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Since June 7, 2021. Updated on March 16, 2022

We, the members of Ascension Hub (AH) on Facebook, distinguish ourselves as a movement of equals, working with the Creative Forces of the universe to build a thriving, evergreen future for all on a foundation of Soul Purpose.

Peace, safety, well-being, prosperity, integrity, and soul purpose are some of the energies in which our community wishes to thrive. Our environment and culture are protected by the Family Code for Community Safety & Integrity. By joining Ascension Hub (AH) on Facebook, you agree to our Family Code and shall govern yourself accordingly.

Family Code for Community Safety & Integrity

Welcome H.O.M.E.

It is with the Creator’s vision of a golden, evergreen future for all that we would like to welcome you home to:

H eart-felt soul work

O ne Love is our inner space as we

M ove mindfully and

E mbody our soul purpose on earth.

Member's P.L.E.D.G.E.

As a member of Ascension Hub on Facebook, you pledge the following:

P articipate and post responsibly

L ive our answers, as we choose love

E nergize our space with safety

D o unto others as Love would do

G round and grow our soul purpose

E ngage and share wholeheartedly

Compassionate Ethics and Boundaries

As a member of Ascension Hub (AH), you agree to govern yourself by these compassionate ethics and boundaries:

  • Love one another, harm none.

  • Respect where everyone is in their journey.

  • Come in peace. Be willing to defend the peace.

  • Take responsibility for the energy, speech, and behavior that you bring into our community space.

  • Care for the well-being, safety, prosperity, integrity, and soul purpose missions of community members. Be willing to contribute care and assistance in any way you can.

  • Seek forgiveness, atonement, and set things right if you transgress. Or else face expulsion from the community.

Member's P.R.O.T.O.C.O.L.

P ermission — No member is allowed to collect any information that might identify a person and use it to gain unfair advantage without that person's explicit permission. This extends to private instant messaging, SMS, or direct emails to community members. Any information obtained through explicit permission cannot be used to violate any person's inalienable rights.

R everence — We abide by the universal law of harming no one, including oneself. Respect everyone’s privacy. Anything private or sensitive that is shared in the group must stay in the group. In order to uphold the privacy, integrity, and trust that this community places in us, we recommend asking permission from the person who has posted the original content before sharing it outside our Facebook group.

O pen Heart and Mind — We contribute to grow and move forward. We refrain from offering advice as “cure-alls,” or “true/good for everyone.” We acknowledge that when something works for oneself, it may not work in the same way for others.

T one — All comments and/or posts must be free from profanity; derogatory or condescending remarks; abusive, hateful or angry speech; shaming or bullying; etc.

O wn Your Experience — We agree to only share material that one has personally read or watched prior to posting in the community, whether that be articles, blog posts, videos, webinars, vlogs, book referrals, etc.

C onduct — Good public conduct is the norm. Racist and discriminatory remarks are NOT allowed in this comm-unity.

O bservance — Observe and enforce by example this Family Code for Community Safety and Integrity.

L imitation — Posts that are divisive, hostile, bellicose, or combative in nature are disallowed. Political posts and reactions that are divisive and threaten the safety and human rights of members will likewise be taken down.

Diversity and differing viewpoints are welcome in our community space. We value everyone’s experiences and respect where you are on your soul purpose journey. We hope to learn and grow from what you share.

Marketing & Promotions



⓵ No member is allowed to collect any information that might identify a person and use it for advertising, marketing, and promotions without that person's explicit permission. This extends to private instant messaging, SMS, or direct emails to community members.

⓶ No promotions, marketing, or spam. They will be taken down. Any direct or indirect maneuvers within Ascension Hub (AH) to collect private information (e.g., names, email addresses, etc.), and gain followers or clients for the purpose of soliciting favors, enrollment or purchase, will be disallowed, and transgressors are liable to be removed from the group.

FIDUCIARY PREROGATIVE. In order to advance the Creator's aims and initiatives for AH and recoup costs, the AH Co-founder is allowed to engage in promotions, income-generating activities, paid and pro bono services, commercial or business ventures, and the like, inside AH.

From time to time, AH co-founder may allow members or non-members to host and promote activities and events inside Ascension on Facebook, if deemed beneficial to the membership, as long as such activities are (1) pre-approved by the AH co-founder, (2) exemplify Integrity and Gratitude Sharing for Prosperous Circulation, and (3) advertise or promote The Beloveds' mission initiatives, products, services, and ventures for AH.

NON-ENDORSEMENT. The Ascension Admin Office and AH co-founder do not make any warranties or guarantees as to the claims of vendors, authors, speakers, presenters, marketers, promoters, etc., in member posts. Neither the Ascension Admin Office nor AH co-founder can verify the quality, workmanship, merchantability, reliability, veracity, viability or sustainability of results and outcomes.

Your Legal Rights


We have policies that honor the legal rights of our AH members:

⓵ A Privacy Policy that respects your privacy rights. Click Privacy Policy for details.

⓶ A GDPR Policy that protects your private information. Click GDPR Policy for details.

⓷ A DMCA Policy that protects original, copyrighted works. Click DMCA Policy for details.

⓸ A Recording Policy that respects our public mission and your privacy. Click Recording Policy for details.

Actions Against Breach of Family Code


Causes for removal from AH include (but are not limited to) rebellious behavior, bullying, foul language, spamming, refusal to adhere to the guidelines set forth, malignant intent to harm someone, and/or any other deceptive or disguised behavior that could jeopardize the safety of the community. We value everyone’s safety and will protect it.

If there is a violation as stated above, you may receive a warning from our admins/moderators, or be removed from the group with or without warning.

Posts, videos, and comments that do not comply with this Family Code will be taken down.

If the safety of the group is compromised at the level needed for immediate termination, we reserve the right to terminate membership without notice in order to protect the safety of our members.

Amendments to the Family Code


We reserve the right to amend any part of this Family Code, as needed, without prior notice.

If any of the terms and conditions in this Family Code are changed, notice will be posted in Ascension on Facebook to give you an opportunity to review any amendments.

You can review this Family Code anytime by visiting

How To Use an AH Disclaimer:

Copy the entire AH Disclaimer and paste to the bottom of your post.

When to use an AH Disclaimer:

  • When your post has a video over 3 minutes long.

  • When content is promotional or marketing in nature.

  • When content has a link to an external site, e.g., blog, vlog, membership site, or landing page that solicits email addresses, enrollment, or purchase.


AH DISCLAIMER copied from

❶ Author of post agrees not to use this post for the purpose of marketing, promotions, endorsement in exchange for money, or for any other purposes where post may be deemed unethical or illegal. Please note that you can be punished by law if you create and distribute fake news, false information, defamatory or foul content.

If you notice suspicious content, illegal activity, fraud, copyright infringement, or violation of the AH Family Code for Community Safety & Integrity, please tag an Admin in the comments and tell us if something doesn't look right.

Ascension Hub Admin Office

Ascension Hub (AH) is founded by Blessed Mother, and co-founded by Rev. Katherine "Kim" Lopa of The Lily and Beyond. It is operated by an Admin Office, composed of the co-founder, admins, community managers, and moderators.

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