The eBook version of this Drawn to Design, which is available on iTunes, is the first of its kind for De Gruyter/ Birkhäuser. Adapting the traditional printed architectural book to a digital version required some re-thinking of a book’s design, image qualityand overall transformation to a different medium. The publisher, staff and author worked to make an eBook that did not duplicate the printed version but offers a unique digital edition. Among its unique features that distinguish it from other eBooks are its Adaptability, Interactivity and Searchability.


Unlike PDF-like eBooks, the Drawn to Design eBook can be modified to suit the user’s preference: Font, font size, background and format can be altered with a tap.


Images can be selected and enlarged independent of text. Simply tap the image and it opens in the foreground. From there the image can be enlarged using two fingers as in typical iPad and iPhone images. The images themselves, scanned at 600dpi, retain their quality so that even individual pencil strokes and the paper tooth can be discerned.


Users can search the entire eBook for any word or number within the book: phrases, names of architects, contributors, topics are easily available without scrolling.

Below are several screen shots to show these features.