OSI BlockChain™ (Original Standards Infrastructure & Open Systems Interconnection) for Federated BlockChain System-Networks FBCSN™


OSI 11™: Trademark Source Identifier for Regulatory-Integrated, National and International-standards-based (118+ countries), Commercialized, Cascading (nested) Protocol Stack

Celebrating 21 Years of Observation, Development, Commercialization, Regulatory Integration and National and International Standardization in 2021: 2001-2021

With the observation and discovery of the non-novel (exact) conformity science subordinate concept system phenomena known as the Bungay Unification of Quantum Processes Algorithm BUQPA™; MQCC Bungay International and its Founder, Anoop Bungay contributed to the greatest improvement to ISO-IEC10040-1998-Information technology — Open Systems Interconnection — Systems management overview in over 40 years when Mr. Hubert Zimmerman began the process of development (source). Introduction of:

MQCC Bungay International LLC: www.mqcc.org

Bungay Unification of Quantum Phases BUQP™ Layer; the BLOCKCHAIN™ Layer Integration with Open Systems Interconnection; 11 Layer Decentralized/Distributed (Federated) Integrated Protocol (11 Layer DIP™); OSI 11™

for Federated BlockChain System-Networks FBCSN™


Federated (decentralized/distributed) BlockChain System-Networks FBCSN™


The 11 Layers of 21st Century Standard™ Original BlockChain Standards-based Infrastructure & Open Systems Interconnection: OSI 11™

20th Century OSI Model, meet 21st Century "State-of-the-Science" and "State-of-the-Art": the "21st CENTURY STANDARD™, 11 Layer OSI Model" for Interconnection at a Systems-Level

Heralding over 21 years of trademark Systems-Level (SL™) Artificial Intelligence and Systems-Learning Artificial Intelligence (SLr™), first developed, regulatory-integrated and commercialized by Anoop Bungay. See Systems Level AI

CONJUNCTIVE™ trademark brand of Higher-Level Programming Paradigm; including Programming Skills in accordance with ISO Standards of Competency and efficiency. Visit www.conjunctive.org

THE NEED FOR 11 Layers in the Open Systems Interconnection Model

To create an open systems interconnection layer that EMPERICIALLY and METROLOGICALLY (measurably) accounts for; and allows for corporations, organizations and individuals (COINS™) to interact with one another in matters of:

  • Government (Governance)

  • Industry (Finance - Commerce)

  • Academia

On a peer-to-peer (p2p)/crypto/secret/shadow/private basis; in a manner that conforms to the principles, concepts, core methods and processes of non-novel (exact)

ORIGINS OF 11 Layers in the Open Systems Interconnection Model; Originating Principles

Creation of the worlds first "Peer-to-Peer Electronic Finance System" by A. K. (Anoop) Bungay [with a little help from elder brother: Santosh Bungay --Thank You Santosh!]; commercially available and globally accessible at www.privatelender.org.

Anoop Bungay had the foresight and vision to recognize that in a free-trading, non-regulated business, a system of control was needed to maintain quality and conformity in overall processes so that money would not be lost, mishandled or otherwise misused. Further, a system of beyond-reproach transparency, traceability, accountability, verifiability, data immutability, fact non-repudiation; and a network that was recognized and trusted by elected officials, appointed officials in Government, regulatory bodies, policy making bodies, lawyers and technical scientists because of conformity to National and International-Standards built on consensus and transformed the peer-to-peer electronic goods and services into something that had not been seen before, namely, goods and services that are inherently, demonstrably (provably (proof-of-work, proof-of-quality, proof-of-competency/proficiency, proof-of-requirement-fulfilling) high quality, safe, efficient, trustworthy and in the case of problems: transparently accountable with full responsibility.

It was understood at a very early stage, between the years August 14, 2001 and April 9, 2005 that the peer-to-peer electronic finance system was comprised of several "kind of activity unit" groups (a term of art from Industry Sector Classification profession) - and these groups (based upon classification of similar phases of operations, named as "LAYERS") are identified by Anoop Bungay as follows:

  • Individuals - which is layer 8

  • Organizations - which is layer 9

  • Government or Governance - which is layer 10

And after Anoop Bungay created the underlying intellectual property that developed the protocol stack to unify all layers, not merely layers 8, 9 and 10, alone; but also to unify all 10 layers including the original 7 down through 1:

Layer 11 - Bungay Unification of Quantum Phases Layer

Layer 10 - Government or Governance Layer

Layer 9 - Organization Layer

Layer 8 - Individual Layer

Layer 7 - Application Layer

Layer 6 - Presentation Layer

Layer 5 - Session Layer

Layer 4 - Transport Layer

Layer 3 - Network Layer

Layer 2 - Data-Link Layer

Layer 1 - Physical Layer

A litigation-tested; 21st Century Standard™ Layer - Read the Textbook; Author Name: Anoop Bungay

21st Century Scientific Method™ Textbook

The 21st Century Scientific Method: Triangle to Triangle Pyramid to Solid Square Pyramid: A Stronger Scientific Method using Trademark "Principles of 'BlockChain'™": ... Series (School Children & CEOs)

Available at Amazon.com or Google.com Play Books; Author Name: Anoop Bungay

THE NEED FOR OSI 11™ and BLOCKCHAIN LAYER™ Trademark Source Identifier

To make commercially available to the global public, the correct and proper application of the originating cascading (nested) protocol stack that is proven to be SAFE, RELIABLE and GOOD™, creating through material transformation, "BETTER, SAFER and MORE EFFICIENT™" goods and services related to peer-to-peer finance and and

  • Government (Governance)

  • Industry (Finance - Commerce)

  • Academia

On a peer-to-peer (p2p)/crypto/secret/shadow/private basis; and within an open systems interconnection-based, globally accessible environment that allows corporations, organizations and individuals (COINS™) to interact with one another in formal business, government or academic matters, a commercially source identifier (trademark) needed to be created to show a distinctive difference between a correct and proper layer 11 through 1 integrated organization and organization process.


The source identifier trademark provides for a "proof of reliability" because the nature, quality, character and extent are controlled by MQCC Bungay International LLC and marketed directly or under license.

Trademark Source Identifier:

  • BlockChain Layer™

  • OSI 11™

The World's First Commercialized and Regulatory-Integrated, National and Internationally Standardized Application and Material Transformation of Goods and Services through the correct and application of the BLOCKCHAIN LAYER™ and OSI 11™ intellectual property, results in the following:

Utility Token Service


Bungay International Technology (BIT™), Conformity of Organization and Individual (COIN™) Standards, System, Technology, Services (methods) and Products (goods)

Securities Token Service


Bungay International Technology (BIT™), Mortgagae MORTGAGE™ Standards, System, Technology, Services (methods) and Products (goods)

Commercially Available to All Classes of Organizations (including Central Banks and non-Central Banks), Corporations and Individuals Since at least as early as April 9, 2005 through a Global Access Federated System-Network & Global Infrastructure, as follows:

MQCC™ Global Federated System-Network GFSN™

Built First (2001-2005) - Proven to 118+ Governments Be Trusted (2008) - Built on a Scientific Method designed to Reshape how Humans Trust and Rely Upon One Another, Forever (2001:2020+)

Infrastructure & Utilities

Trademark Brand of Higher-Level Programming Paradigm for BlockChain™; BEYOND CLASSICAL COMPUTING™

CONJUNCTIVE™ is a trademark brand and source identifier for goods and services developed through application of Higher-Level Programming Paradigm concepts, principles core methods and processes. CONJUNCTIVE™ is a trademark brand name that identifies the source of goods and services including: Originating Standard, Non-Volatile BITCOIN™ Utility Token Service and related Systems, Technology, Services (methods) and Goods (products).

Trademark Source Identifier for Higher-Level, Meta-Programming Application Programming Interface (API), Conformityware (www.conformityware.org), Protocol Stacks & Development Kits (CDK™)

HMLP™ is your source for Conjunctive™ trademark brand (www.conjunctive.org™) of Higher-Level Programming Paradigm Framework (Protocol Stacks; CDK™) for BlockChain™ Development by trademark, source identifier PROFESSIONAL BLOCKCHAINEERS® P. BCr.®and Fiduciary Leaders™ including trademark Chief Fiduciary Officers C-FIDO™ To create for results-based programming of: (1) Organizations and their: (2) Humans; (3) Computers; (4) Systems; in order to empirically achieve Vision, Mission and Mandate conceptual and concrete requirements.

UniQML™: Unification of Quantum Processes Meta-Language

The higher-level, meta-programming, natural language programming language that created the world's first application of the trademark source identifier "Principles of 'BlockChain'™"-in-Commerce.

The natural language of the Bungay Unification of Quantum Processes Algorithm, the natural language of BlockChain™

The World's Safer, Better and More Efficient Natural Language Programming Language for BlockChain-based Systems.™


Beyond Hardware and Software: The Change that the Discovery of the Bungay Unification of Quantum Processes Algorithm also represented by the trademark source identifier, "Principles of 'BlockChain'™", built.

The world's first regulatory-integrated "utility token & smart contract" financial instrument; utility token combined with securities token and regulatory token.

Bungay International Technology (BIT™) Conformity of Organizations and Individuals Network (COIN™) global Systems-Network

The world's first "crypto" financial instrument; utility token combined with securities token.

For real estate and NON-real-estate financial transactions.

MASTERWALLET™ Digital Wallet Suite™: the World's First, Most Trusted, Safer, Better and More Efficient Brand of Digital Wallet:

Designed to assure utmost levels of Quality, Command and Control (QCC™) of your digital and non-digital world.

MQCC MasterBlockChain™ Meta-Token Utility

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Michelangelo.pro is a Canada-based institutional and equity Peer-to-Peer (P2P) mortgage and loan process platform

Michelangelo.pro™ facilitates business between mortgage borrowers, originators and mortgage investor-lenders; in an environment that is certified compliant to the National Quality Management Standard of 119 countries, namely, ISO 9001:2015; to ensure safeguards including statutory, regulatory and process compliance to requirements of the jurisdictions in which it operates.

Governance, Management and Trade in Classified Top Secret: Protected Information (PI), Corporate-owned, Commercially Confidential Information (CCI) or Individual-owned, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Classified as:

Private Information (PI™) or Financial Information (FI™)

Management of classified top secret information.





International Registered Trademark; Global Federal Consumer Protection, Safety and Education Website and Global Source Identifier for

Federal National and International Standards-based; Education Series, Training, Testing & Accreditation

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IBCCBI™ International BlockChain and Crypto Board & Institute

Everything you need to know to teach, learn, create, regulatory-integrate, commercialize, National and International Standardize, maintain, use and improve, "Principles of 'BlockChain'" and Crypto (Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Secret/Crypto/ Shadow) goods and services effectively.

MQCC™-Artificial Intelligent (AI) Meta (M) Global ROOT™ (GROOT™) BlockChains™ System-Network Assignment, Addressing & Coordination Authority (SNAACA™)

for military-grade, defense-standard, National and International Standards-registered:

  1. Root-BlockChains (RBC™) assignment;

  2. Internet Interface BlockChain NodeName™ (IIBCNN™) addressing; and other

  3. "Principles of 'BlockChain'"-based protocol resources (MQCC™ Global BlockChain™ PROTORULES™), with subordinate Quality Management Systems registered to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015, continuously since at least as early as May 9, 2008.

Developed by MQCC™ International Standards Federation (ISF™), your world's Authoritative body and Sanctioning body for your world's first, (Originating™) commercialized, litigation-tested, regulatory-scrutinized, regulatory-integrated, defense-standard, military-grade, National and International Standardized, Continually Improving knowledge concept system and applied concept system also known as the Originating-Standard Bungay World Wide BlockChain System; discovered and commercialized between at least as early as August 14, 2001 and at least as early as April 9, 2005; with integration to a subordinate system, namely a quality management infrastructure system registered to ISO 9001:2000 at least as early as May 9, 2005 and subsequent infrastructure upgrades to ISO 9001:2008 and the current risk-based ISO 9001:2015.

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Crypto (Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Secret/Crypto/ Shadow) Standards

Standards for Crypto (Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Secret/Crypto/Shadow) Systems, Technology, Goods and Services.

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Consumer Safety Program for the Safe, Reliable and Good; NON VOLATILE, World's First, Original BITCOIN™ trademark source identifier brand of Organization and Materials Transformation

Utility Token Service; namely, the Bungay International Technology BIT™ Conformity of Organization and Individual (COIN™) Service

Standards for assuring the utmost level of conformity to the originating standards for the original "peer-to-peer electronic finance system" (April 9, 2005: www.PrivateLender.org®) is maintained. Standards assure that control of the nature, quality and character for consumer safety purposes is continuously maintained.

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Global finance industry sector standards integrated with:

  • Proven, 20 Years of Originating MQCC BLOCKCHAIN STANDARDS™ Open Standards

  • Consensus Management System Standards (MSS) Open Standards

  • Quality Management System Standards (QMSS) Open Standards

  • Competence Standards (CS) Open Standards

  • Competent Proficiency Standards (CPS) Open Standards

  • Other Open Standards

A global initiative of MQCC™ (www.mqcc.org) since at least as early as August 22, 2012, the Accredited Class® program brings commercially integrated (expert systems) and proven, EDUCATIONAL - VOCATIONAL - OCCUPATIONAL - PROFESSIONAL consensus standards of quality, safety and performance for the benefit of consumers, legislators, regulators, policymakers, corporate risk insurers, elected and appointed officials to corporations, organizations and individuals within what MQCC™ defines as the three primary sectors of civil society, namely: Government; Industry; Academia

A division of MQCC™, an ISO 9001:2015 registered company (continuously since at least as early as May 9, 2008 to present day; www.mqcc.org); ISF.International is the website for the International Standards Federation, a voluntary meta-organization (federated) of international standards development organizations (SDO), Standard Setting Organizations (SSO) and standard setting bodies (SSB); for both public and private standards. Open for membership to government and non-government membership organizations.

Developer of "Principles of 'BlockChain'™"-based systems, technology, services and products (goods).

Discover the "MQCC™" Originating BITCOIN™ "bitcoin.eco" Universe™

Safe - Reliable - Good™

Better, Safer & More Efficient™

Visit the website: www.bitcoin.eco

You Can Recognize the Transparent, Traceable, Verifiable, Record Immutable, Fact-Non-Repudiable

BE THE BANK™/® Symbols of Safety & Quality

also known as

Federal National & International-based;

Government, Industry and Federal Consumer Protection

Source Identifiers

in up to 119 countries. Look for:



Word phrase, with or without ™ and ®; Wordmark (Standard Character) Trademark; Source Identifier; Symbol of Safety & Quality

Designmark Trademark; Source Identifier; Symbol of Safety & Quality

Designmark Trademark Authorized Resellers (Licensees); Source Identifier; Symbol of Safety & Quality

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MQCC™ Educates World's Leaders & Top Management™

Be The Bank™/®; FATHER OF BLOCKCHAIN®; FATHER OF CRYPTO® Trademark Source Identifier Series & All MQCC Omnibus Series™

MQCC™ & the UN, OECD, WIPO and WTO

MQCC SAFER™ Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/ Crypto/Secret/Shadow Finance: Be The Bank® Series "Private Lending" Program

Teaching Harvard: & All Higher-Level, Accredited/Accredited Class®, Regulated, Vocational, Academic, Research, Development (HARVARD) Class Organizations

Legislator, Regulator & CEO Conformity Handbook: British Columbia (BC), Canada; Finance Sector Edition: Spring 2020

Origin of a Specie™; Origins of the trademark "Principles of 'BlockChain'"™ and the Bungay International Technology (BIT™) Conformity of Organization and Individuals (COIN™) System-Network

Learn "The Global Standard for BlockChain®" Level 01: for School Children, Chief Executive Officers (CEO) & Chief Fiduciary Officers (C-FIDO™); (BlockChain ... (World BlockChain Day™ Text Series Book 2)

Learn "The Global Standard for BlockChain®" Level 02 : for School Children, Chief Executive Officers (CEO) & Chief Fiduciary Officers (C-FIDO™); (BlockChain ... (World BlockChain Day™ Text Series Book 3)

The 21st Century Scientific Method: Triangle to Triangle Pyramid to Solid Square Pyramid: A Stronger Scientific Method using Trademark "Principles of 'BlockChain'™": ... Series (School Children & CEOs)

BE THE BANK™/® Level 01 ZERO ONE™-Series for School Children & CEOs™: Decision Makers, Investors-Investees, Parents: THE GLOBAL STANDARD FOR BLOCKCHAIN®™ & Free Trading Private Equity FTPE™

Be The Bank™/® Level 08-Lazy Proof, Crazy Proof & Divorce Proof your Children & Beneficiaries: 21st Century Estate & Wealth Stewardship: Create, Manage, Transfer in an Increasingly BlockChained World

International Journal of Conformity Science IJCS™

Anoop Bungay, Global Standard, BlockChain, bitcoin, The UK Royal Family, The Commonwealth, Current & Future World Leaders: Government, Commerce, Finance & Academia; British Subjects, Citizen, Resident

Teaching Billionaire, Founder & CEO: Anoop Bungay { Warren Buffet, Jack Dorsey, Larry Ellison, Jimmy Pattison, Robert F. Smith; MQCC™ { Berkshire Hathaway, Twitter, Oracle, Jim Pattison Group, Vista Equity