21+ Years: Proven, Trusted BlockChain Standards BCS™; Principles, Concepts

Borne from over 20 years of observation, discovery, development, regulatory integration, commercialization, national and international standardization and continual improvement; rigorous audit and testing; academically rigorous analysis and real-world commercialization.

How do you access the standards? email info@mqcc.org to start your journey in the "WORLD OF BLOCKCHAIN™".

What are Standards?

from Merriam Webster:

stan·​dard | \ ˈstan-dərd \

: something established by authority, custom, or general consent as a model or example : CRITERION

quite slow by today's standards

: something set up and established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, extent, value, or quality

a : the fineness and legally fixed weight of the metal used in coins

b : the basis of value in a monetary system

the gold standard

Standards Enable Command and Control of Nature and Quality of Systems, Technology, Goods (products) and Services (methods)

Unified Quality, Command and Control (UQCC™)

Use of the over-15 year old, defense-standard, military-grade benefits of the MQCC MasterWallet™ services (and the underlying goods (systems, technology, products)) are created, controlled and supervised for Nature and Quality through non-patent-disclosed terms and specifications developed by MQCC.org™. MASTERWALLET™: the World's Better, Safer and More Efficient, Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Crypto/Secret/Shadow Governance and Commerce BlockChain-based, Quality Command & Control (QCC™) Systems, Technology, Services & Products, Digital Wallet.

What are BlockChain Standards (BCS™)?

The correct and proper rules that keep your "BlockChain" based systems, technology, services and products functioning safe, reliable and good.

MQCC™ ISF™ BlockChain Standards include Standards for:

MQCC - Bungay International; 20+ Years of Leadership in Higher-Level, Trademark Meta-Programming (HLMP™) Programming Paradigm (see www.conjunctive.org)

Learn more about the HLMP™ trademark brand and source identifier of "higher-level, meta-programming" paradigms at www.hlmp.ca.

MQCC - Bungay International; 20+ Years of Leadership in Higher-Level, Meta-Programming (HLMP™) Trademark Programming Language

Learn more about the UNIQML™ trademark brand and source identifier of "higher-level, meta-programming" natural language programming language at www.uniqml.org.

BlockChain Subordinate Concept Systems including:

Who Develops BlockChain Standards?

Public and private organizations like governments or MQCC™ (www.mqcc.org).

How do you develop BlockChain Standards?

See BlockChain StanDev™: International Standards Development Process

Public, General and Open Standards; and Source Identifier Trademark "Principles of 'BlockChain'™"-based Standards

Crypto (Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Secret/Crypto/ Shadow) Standards

Visit www.mqcc.org to learn more.

Visit www.mqcc.org learn more and enroll in and enroll in edu.mqcc.org to learn formally at a Professional level to earn your trademark source identifier Professional BlockChaineer P. BCr.® Designation.