For things you can't do on your own, there's Providence to do the heavy-lifting.

🇺🇸 Oct 8 to 16 Sat-Sun 6-7:30 pm MST | 9-10:30 pm EDT  🇵🇭  Oct 9 to 17 Sun-Mon 9-10:30 am PHST


Harvest abundance.

Aside from being a Jewish holiday commemorating the 40-year journey of the Israelites to the Promised Land, Sukkot is a time when the energies of the current year are winding down, and the energies of the new year are just coming in.  This makes Sukkot the best time to program the incoming year to your advantage.

In life, you have 2 choices: either you co-create your life, or simply take what comes. In Sukkot Co-creation Meditation Workshop, we show you how to co-create your wishes with Providence in a way that the Universe facilitates things for you. We teach this only once a year at Sukkot.

So join us for an auspicious 8-day meditation workshop so you can:

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Learn best practices for making a Sukkot Wish List
Oct 1 Sat 🇺🇸 9-10:30 am EDT 🇵🇭 9-10:30 pm PHT  show in your time zone
Oct 2 Sun 🇺🇸 9-10:30 am EDT 🇵🇭 9-10:30 pm PHT  show in your time zone

Sukkot Co-creation Meditation Series 2022


🇺🇸 Oct 8 to 16 Sat-Sun 6-7:30 pm MST | 9-10:30 pm EDT  click gold dates for your time zone

🇵🇭 Oct 9 to 17 Sun-Mon 9-10:30 am PHST  click gold dates for your time zone




In Sukkot Co-creation Meditation Workshop we

Let Providence do the heavy-lifting

Meetings may be recorded although no replays.
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NO LIQUOR OR RECREATIONAL DRUGS 36 HOURS BEFORE (prescription drugs acceptable).

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Attend 8 days of Sukkot Meditation Workshop for best results. If unable to attend all days, then these are the runner-up dates you can't miss:


🇺🇸 Oct 8, 9, 15, 16 (Sat & Sun)
・6-7:30 pm PDT
・9-10:30 pm EDT

🇵🇭 Oct 9, 10, 16, 17 (Sun & Mon)
9-10:30 am PHST

Free Sukkot Orientation

Oct 1 Sat
🇺🇸 9-10:30 am EDT
🇵🇭 9-10:30 pm PHT 
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Oct 2 Sun
🇺🇸 9-10:30 am EDT
🇵🇭 9-10:30 pm PHT 
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Seed a Gratitude Payment for PROSPEROUS 3X-10X outcome! 

$477 or 2-payments of  $263.50 usd

plus Gratitude Donation for past Sukkot wishes fulfilled!


Sukkot Co-creation Meditation Series © 2022 is non-denominational. Brought to you by Our Maker.
Majority of past participants reported 85% to 100% of their Sukkot Wish List was granted.
Fulfillment of Sukkot Wish List is typical although not guaranteed.

Results Speak Louder Than Words

I am without words to express my deepest gratitude and love to Source, to the Blessed Mother, to the Celestial Host and to Beloved Kim.

The meditations are priceless, soul shifting, beyond this world.  The Sukkot Wish List was like a lei-making journey with the loving overlight and guidance of divinities, so up close and personal, and spiritually transformative.

The conversations that I experienced were like love letters to and from Source. They reflect moments of God's Breath and Love coming amongst us.

Each session of the 8 meditations was a precious and different experience.  The meditation series started like a closed bud that held inside secrets and surprise gifts for my heart and soul. I was looking forward to it.  

In each session, a petal of the bud unfolded, revealing scents, and the promise of a beautiful rose. The rose took me inside its sweetness, its marvel, its wisdom, its secrets, its promise, its heart, its love, its paradise. Throughout the series, a total of 8 petals unfolded, one at a time, to reveal the fullness of the future.  At the end of the meditations, it felt like ripples had started and giant waves of Source were yet to come.  

Already, the fulfillment of some items in my Sukkot Wish List has already happened... and continues to happen everyday... in relationships, at work in deliverables, in solutions to issues, in health and healing, and shifts within self. It's beautiful. Awed, humbled, and deeply grateful.  Love and thanks to all.

Monette M. Flores

More Testimonials

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Sukkot Co-creation Meditation Workshop is a non-denominational, co-creative workshop with the participation of Divine Presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cannot attend all of the live training classes?


We do not want you to miss out. Make sure can attend all meditations for best results. If you are unable to be present in all 8 meditations, see Runner-up Combo dates. Please do not enroll if you cannot attend any of the live sessions.

What if I need help with my Sukkot Wish List?


No problem.  Join our FREE Sukkot Orientations so we can help you out.  You can also join our private Facebook group, the Ascension Hub, so you can get help from the facilitator and fellow meditation participants while the meditation series is running.

How long do I have access to the course content?


Since this program is live, access is possible only by attending the live meditation.  There are no video replays.  So please enroll in this course only if you can attend all the live meditations.  No access beyond the last day.

How can I receive feedback during the meditation series?


Please join our private Facebook group,  the Ascension Hub, so you can receive feedback from your facilitator and fellow meditation participants while the meditation is running.

Is there additional support after the meditation series ends?


Why are prescription drugs acceptable but liquor and recreational drugs are not?


What are the TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS of the virtual meeting platforms for this course?


How To Improve Your Online Experience

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