So you can be

divinely changed, divinely life-changing.

You will love who you become.


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Transfiguration by the Infinite

God is the activating force

so you can be divinely changed and divinely life-changing.

The spiritual aspirant emerges from a Lily Activation unable to describe how he is changed, only that he senses he is forever transformed. God is the activating force.

What has just occurred is God's perfect and full penetration of the aspirant ... the inexplicable transfiguration from a mere mortal molded by Earth to a deified human being refined by Heaven i.e., a "Lily" of the Creator's leading-edge design.

His evolution will be exponential, forged ahead by activated Ascension DNA codes, for a lifetime of rapid apotheosis, so that he can blaze the way for his ultimate renaissance.

This "Lily" can journey faster and arrive soonest-cruising at high speeds like a Tesla roadster, or soaring to high altitudes like a jet aircraft, with neither toil nor spin. Not even King Solomon, with all his riches, was such a "Lily" endowed with these:

Say goodbye to the old "dial up" connection to God and hello to the latest quintessential wiring-fiber optic, HDTV, broadband, hi-speed, from 4G, 5G, 12G, 144G, up to warp speed. Not only will these quintessential technologies be switched on in a Lily Activation, they will be upgraded to the most leading-edge standards, completely manufactured and assembled by Source, and fully turbo-charged.

It would take a great many lifetimes to achieve all the sophisticated advancements made possible through a Lily Activation. Without these hi-tech advancements, evolutionary progress is handicapped. Fortunately, the Lily Activation allows you to cut to the chase. Imagine shaving off decades or even lifetimes of spiritual hiking, sprinting, and climbing Mt. Everest. With a Lily Activation, you can spend zero time inching to your state-of-the-art Future Self and more time driving it on life's autobahn today.

Why make life's journey of a million miles on foot when you can drive a Ferrari?

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