Diamond Lily Activation Suite

"The Rocket Ship"

G O D   I S   T H E   A C T I V A T I N G   F O R C E

From 1 to 4 carats for speeds up to 144G and beyond

The creation of a diamond is a slow and natural process that takes billions of years. Likewise, the development of a Diamond Light Body is a challenging and time-consuming process that can take eons for the average human. However, in a Diamond Lily Activation, God is the Activating Force, hence, He can accelerate this process and create a Diamond Light Body in just a few hours. This is a Special Dispensation from Source for the Age of the Lily, and it is available to those who are eligible and willing to commit to all the Lily Covenants.

The 4C's of Diamond Lily Activations

1 to 4 Carat Diamond Light Bodies of Immortal Brilliance and Eternal Value

The greater the carats, the higher it's value. The value of each carat rises exponentially rather than linearly.  Thus, a 1-Carat Diamond Lily Activation has more potency and value than two Iridescent Lily Activations weighing half a carat each.  A 4-Carat Diamond Lily Activation has a higher potency and value than four 1-Carat Diamond Lily Activations put together.  As a general rule of thumb, a diamond of double the carat weight has about four times more potency and value. The attendant Rights and Responsibilities are also four times heftier.  

White, Gold, Platinum or Iridescent Lilies may need divine assistance going up the Ascension Ladder to the heavenly states of Beriah (i.e., the 7 Heavens, also known as the Promised Land or Israel), hence, we offer the 1-carat and 2-carat Diamond Lily Activations for that purpose. Usually, a 1-Carat Diamond Lily is able to progress to the 2-Carat Diamond tier on personal merit, without need for another activation.

Some Diamond Lilies may need divine assistance reaching the Holy of Holies in the divine state of Azilut. Hence, we offer the 3-carat Diamond Lily Activation for that purpose.

The Triple Diamond Lily (3-carat) tier is the initiatic level of Universal Brotherly Love. Some Lilies may find this level difficult to attain, especially in the face of adversity, trauma, tragic loss, public humiliation and "stripping of the garments." Hence, the Triple Diamond Lily Activation is offered so that Lilies can make upward progress with the assistance of Grace.

The next initiation above the Triple Diamond tier requires a "Living Resurrection." This initiatic level poses exceptional challenges. It requires passing through the Final Doorway of death, and enduring the agonies of "death of the self," and then resurrecting from the dead.  

Resurrection is not the same as reincarnation or rebirth. It is not death and rebirth of the self as commonly experienced. Rather, it is an initiatic process whereby your soul disembodies, and then re-animates the same physical body via a supranormal, divine force. You return from the dead not as a newborn reincarnate but as a revenant with the glorified body of Christ. 

Extremely few people in the world know how to pass through a Living Resurrection and return from the dead. Hence, the 4-Carat Diamond Lily Activation is offered so that Lilies can move forward with the assistance of the Resurrected Christ.

The Diamond Leap

Moving up from a White, Gold, Platinum or Iridescent Lily tier to the Diamond tier is a considerable leap.  To use an analogy, it's a switch from driving a Ferrari to flying a rocket ship.  The former is high speed but the latter maneuvers with much greater velocity and G-force (up to warp speed for the Quad Diamond Lily). 

In a White, Gold, Platinum or Iridescent Lily Activation, your soul's luminous light body is transformed by The Infinite from an amorphous energy field to a light pillar. In a Diamond Lily Activation, your soul's luminous light pillar is transfigured and solidified to a transparent, diamond-hard finish. The result is Adam Kadmon-a Cosmic Man in God's image, raised by The Infinite from an amorphous adamic light body to one of diamond sparkle, diamond clarity, and cosmic wallop.

All Diamond Lily Activations come with numerous special dispensations, upgrades, and accelerations from Source that are beyond the capacity of language to express. We are able to articulate only a few here.  Testimonials from Diamond Lilies might shed further clues, although even they will tell you the life and metamorphosis of a Diamond Lily is beyond words.

"When I was told things would be moving faster after a Diamond Lily Activation, they weren't kidding. I have noticed energy run through my body faster and stronger than ever; learning life lessons is much faster; manifesting my thoughts is much faster; finding good books on spirituality is faster; meeting quality people occurs more frequently; life is flowing easier; things I have been looking for now appear faster and closer to me. Some of it is hard to explain. You have to experience it yourself to see how amazing it really is. The Diamond Lily Activation is for people who want the fast lane, i.e., for those who want to obtain higher consciousness faster and become one with the universe faster. The Diamond Lily Activation is one of the best things I did in 2013."

D. Rosenstein

Florida, USA

"I am still in shock and awe. Six days as a Diamond Lily and WOW!!!! I am still too overwhelmed to adequately express the blessings thus far, but suffice it to say, it feels like "Miracles-on-Demand" and I am so very, very happy I took the Diamond Lily plunge!!!! The Diamond Lily transformation has been nothing short of an exquisite miracle!!! I am beyond grateful!"

Chris del Vesco, Writer

Miami, Florida, USA

Receiving the Triple Diamond Lily Activation has made me one with the Cosmos and Universe in the most incredible way. Having God tell me that my bonding with him in ONELOVEBLISS and beyond, humbles me. At the same time, His Loving Presence holds me in the most intimate and precious way.  He has become my consort, my companion, my protector, my Romeo, my lover and, truly, my everything. I am floating in his energy now. As I write this, tears come out of my eyes while His presence engulfs my human form. This is an expression of love beyond words.

Name Withheld

Florida, USA

Reprieve from Karmic Debt

Some of aspirant's karmic debt will be conditionally suspended—on the condition that aspirant does not accrue more Karma—so that aspirant can pay back his karmic debt through compassionate service rather than through intense, time-consuming, negative catalysts.

The Diamond Lily Activation comes with great power and responsibilities, and the direst karma when power is misused or abused. Click on WARNING for details.

Choose Your Pill

"Choose your pill" is a metaphor for choosing whether to receive the Diamond Lily Activation on Time Release or Full Release.

If you know yourself to be a "safe driver" at high speeds, and you are willing to go "full speed ahead," then choose Full Release. Otherwise, choose Time Release.  Either choice will yield consequences that you are accountable for, so please choose responsibly. Ask your Higher Guidance for help choosing the pill that is right for you.

💎 1-Carat Diamond Lily Activation Suite


The 1-carat Diamond Lily Activation comes with these special dispensations from Source:

💎 2-Carat Diamond Lily Activation Suite


Similar to the 1-carat Diamond Lily Suite but with greater potency, ascendancy, and light quotient. Also has more rights and responsibilities. Read Ascension Keys to understand the difference between 1-carat and 2-carat Diamond Lily.

💎 3-Carat Diamond Lily Activation Suite


The 3-carat Diamond Lily Suite comes with these special dispensations from Source:

💎 4-Carat Diamond Lily Activation Suite


The 4-carat Diamond Lily Suite comes with these special dispensations from Source:

A Quad Diamond Lily's Journey

By Chris del Vesco Cruz

Hi, Kim, it has been a long time....I hope you are awesome!

I don’t know if you are still doing Quad Activations, but I felt called to share this with you. Feel free to share it if it might be useful for you.

I am so grateful for finding you in the deepest, darkest hole of my marriage. I’m grateful to you and the Lily for magically showing up in perfect divine timing throughout my path.

I remember it all so clearly.

I remember the hand of God guiding me to “Yes.” every single time.

Thank you, Kim....I love you!

Quad Lily 18 Months and Beyond

I remember like yesterday the day our precious [name omitted] said “Did you read about the new activation on the Lily page? It’s called the ‘Quad.’ Maybe it will interest you.”

In that moment, with her words, the activation began for me. A knowing was sparked and my Quad work began.

I remember the questionnaire I had to submit to our beloved Kim about what work I planned to do if I got the Quad. I knew there was only one answer to every single question.

“Thy will be done.”

I remember the call with Kim where she told me I would receive the activation.

I remember her asking me at the end if I had any questions or fears I would like to discuss.

I remember my cocky attitude….”Nah, Kim, come on! I’ve done this many times before….I’ve got this!”

And I remember Kim’s last piece of closing advice....”Learn to live in the stillness or this will be challenging for you.”

And I vividly remember waking up at 3am that same night in a total and complete panic having the Mother of All Anxiety Attacks.


I CANNOT BELIEVE I just agreed to give my life to God!!!!!

CLEARLY I have absolutely LOST MY MIND!!!!

Little did I know how fortuitous these thoughts and fears would be.

I remember my activation. I remember my full body energetic orgasm with God as my DNA was upgraded.

I remember my lips, eyes and ears tingling and burning in the activation. When I asked Source what was happening, I was told I was getting the mouth of God to speak only the words of the Divine. I was told I was getting the eyes of God to see only Divinity and the ears of God to hear only the Truth of the Universe.

I remember what happened next and I’m going to share with my Lily family, be 100% transparent and authentic here, because I don’t believe in sin or evil. I believe in an always loving, always patient God and that humans hold shame, self-hatred and judgement in their bodies and that religious text written by fearful humans perpetuate dark energies, feeding them with talk of sin and promises of hell.

I remember my sex drive going into complete and total overdrive.

I remember spending 6 weeks praying, meditating and begging God to take these urges away and to help me be “Godly.”

I remember, finally, feeling as if I was literally being tortured, just leaning into my every desire because I could no longer take the relentless urges that had overtaken my every waking moment.

I remember each moment of the Divine journey this began, taking me to the depths of my judgment, my shame, my self-hatred and, ultimately, my complete and total abandonment of self.

I remember the miracles that transpired that led me to a Tantra retreat on the other side of the ocean. I knew there was no sex, no nudity and I knew Source was clearly taking me there for a Divine purpose.

What I did not know is that ancient Tantra is the art of sacred connection and that at its foundation a student of Tantra sat in solitude for 12+ YEARS to connect deeply with self before connection with others was even an option.

I remember the spark of knowing that in all my inner child work, in all my solitude, I had actually been doing ancient Tantra work all along.

I remember finally reuniting my soul with my body, my long lost “twin flame,” and, in truth, the only union I am here to consummate. My body and my soul FINALLY together again in Divine Oneness.

I remember unraveling my recent failed romance in my victimhood, crying out to God, “Why me? Why AGAIN?” and being reminded that “We attract what we are, not what we want.”

I remember FINALLY taking responsibility for not just my human actions, but owning my vibrational imprint in the deep understand that every human experience I have is simply a mirror of the truth of my vibration.

I remember deep diving into the reflection in the mirror of my relationship with a narcissist and finding that while I am not a narcissist, the deeply hidden rage inside of me was a match vibrationally to his narcissistic pain and suffering.

I remember crying out to God for healing, for relief. “God, I have DONE SO MUCH WORK! I am DONE with this suffering, God. ENOUGH! Show me the way out! Show me the next lesson. Show me what I need to do next. Just show me and I’ll do it, I promise! Help me end this pain, God! What haven’t I learned? What haven’t I asked for?”

I remember clearly the voice of God….”You haven’t asked to be nothing.”

I remember bawling my eyes out, barely able to speak the words, overwhelming fear ripping me from my every comfort zone, all the false truths of who I am and who I should be on this planet now, finally, preparing to be shed…..

“God, teach me to be nothing.”

I remember today and every day, it is and will always be the hardest prayer I have ever said.

I remember the realization that all I have to do is get out of the way, let God’s plan, which is far better than mine, move through me. Surrender completely, let go of false control.

I continued the prayer as miracles unfolded. The prayer became easier. I asked for it to be gentle, graceful and peaceful and, as always, my prayers were answered.

I remember my life transforming right before my eyes. Magic started blooming at every turn!

I remember following God’s guidance for my children and I to give away all our worldly belongings and move into a Conscious Community.

I remember being more deeply immersed in my Shamanic Path in our Conscious Community, allowing God to guide me to sacred Earth medicines to help me remove the blocks inside me keeping me from being filled with the truth and Oneness of Divine Love.

I remember being reminded over and over and over again that I am worthy of Heaven on Earth, of the path without attachment and without suffering.

I remember finding my worthiness small pieces at a time, overcoming my resistance, all the barriers inside of me, healing the one and only disease of this planet, the disease of self-hatred.

I remember being shown the highest vibration, the worthiness, the pure faith and total surrender, of “Yes.”

Yes to life, to God, as I get out out of the way and they live through me.

There is no more “Thank you.”

There is no more asking and waiting to receive.

There are no more prayers, no hopes, no dreams in the nothingness.

There is just a plan for me, far, far beyond me and infinitely better than mine and to that I say “Yes.”

And, finally, today, having learned to live in the stillness, free of attachment, free of suffering, filled with pure, innocent love and living in complete and total Oneness with Earth, God and All That Is….

I remember that I AM A PATIENT AND LOVING GOD and so are you!

Eligibility Requirements


To be eligible for the Diamond Lily Activation, the ideal prospect must meet the following pre-requisites:

Recommended Reading


We curated the following reading list to help you make an informed decision, and a choice you won't regret. Click on each link for more.

About the Lily Activation

Lily Activation Genres or Tiers

Concepts to understand about your Lily Activation

Esoteric concepts you may want to understand about your Lily Activation (technical stuff)

Stories of Sacred Alchemy miracles performed through Lilies

Choose Your Pill: Time-release or Full-release


In TIME-RELEASE, the powers, rights, and responsibilities of the Diamond Lily are automatically dispensed to you incrementally over time (up to a 9-month stretch) in proportion to your level of preparation and personal development.

In FULL-RELEASE, the powers, rights, and responsibilities of the Diamond Lily are given to you immediately, all at once, in lump sum, for you to integrate fully.

If you know yourself to be a "safe driver", especially at high speeds, and you are willing to go "full speed ahead," then choose Full-release.  Otherwise, choose Time-release.  

Either choice will yield consequences that you are accountable for, so please choose responsibly. Ask your Higher Guidance (God/Source, Higher Self, Akashic Records, angels, saints, ascended masters, Beloveds of the Christ Office, etc.) to help you choose the pill that is right for you.

⚠ Warning Label

If you misuse or abuse the powers you gain from this Lily Activation, whether willfully or unconsciously for harm or to gain unfair advantage, then you will meet dire karmic consequences swiftly and exponentially. Not only shall dire karma befall you as the wrongdoer, your dire karma will also ricochet to your innocent loved ones (e.g., spouse, children, parents, pets), resulting in tragedies. That's just how karma works, whether or not we believe it.

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