turkey program

summer 2013: central turkey

summer 2010: western turkey

starting in the only city that bridges two continents, the summer 2013 istanbul and central turkey travel program was an intensive, three-week sketch analysis course in which students examined turkish vernacular and islamic architecture. from istanbul, the program moved along the black sea and the south into anatolia and capadocia.

the summer 2010 program began in istanbul and moved along the wester coast ending in bodrum. the sites were primarily classical in nature and included troy, ephesus, miletus, priene and pergamon.

sketching at sites and places was only a means to a far greater end: to help raise the students’ architectural, urban and cultural awareness and, hopefully, their own self-awareness by deliberately guiding them out of their own physical and psychological comfort zones. a goal was less about what they saw, but how they saw and how they might see themselves within the greater world.

other programs in turkey include week-long trips to istanbul from barcelona in spring 2010 and rome in spring 2011.