Compassionate Ethics & Boundaries

Of the Evergreen Blossom Prayer

The Evergreen Blossom Prayer (EBP) is designed for use with integrity.  EBP has a fool-proof, fail-safe, fail-secure mechanism that automatically detects incompatibility and shuts off power to prevent unauthorized use, misuse and abuse. 

So that EBP will continue to work for you without fail, please observe the following ethical rules regarding the use of EBP:


🚫 NO to sharing the prayer with others or else the prayer will stop working for you and those you share it with.  

Instead of sharing or teaching the confidential Evergreen Blossom Prayer, invite others to take the Evergreen Blossom training courses.


EBP is designed for your sole use. It is not for use on or for others.  EBP does not give you the power to access information for and about others.  “Don’ts” include, but are not limited to, the following: 

🚫 NO to using EBP for giving psychic readings / predictions / prophecies / messages / advice from celestials to others. 

🚫 NO to using EBP as a prayer for others, or to pray over others.

🚫 NO to using EBP to heal or restore others to balance and good cheer.

🚫 NO to using EBP to get information for or about others.

🚫 NO to using EBP to influence, control, or manipulate others.

🚫 NO to using EBP to fix or change others.

🚫 NO to using EBP to allure and impress others.  

🚫 NO to teaching others how to use EBP or else the prayer will stop working for you and those you teach it to.  


When used with integrity, EBP will serve you faithfully for a lifetime.  When integrity thrives inside you, the benefits of EBP increase to elevate you, comfort you, and serve you without fail for the rest of your life.  When personal integrity is on the decline, EBP can go on “brownout,” and the benefits of EBP diminish or stop altogether.  “Don’ts” include, but are not limited to, the following:  

🚫 NO to using EBP to escape or avoid your problems. 

🚫 NO to unauthorized activity, such as copying, recording, duplicating, distributing or sharing EBP video tutorials, presentations, and instruction materials. 

🚫 NO to condoning unethical or unauthorized use of the prayer. 

🚫 NO to aiding and abetting unauthorized activity, such as (a) giving unauthorized persons your access to EBP video tutorials so they can watch it, or (b) allowing unauthorized persons to record, copy, duplicate, distribute or share EBP video tutorials, instruction materials or the prayer itself. 

Tips & Tricks

 from the Teacher

How To Share Prophetic Visions of the End Times—Ethically


If you come across a prophetic vision through your use of the Evergreen Blossom Prayer (EBP) or Evergreen Blossom Ethernet (EBE), what do you do with it? Do you share it or not?

Warning people through doomsday prophecies (e.g., prophetic visions of war, earthquakes, famine, etc.) is not advisable. Scripture warns against that in the End Times. So does the Akashic Records' interpretation of Revelations thru Edgar Cayce. That's 2 sources warning against unethical use of prophetic abilities. Please don't take my word for it, you're welcome to research this yourself.

Doomsday prophecies can get a whole bunch of people (the prophet included) into a heap of trouble. Fear, instilled in the hearts of many without love, spreads like wildfire. It is next to impossible to stop the spread of fear and its injurious consequences.

Instead, Scripture and Akashic Records obligate us to spread the Good News in the End Times. That's the ethical way to use the power of prophecy.


The future is made of multiple scenarios, in varying degrees of probability.

21 AUG 2022.  The Beloveds showed me big, drastic shifts of tectonic plates, causing multiple new cracks in inner earth and exacerbating old ones. Cracks due to Earth Changes will surface, causing earthquakes, tsunamis, and unusual weather patterns in various parts of the globe. Consequently, some land could collapse and sink, as if swallowed up. New land could also surface.

These Earth Changes will not happen in a day, nor all at once, but spread out over time, like a domino effect.

The First Sign of upcoming Earth Changes will occur in 2022, starting Monday (Aug 22), all of Tuesday (Aug 23), up to a bit of Wednesday (Aug 24), impacting both Philippines and USA. The First Sign will be the start of a chain reaction of Earth Changes to mark the End Times before the Second Coming.

The chain reaction is portended to lead to financial ruin and economic collapse globally. This in turn will cause a spike of widespread despair, grief, and depression. Total death toll from Earth Changes, over time, is estimated to be greater than that of the Covid pandemic.

Tragic as all of this sounds, there's a silver lining. You can count on God to turn lemons into lemonade. He's the world's foremost expert.

God will harvest many souls so they can be One with Him. They will die in rapture, and their souls will be lifted to Heaven where an eager God awaits them.

Many of the living will return to God's Ways.

All the man-made cataclysms and natural disasters combined will bring remaining humanity to its knees. This will restore humility and respect globally. The offshoot is a humble humanity that can unite in Peace as One Brotherhood of Man, where each man is his brother's keeper. Not mano-a-mano but Man with his angels helping one another--not aid through debt but aid through goodwill towards their fellow men. Goodwill rather than debt will form the foundation of a new and emerging economy.

The world is not ending. Only the Old Heaven Old Earth (OHOE) is ending. End of the old ways will clear the way for the emergence of a New Heaven and New Earth (NHNE),  and create opportunities to build the future on a foundation of Soul Purpose.

-- End --

If you'll notice in the example above, it starts with Truth in the heading: "The future is made of multiple scenarios, in varying degrees of probability." This lets readers know the future is not set in stone, which is true.

This is followed by prophecies of disasters, cataclysms, and destruction that might occur.

The prophetic report concludes with the Good News.

This is called the "sandwich method" of reporting bad news. Start and end with the Good News (i.e., the Truth that liberates, empowers, and raises consciousness). Put the bad news in the middle.

If you must throw lemons at people, then show them how lemonade is made with love.


Who's Talking? The Beloveds (God) or "The Complex"?


A student of the Evergreen Blossom Prayer (EBP) Intuition Tutorial once said to me, "The Beloveds wish to tell you, Beloved Kim, to do such-and-such because such-and-such is the best thing for you”. That was a red flag for me.

When I checked the source of the student’s “divine revelation” for me, it was not The Beloveds talking. It was his “complex” talking (e.g., inferiority complex, or superiority complex, or “messiah complex.”)

So I called him out on that mistake: "EBP is not designed to reveal info about another. It is designed to reveal info only about you. No one else. EBP does not empower you to give intuitive readings for others. You have just violated one of the fundamental ethical rules of EBP use. An ethical violation tells me your reading of me was tainted and out-of-integrity."

The mistake is thinking that whatever info EBP-users receive about another is “divine revelation” from The Beloveds, therefore, it must be true for everyone, and righteous across the board. It is a mistake common among practitioners of the Evergreen Blossom Prayer (EBP) and Evergreen Blossom Ethernet (EBE)--one that practitioners need to be aware of.

EBP puts you in a highly intuitive space, which can tempt you to glimpse subtle information about another. Intuition does not give you the license to peek into the private affairs of another.  The subtle information you intuitively detect about another can be inaccurately mistaken as "revelations from the Beloveds" when that is not true.  EBP is designed to reveal info only about you (the EBP user), not another. So any info you get about another is coming from your use or misuse of heightened personal intuition. The Beloveds are not responsible for that. You are.

Am not chastising anyone for making a mistake. I am simply pointing out a mistake without identifying culprits, so that everyone can learn from the mistake, rather than from the culprits. We all make mistakes. Its part of growth. But repeating the same mistake is not growth, it is retrogression.

To prevent misuse of intuition, develop ethics around your use of personal intuition and personal power, so that you do not commit unethical violations. 

Without ethical rules governing your personal intuition and super-powers, you give free reign to the messianic voyeur within, and then you will use your intuitive powers irresponsibly to the detriment of others, while the messianic voyeur roams free… until it is busted.

Remember, the Karmic Police Force has eyes everywhere and they are always watching.

 Nothing escapes them. The Karmic Police Force is not outside you but inside you. If you misuse or abuse power, they will shut off your super-powers until you repent and restore to righteousness.

If the Evergreen Blossom Prayer stops working, what's the fix?


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