urban practice studio: greenbelt 1937 / 2037

students examined historic greenbelt, maryland--one of the roosevelt administration's garden cities. designed in 1937, the students examined how the town might continue to thrive through 2037. like most urban practice studios, the students developed an urban strategy as a group which was then "fleshed out" at the architectural scale by individual students. the architectural studies were then reinserted into the strategy in order to re-inform the master plan.

the design linked greenbelt's idea of a green city by linking its town center by a linear garden to the town's lake. along this garden students placed housing with some live-work and civic institutions.

students "fleshed out" the urban strategy with various building types including a public library, housing, elementary school, church, boat house, parking garages and civic center. students worked in a variety of media so that they could fully understand the role of media in the design and thinking process.