of competence

  • data immutability

  • fact non-repudiation

  • and more

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BlockChain Networking and Channel Distribution of Network Node Organization (NNO™)

MQCC™™: Global BlockChain Networking Authority™

MQCC™-Artificial Intelligent (AI) Meta (M) Global ROOT™ (GROOT™) BlockChains™ System-Network Assignment, Addressing & Coordination Authority (SNAACA™)

for military-grade, defense-standard, National and International Standards-registered:

  1. Root-BlockChains (RBC™) assignment;

  2. Internet Interface BlockChain NodeName™ (IIBCNN™) addressing; and other

  3. "Principles of 'BlockChain'"-based protocol resources (MQCC™ Global BlockChain™ PROTORULES™), with subordinate Quality Management Systems registered to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015, continuously since at least as early as May 9, 2008.

MQCC NodeName™ Addressing of Network Node Organizations (NNO™) & Channel Distribution: OPERATOR & USER

OPERATOR: MQCC™ Global Country Network GCN™ System-Network OPERATOR, Internet Interface BlockChain (IIBC™ ) NodeName™ Addressing (NNA™) & Channel Distribution

NodeName™ Addressing (NNA™); MQCC System-Network™ OPERATOR NODE™

USER: MQCC™ Global Country Network GCN™ System-Network USER, NodeName™ Addressing; BlockChain-Crypto Global Access Channel Distribution at an Organization Level

NodeName™ Addressing (NNA™) BlockChain-Crypto Channel Distribution; MQCC GLOBAL END-USER ACCESS to an Organization subject to Level; MQCC System-Network™ USER ACCESS CHANNEL DISTRIBUTION NODE™ (UACDN™)

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