So you can be

divinely changed, divinely life-changing.

You will love who you become.


Our Flagship Offer


Transfiguration by the Infinite

God is the activating force

so you can be divinely changed and divinely life-changing.

In one sitting, you are transformed by The Infinite into a luminous being of the Creator's leading-edge design.

You will grow exponentially and evolve beyond Kundalini, Merkabah, Antahkarana, DNA Activation, and more.

Not even King Solomon, with all his riches, was endowed by Creator with these properties of a "Lily" who neither toils nor spins:

24x7 fiber optic HDTV cable-connection to God

24x7 super-conscious, supra-rational mind

24x7 turbo-charged soul wattage

Your exponential evolution is directed by your activated DNA Ascension codes, for a lifetime of rapid apotheosis infused by The Infinite. You rise to become a supranormal man-god. This is man's ultimate renaissance.

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Soul Purpose Hub

Soul Purpose is the focus of this community, so they collab to build futures on a foundation of soul purpose. Spirit is the architect. Soul Purpose is the blueprint. Mind is the builder. Heaven on Earth is the physical result.

Secret Sauce Kitchen

Transformation is the focus of this community, so they enjoy sharing ingredients and preparation tips. If you like transformative "secret sauces", then join us here in Blessed Mother's Secret Sauce Kitchen.

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