The Golden River

The Golden River of Prosperity and Alchemy


We've all heard of the wealth that is real, called the "River of Life" "Stream of Life." These are references to a Golden River that brings prosperity, health and wealth. Many hear about it, many seek it, but few find it. Rarer still are those who attain it's much sought after elixir of Alchemy and Prosperity.

This Golden River is not just an analogy or a figment of one's imagination. About 15+ years ago, God showed Rev. Katherine "Kim" Lopa the Golden River.  To the reverend's surprise, her nostrils felt wet. She touched her nose and noted that it was dry, and yet it was as if she was inhaling water. That's how tangible and real the Golden River experience was for the Rev. Kim. 

Not only did the reverend's nostrils feel soaking wet but her vision was restored to 20-20! For a whole day, the reverend didn't need eyeglasses. This phenomenon lasted 24 hours. It left the reverend convinced of the Golden River's power to transmute physical matter.

The Golden River of Alchemy has miraculous healing power and can save lives. Read how a Lily-activated obstetrician defied the laws of science and used Alchemy to save a dying woman's life:  Mama Mary's White Rose and the Power of Alchemy

Not only can the Golden River be miraculous, it also has the "Midas Touch." To illustrate:

Back in 2016, Rev. Kim was instructed by Divine Source to bring prosperity to a proprietress whose business  was losing money owing to a long, dry spell.  The proprietress had to keep borrowing just to pay rent.  She remained devout to the Lord despite her financial woes. She welcomed the reverend into her store with warmth and open heart.  She had not the slightest clue of the true purpose for the reverend's visit.

That evening, Divine Source instructed the reverend to secretly sprinkle the store with sacred water from the Golden River. As a result, new customers swarmed into the store the next morning, and sales began rolling in. This continued daily for weeks until, for the first time in a long dry spell, the proprietress was able to pay rent without having to borrow money.

Golden River Activation

By Rev. Katherine "Kim" Lopa

Those who attended my June Satsangs were fortunate to receive a Golden River Activation from Source. Not only were attendees able to see or feel the Golden River flowing inside them, some were able to detect it's origin: a Golden Waterfall from Heaven. 

The Golden River of Alchemy and Prosperity is a rare and priceless dispensation from the Creator, more valuable than all the money in the world. It is one of those things money can't buy.

The best part: because the Golden River is inside you, no one can take it away from you... but you.


To those who received the Golden River Activation: it is important to remember that The Golden River of Alchemy and Prosperity is not your gift. Although it is inside you, God owns it, and you are the custodian. Therefore, you have a responsibility to use it according to God's Will ... or else you lose it. 

Having a Golden River inside you is like having a golden goose in your care.  As custodian, you are responsible for taking care of the golden goose, and what you do with it.

If you ignore your Golden River, naturally, you'll get nothing out of it.  You may even lose it.

If you don't take good care of your Golden River-e.g., if you pollute yourself with debris such as ingratitude, entitlement, etc.-you clog the Golden River inside you until, eventually, you become a Dead Sea.  

If you use your Golden River for Prosperous Circulation according to Divine Will, it will bring you prosperity. That is to say, if you take care of your golden goose, then it will keep laying golden eggs for you.

TRUE Story

"To affirm that the Golden River of Prosperity is real: for the whole Satsang meditation series, I gratefully shared ₱5,500.  Soon after, prosperity began flowing in.  All in all, if I total gross revenue against the gratitude sharing I made, my Gratitude Share multiplied 17.4 times over what I gave.  The Golden River of Prosperity works!  Much gratitude to God!  At the same time that I feel gratitude and elation, I am also humbled by the generosity of our Creator, and my heart is filled with LOVE.  I would also like to thank Kim, for being the channel that facilitated the Golden River to make it available to those who attended the Satsangs.  Feeling grateful."  

Claudine Mangasing, Akashic Consultant & Instructor, Philippines, 


"Before the Satsang meditations, I'd have 1-2 clients a month.  After the Satsang meditations, I immediately was gifted a radio segment to promote my business, and shortly after I noticed a consistent flow of clients one to two a week.  Clients I have not heard from in almost two years started calling for healing sessions.  From the beautiful gifting of the Golden River of Prosperity, if I were to place a figure, I have received about 18.5 times on what I had donated.  I think the most profound experience is with my family.  (The Golden River benefits not only direct recipients but also their family members).  Their finances have increased and they have shifted to a more loving generous relationship with prosperity.  Thank you, God, for this beautiful gift, and to Kim Lopa for being a pure channel of One Love in facilitating such a phenomenal gem from Source." 

Priscilla M. Wheeler, Life Balance Specialist, Florida, USA, 

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