The Lily Cloud

Cloud Technology of the Lily and Beyond

Technology is the sum of techniques, skills, methods, plans, blueprints, protocols and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives.

A technological component of The Lily and Beyond energy system is the "Lily Cloud"-aptly named because its energy insignia is a white lily, symbolizing purity and oneness.  The same white lily insignia is also imprinted in the energy field of those who are Lily-activated.

The Lily Cloud was created by a celestial Host of deities, perfected masters, bodhisattvas, saints, and God (collectively called The Beloveds) at the behest of Ascended Master Ramon Rodriguez after his death.  

Just as Apple, Inc. has "iCloud," the Lily and Beyond energy system has a "Lily Cloud." Since the Lily Cloud is nonphysical, located beyond space and time, we have to use metaphors to describe and explain it. 

On the left wing of the Lily Cloud are virtual academies for the sciences. On the right wing, virtual academies for the arts. 

Inside the Lily Cloud is an infrastructure of virtual technologies, information repositories, shareable resources, and cloud services. Virtual content, such as Lily apps, can be downloaded to Lilies to aid them in the accomplishment of God's vision-mission objectives.

When a truth-seeker undergoes a Lily Activation, his etheric wiring is upgraded so that he can access the Lily Cloud and participate in shareable resources, hi-speed cloud services, etc.

"I got real sick last night from overeating! I couldn't sleep. In desperation, I opened EBP and asked for help to go to the healing place in the Lily Cloud. The combination was powerful... I fell asleep real quick. When i woke up, only a few traces of ill feelings remained. It worked!"

VCMD, Philippines

Firewall Security

The Lily Cloud contains secrets not yet revealed on Earth, such as the most advanced wave technologies still undiscovered by man. Thus, it is protected by multiple layers of firewall security. 

Once upon a time, a group of psychics and remote viewers tried to bypass firewall security, but were unsuccessful.  They realized that the only way to access the Lily Cloud was to get a Lily Activation

Behind the firewall, you'll find celestial offices and staff, virtual meeting rooms, lecture halls, research labs, data centers, etc.

Located in the undercarriage of the Lily Cloud are hospitals and operating rooms where Lily Cloud Healing and non-physical surgeries take place. There's even a hospital for pets.

The Lily Cloud is like a self-sustaining city, but a city the size of a galaxy.

Lily Apps

The Lily Cloud is similar to cloud-computing in that it stores information and application programs, called "Lily apps" for short.  Ankh of Isis and Crown of Buddha Activation are examples of Lily Apps that are proprietary to The Lily and Beyond energy system. 

The Lily Cloud is a repository of shareable information and resources from which "Lily apps" can be downloaded.

APPS is slang for 'applications,' a term used to describe self-contained programs or software downloaded into devices, e.g., mobile smartphones, tablets, etc.

LILY APPS is a term used to describe self-contained programs 'rooted' in The Lily and Beyond system, or downloaded from the Lily Cloud. There are 2 kinds of Lily apps: resident and non-resident.

RESIDENT LILY APPS are virtual programs from Source that reside inside a Lily permanently.

NON-RESIDENT LILY APPS are virtual programs from the Lily Cloud and shared with Lilies on a "per need" basis, or "as required." They are Lily Cloud-based services that are delivered to Lilies for limited-time limited-use only, and eventually return to the Lily Cloud.

A function of the Lily Cloud is to deliver non-resident apps via wireless connection to Lilies (who are "wireless subscribers").   Example of a non-resident app is the ability to perform a miracle.  Typically, a "miracle app" stays in the Lily Cloud, but when a situation calls for a miracle and Heaven allows, then the "miracle app" can be instantly downloaded to a "Lily work station," thereby, granting the Lily temporary power to perform a miracle.  After the miracle is dispensed, the "miracle app" automatically returns to the Lily Cloud.

The case of a Lily-activated obstetrician, who was used to perform a life-saving miracle, illustrates the workings of a non-resident "miracle app."  Click here for the full story.

The non-resident "miracle app" can become a resident app, i.e., permanently residing inside a Lily, when certain conditions are met, such as:  (a) he has sufficient knowledge and mastery of Alchemy,  (b) he has attained universal consciousness,  (c) he has attained a level of self-mastery, maturity,  (d) he has developed sufficient soul wattage, (e) he has achieved sufficient Light Quotient.

LIGHT QUOTIENT is defined as the product of virtues over non-virtues.

Holy Lily Lotus Psion Lineage

Like the first cold-press extraction of virgin olive oil, The Lily and Beyond energy system was originally extracted from the common bloodline of the Christ-Melchizedek lineage, Isis-Horus lineage, and Athena-Ares lineage. No name was given to this 1st extraction but it's aegis was a white lily, symbolizing divine purity and perfections of God.

Later in 2010, Guanyin-Avalokitesvara and several other deities thereafter joined the 1st extraction to create the 2nd cold press: the Holy Lily Lotus Psion Lineage (HLLPL). 

Why is lineage important?

The HLLPL family, in particular, has a line of ancestors and descendants originating from God. The progenitors of the HLLPL family are Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, Melchizedek, Goddess Isis, Pallas Athena, Guanyin, and a throng of other divinities. Collectively, they are called Beloveds of the Christ Office.

Studying the history and life stories of the HLLPL ancestors can help Lilies understand their heritage, especially their deified abilities.

Lineage Holder

All pure knowledge, power, and wisdom teachings from Source must course through a lineage with an unbroken transmission line, because transmission of wisdom teachings occur via that transmission line.

Transmission of wisdom teachings are oral, written, and direct mind-to-mind transmission. Mind-to-mind transmission requires a highly realized teacher and a karmically 'ripe' student of the spiritual path. Of all 3 transmission lines, direct mind-to-mind is the most effective and transformative because it carries the potency (power), higher knowledge, and wisdom of an enlightened master.

Celestial masters and teachers who occasionally provide mind-to-mind transmissions to Lilies down the HLLPL family tree are numerous: Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, Bodhisattva Guanyin, St. Germaine, St. Padre Pio, St. Germaine, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Matthew, St. Peter, St. Andrew, St. Goddess Athena, Pope John Paul II, St. John, Edgar Cayce, various ascended masters of the White Brotherhood, etc.

Lily Activation is an example of mind-to-mind transmission by a lineage holder.

"If a teacher has genuine spiritual presence, then this means that s/he is a lineage holder. Being a lineage holder means that a person has realized and dwells within the truth of emptiness. S/he is 100% authorized to transmit spiritual teachings and initiations. In fact, in terms of considering whether or not a teacher is authentic, this is the only credential that counts." ~  William Gameson in "The Importance of Spiritual Lineage"

The primary lineage holder of HLLPL, and the only one in the planet with the authority to act as regent and energetically transmit the power, technology, and teachings of the HLLPL lineage through Lily Activations, is Reverend Katherine "Kim" Lopa (also known as "Beloved Kim"). Beloved Kim serves as ambassador of the HLLPL lineage, gatekeeper of the powers, and authorized teacher of HLLPL wisdom teachings.

All Lilies are members of the HLLPL family by virtue of their Lily Activation. In August 2017, Beloveds of the Christ Office declared that all Lilies are lineage holders—that is, descendant lineage holders although not acting ambassadors, regents, and gatekeepers of the HLLPL lineage.

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