The Lily Cloud

Cloud Technology of the Lily and Beyond Energy System

Technology ("science of craft," from Greek τέχνη, techne, "art, skill, cunning of hand"; and -λογία, -logia) is the sum of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives.

A technological component of The Lily and Beyond energy system is the "Lily Cloud"-aptly named because its energy insignia is a white lily, symbolizing purity and oneness. The same white lily insignia is also imprinted in the energy field of those who are Lily-activated.

The Lily Cloud was created by a celestial Host of deities, perfected masters, bodhisattvas, saints, and God (collectively called The Beloveds) at the behest of Ascended Master Ramon Rodriguez after his death.

Since the Lily Cloud is nonphysical, we have to use metaphors to describe and explain it. It is not so much a field of energy but a light pillar. Within that light pillar is an infrastructure of virtual technologies, information repositories, and "cloud services."

Just as Apple, Inc. has "iCloud," the Lily and Beyond energy system has a "Lily Cloud"-a technology of shareable resources, existing in the celestial realm, through which virtual content can be downloaded to Lilies for the accomplishment of God's vision-mission and objectives.

The Lily Cloud stores incorporeal, shareable content such as wisdom and attainments of The Beloveds, techniques and skills, protocols and processes, plans and blueprints, programs and "Lily apps", etc.

When a truth-seeker undergoes a Lily Activation, his etheric wiring is upgraded so that s/he can access the Lily Cloud as a "wireless subscriber" and, thereby, participate in it's shareable resources and hi-speed "cloud services."

Virtual Rooms and Personnel

The Lily Cloud houses consecrated offices staffed with celestial personnel. It has virtual meeting rooms and lecture halls. In the undercarriage are hospitals and operating rooms where Lily Cloud Healing and non-physical surgeries are performed by celestial surgeons and healers. On the left side of the Lily Cloud is a virtual academy for the sciences. On the right side, a virtual academy for the arts.

All Lilies have direct access to the Lily Cloud as "wireless subscribers" by virtue of their Lily Activation. Other than Lilies, only a minute number of God-realized humans can access the Lily Cloud for it is beyond the range of most psychic and intuitive abilities.

Lily Cloud's Protected Firewall

The Lily Cloud is a protected energy system with multiple layers of firewall security. Once upon a time, a group of psychics and remote viewers tried to access the Lily Cloud through bypassing it's firewall. Despite several attempts, they were unsuccessful. They realized that the only way to access the Lily Cloud and it's secrets was to get a Lily Activation.

Lily Apps

The Lily Cloud is similar to cloud-computing in that it stores information and application programs, called "Lily apps" for short. Ankh of Isis and Crown of Buddha Activation are examples of Lily Apps that are proprietary to The Lily and Beyond energy system.

The Lily Cloud is a repository of shareable information and resources from which "Lily apps" can be downloaded.

APPS is slang for 'applications,' a term used to describe self-contained programs or software downloaded into devices, e.g., mobile smartphones, tablets, etc.

LILY APPS is a term used to describe self-contained programs 'rooted' in The Lily and Beyond system, or downloaded from the Lily Cloud. There are 2 kinds of Lily apps: resident and non-resident.

RESIDENT LILY APPS are virtual programs from Source that reside inside a Lily permanently.

NON-RESIDENT LILY APPS are virtual programs from the Lily Cloud and shared with Lilies on a "per need" basis, or "as required." They are Lily Cloud-based services that are delivered to Lilies for limited-time limited-use only, and eventually return to the Lily Cloud.

A function of the Lily Cloud is to deliver non-resident apps via wireless connection to Lilies (who are "wireless subscribers"). Example of a non-resident app is the ability to perform a miracle. Typically, a "miracle app" stays in the Lily Cloud, but when a situation calls for a miracle and Heaven allows, then the "miracle app" can be instantly downloaded to a "Lily work station," thereby, granting the Lily temporary power to perform a miracle. After the miracle is dispensed, the "miracle app" automatically returns to the Lily Cloud.

The case of a Lily-activated obstetrician, who was used to perform a life-saving miracle, illustrates the workings of a non-resident "miracle app." Click here for the full story.

The non-resident "miracle app" can become a resident app, i.e., permanently residing inside a Lily, when certain conditions are met, such as: (a) he has sufficient knowledge and mastery of Alchemy, (b) he has attained universal consciousness, (c) he has attained a level of self-mastery, maturity, (d) he has developed sufficient soul wattage, (e) he has achieved sufficient Light Quotient.

LIGHT QUOTIENT is defined as the product of virtues over non-virtues.

The Holy Lily Lotus Psion Lineage

The Lily and Beyond is rooted in 4 major spiritual lineages:

  1. Christ-Melchizedek lineage

  2. Guanyin Ma-Buddha lineage

  3. Goddess Isis lineage (Egyptian)

  4. Goddess Athena lineage (Greek)

These 4 lineages merged forces to create a new lineage, called the "Holy Lily Lotus Psion Lineage." The aegis of this lineage is the white lily, symbolizing divine purity.