Gold Lily Activation Suite

"The Tesla Roadster"

G O D   I S   T H E   A C T I V A T I N G   F O R C E

16 Activations in 1 Sitting for Speeds Up To 8G

The Gold Lily Activation is the "Tesla Roadster" model of Lily Activations. It comes with these special dispensations from Source:

Eligibility Requirements


To be eligible for the Gold Lily Activation, the ideal prospect must meet the following pre-requisites:

Recommended Reading


We curated the following reading list to help you make an informed decision, and a choice you won't regret. Click on each link for more.

About the Lily Activation

Lily Activation Genres or Tiers

Concepts to understand about your Lily Activation

Esoteric concepts you may want to understand about your Lily Activation (technical stuff)

Stories of Sacred Alchemy miracles performed through Lilies

Choose Your Pill: Time-release or Full-release


In TIME-RELEASE, the powers, rights, and responsibilities of the Gold Lily-especially Ankh of Isis fire power-are automatically dispensed to you incrementally over time (up to a 9-month stretch) in proportion to your level of preparation and personal development.

In FULL-RELEASE, the powers, rights, and responsibilities of the Gold Lily-especially Ankh of Isis fire power-are given to you immediately, all at once, in lump sum, for you to integrate fully.

If you know yourself to be a "safe driver", especially at high speeds, and you are willing to go "full speed ahead," then choose Full-release.  Otherwise, choose Time-release.  

Either choice will yield consequences that you are accountable for, so please choose responsibly. Ask your Higher Guidance (God/Source, Higher Self, Akashic Records, angels, saints, ascended masters, Beloveds of the Christ Office, etc.) to help you choose the pill that is right for you.

⚠ Warning Label

If you misuse or abuse the powers you gain from this Lily Activation, whether willfully or unconsciously for harm or to gain unfair advantage, then you will meet dire karmic consequences swiftly and exponentially. Not only shall dire karma befall you as the wrongdoer, your dire karma will also ricochet to your innocent loved ones (e.g., spouse, children, parents, pets), resulting in tragedies. That's just how karma works regardless of what you think or believe.

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